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  1. rotate flip pump source

    Hey Atom that's great , very much appreciated. im pretty new to houdini, what is the reasoning behind not animating at object level? i though that was where most animation gets done? kind regards Harv
  2. rotate flip pump source

    Hi as the title suggests, how can i rotate a flip pump? i can get the pump object to work, but as soon as i rotate it, the direction of the pump stays the same. im using an wrangle to drive the vel from the normals. i have a volume trail, and the normals are pointing in the correct direction. iv uploaded a hip file if any of u guys can help. it seems like it should work, but what am i missing. Relatively new into Houdini. Kind regards Harv PS H17.5 apprentice version 01 pump-rotate-test 03.hipnc