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  1. eetu

    eetu's lab

    Yeah the bit rot had gotten quite bad. Some of the oldest images seem to have gone the way of the Dodo, but most of the missing images/videos I was able to find and re-link. And yeah, should post more. Thanks!
  2. There must be many many ways of doing this, but one is creating your v attribute in the parented sphere, and then bringing it into your source with an Object Merge set to Transform Into This Object. This transforms the v attribute, which then gets sourced into the sim. Otherwise this is just the basic billowy smoke shelf setup. ee_local_emit_direction.hiplc
  3. What an inspirational thread! Great work, thanks for sharing
  4. Oh wow, cool! Best of luck on your endeavor!
  5. eetu

    Ink FX

    Hi! it's been a while since I did it, now looking at the hip I don't really seem to match the IDs, that is correct As it is, it works when new particles are added, but not if some particles are deleted. If you delete particles you would indeed need to to enable the Attribute to Match in Attribute Copy SOP. Although, as the system uses the last frame to copy attributes from, if you are deleting particles along the way, they will not exist in the last frame and their state is in that way undefined earlier in the animation..
  6. Just a minor side note, instead of projecting/gluing/sliding points onto curves with uvs, I often just use an animated Carve SOP in extract mode to get a point out of the curve. Quicker for simple setups, but might end up needing some looping so can be less efficient for larger setups.
  7. One übershader I built quite some time ago had the major photoshop blend modes between layers. At some point I extracted the combine block for someone, I'm not in front of Houdini but it should be in the attached file ee_combineblock.hip
  8. Here's another example with variable viscosity flip,
  9. Up to and including, depending on the renderer
  10. More and more studios write their own pathtracer. Vectorization is key these days. Pretty much everybody also has/uses a denoiser. Time to have one for Mantra? Dark beer is the next big thing after IPA. edit: Oh, and of course deep learning is making all sorts of inroads into the 3d world.
  11. Hey folks, I suppose many of you will be attending Siggraph in a couple of days. Any suggestions for extra-curricular activities? Party invites? I know there is the LA Houdini User Group party, where I expect to run into some of you fine people - anything else one should not miss?
  12. Well, yes and no. It's a field in the flip solver so you can vary it by voxel, like Dave/Pazuzu did above. Conceptually I would regard it to be closer to an attribute than a parameter, even though you would need a spoonful of extra noodle soup to source it from a point attribute. The name is surfacepressure not surfacetension, but don't let it fool ya ;)
  13. You can always copy the detail attribute to each point/prim for visualization..
  14. Just make a parameter for the value, and link the parameter to the chop outside the shader itself.
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