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  1. Ai human growth, how they do it?

    @Theodore i' m a Max guy. So what you're saying doesn't mean a lot to me lol (at the moment). i know PCopen is something to do with point clouds (the model i take it?), but "folding in on itself", you kinda lost me there but many thanks for taking time to reply man @Librarian Thanks for the file, but im not jumping into Houdini at moment, i was just very interested in the "process" which went into making this. i couldnt get my "max head" around what is actually going on kind regards Harv
  2. Ai human growth, how they do it?

    Hey Thanks Librarian A lot to go thru, looks like vex code used alot? Much appreciated Harv
  3. Hi 3ds max user here. I came across this and was wondering how part of it was achieved. Its an incredible piece of work. I'm interested in the fetus "growth", is this pops or sop solver type of situation. The "structure" building up is amazing. Kind regards Harv
  4. rotate flip pump source

    Hey Atom that's great , very much appreciated. im pretty new to houdini, what is the reasoning behind not animating at object level? i though that was where most animation gets done? kind regards Harv
  5. rotate flip pump source

    Hi as the title suggests, how can i rotate a flip pump? i can get the pump object to work, but as soon as i rotate it, the direction of the pump stays the same. im using an wrangle to drive the vel from the normals. i have a volume trail, and the normals are pointing in the correct direction. iv uploaded a hip file if any of u guys can help. it seems like it should work, but what am i missing. Relatively new into Houdini. Kind regards Harv PS H17.5 apprentice version 01 pump-rotate-test 03.hipnc