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  1. Hi guys, I'm stuck in a stupid problem. I have a blast node with one point. I'd like to get the name attribute from it and copy in another node (see picture attached). I tried point() expression but it doesn't work. Can't figure out how fix this.
  2. Hey vicvvsh, I tried your solution but with no result (I can't see Spring Constraints in DOP Network). Can't figure out why. (here my car model) Car Destruction v07.hip
  3. Thank you for your help guys. I'll come back home next week and I'll take a look. I'll share my results if it works. Really appreciated.
  4. I tried with this solution (please find hip file attached) but spring constraint doesn't work. Can't figure out why. Here the .abc file I'm using. Anyone can help? Car Destruction v04.hip
  5. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create a constraint network for simulating Car Suspensions, but with no results. I just need a simple "spring effect" between Body and Wheels (please find a video example attached). How I can do it? Any suggestion will be really appreciated. Thank you! I've attached a simple file test I'm working on. Car Example.mp4 Cartest.hip