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  1. Redshift stylesheets and cryptomatte

    Well i tried overriding the object ID as a "surface parameter" which allowed me to select it. The only way i was able to see any change though was by manually changing the ID but of course this changes every point to the same ID. I've thought about using a custom AOV but with 2000+ points, selecting just one when in nuke would be really difficult and annoying.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to setup and use stylesheets with redshift and not having much luck. The main thing I'm trying to do is override the redshift Object ID so that I can have unique IDs appear in the cryptomatte per point. All I've done is a voronoi shatter, then assembled them with packing on. I haven't had any luck past this point. If someone can point me in the right direction would be helpful or propose an alternative solution. The only other thing I can find or think of is assigning per point materials but this is out of the question since there will be 2000+ points. The post here seems to mean that this is possible: I've also gone over the Mantra way of doing this here several times without any progress: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shade/stylesheets.html
  3. Crowd Sim Popping

    Today 5:23 P.M. Ok so i've fixed it? Not really sure what it was since I still get the errors when baking the agent but here's what I did; Under the assumption the rig and or the way the file was structured was the problem I imported the file FBX from MakeHuman into maya first (unsure if this step is necesary) and exported it back out of maya still as an FBX. This seems to restructure the FBX when importing into Houdini, perhaps an issue with how MakeHuman is exporting. After that I used Mixamo, although it didnt recognize that my file was already rigged so I used the auto rigger and downloaded the FBX file. I still get similar error messages but as far as I can tell no popping or glitching.
  4. Crowd Sim Popping

    Hi, I've been playing around with the demo crowd sim setup inside Houdini and wanted to setup my own based on this. I used MakeHuman and Mixamo and setup a character with animation. I got all the parts working but for some reason the animation on my character pops like the rig or cache is breaking. I've narrowed it down to being something about the retiming being done in the crowd sim but I have no idea what the actual problem is or how to fix it or even what to search for. Any ideas? Attaching my scene just in case. sim_test_v02.zip