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  1. Ink FX

    Hi! it's been a while since I did it, now looking at the hip I don't really seem to match the IDs, that is correct As it is, it works when new particles are added, but not if some particles are deleted. If you delete particles you would indeed need to to enable the Attribute to Match in Attribute Copy SOP. Although, as the system uses the last frame to copy attributes from, if you are deleting particles along the way, they will not exist in the last frame and their state is in that way undefined earlier in the animation..
  2. Just a minor side note, instead of projecting/gluing/sliding points onto curves with uvs, I often just use an animated Carve SOP in extract mode to get a point out of the curve. Quicker for simple setups, but might end up needing some looping so can be less efficient for larger setups.
  3. One übershader I built quite some time ago had the major photoshop blend modes between layers. At some point I extracted the combine block for someone, I'm not in front of Houdini but it should be in the attached file ee_combineblock.hip
  4. Melting plastic approach

    Here's another example with variable viscosity flip,
  5. Siggraph 2017- same old or?

    Up to and including, depending on the renderer
  6. Siggraph 2017- same old or?

    More and more studios write their own pathtracer. Vectorization is key these days. Pretty much everybody also has/uses a denoiser. Time to have one for Mantra? Dark beer is the next big thing after IPA. edit: Oh, and of course deep learning is making all sorts of inroads into the 3d world.
  7. Siggraph 2017

    Hey folks, I suppose many of you will be attending Siggraph in a couple of days. Any suggestions for extra-curricular activities? Party invites? I know there is the LA Houdini User Group party, where I expect to run into some of you fine people - anything else one should not miss?
  8. Surface tension and viscosity

    Well, yes and no. It's a field in the flip solver so you can vary it by voxel, like Dave/Pazuzu did above. Conceptually I would regard it to be closer to an attribute than a parameter, even though you would need a spoonful of extra noodle soup to source it from a point attribute. The name is surfacepressure not surfacetension, but don't let it fool ya ;)
  9. Attribute VOP (Detail)

    You can always copy the detail attribute to each point/prim for visualization..
  10. Just make a parameter for the value, and link the parameter to the chop outside the shader itself.
  11. Also for a bit of a shorthand: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/ow_space http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/wo_space
  12. SideFX forum <-> OdForce forum

    I think the general advice has been to post on one, and if you get no resolution in a few days then post on the other.
  13. Scatter By Density

    You are mixing up two kinds of "density". There is density of a volume, meaning the value attached to each voxel of the volume. (the volume may or may not be named "density") The density attribute is an explicit attribute you can create, which Scatter SOP then takes into account when scattering points. (the attribute may or may not be named "density") And yes, Scatter SOP scatters into a volume taking account the density of the voxels (in the first sense above), see the attached. ScatterByDensitye.hiplc
  14. I don't know whether C4D uses the GPU to accelerate simulation/rendering - if it does, then the 1080Ti can be a good idea, if it doesn't, then you might be better off with e.g. a 1070 and use the budget somewhere else.
  15. Scatter By Density

    If you want to spatially vary your scattering by an attribute, you need to have an attribute of that name present on the geometry you are scattering on. (You don't have one). If you just want to scatter uniformly, toggle the attribute off.
  16. Here you go. The math was constructed a bit differently so it might've been confusing. Mandelbulbe.hipnc
  17. eetu's lab

    Hello, all While learning this beast of a software, I bet everyone has accumulated a bunch of more or less interesting tests and stupid tricks on their hard drives. Here's some of what has been accumulating on mine, before bit rot takes them, hopefully some might inspire others on this same road.. First, one from the mailing list a couple of days ago >>Tom Nixon wrote: >> Is there a quick and dirty way to calculate the center of mass of geometry? >> > Louis Dunlevy wrote: > A super duper cheapo way would be to use the attribute promote sop. > Stick position in the colour and then promote the colour to a detail > attribute using the avarage method.. > The average of point positions is not necessarily very close to center of mass. think of a large cube connected to a small geosphere, average P would be a lot closer to the sphere. Here's a quickly knitted vop sop doing it via a volume; http://eetu.iki.fi/hou/center_of_gravity.hip The idea is to take a volume representation of the object, and take the average of the voxel positions, weighted with voxel opacity. Of course there are probably 5 more elegant ways to do it, but anyway.. eetu. center_of_gravity.hip
  18. eetu's lab

    Stereographic (as in stereographic projection) fisheye lens with a FOV parameter. 2017_03_30_ee_stereographic_lens.hip undo_stereographic_lens.hda
  19. Wouldn't that be when the tangent on the curve matches the normal of the plane?
  20. It changed name to "Classic"
  21. Retopology > tutorials and alternatives

    Do check out https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/44816/ - lkruel put together a quick little SOP that lets you call instant meshes from inside Houdini.
  22. Remapping the falloff gradient

    I'm not sure what you are using to get the gradient, but with a ramp driven by dot(-I, N) you should be able to craft a gradient of your liking. IdotN.hip
  23. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I will also nominate the node to create a volume from geometry, of course called "IsoOffset".