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  1. Exactly! Thanks! Also thanks Librarian, I'll explore your hip file!
  2. Hey @Librarian and @Noobini, thanks for the response! Although this is very close to want I need, I'm afraid I'd need to vary the size in the X,Y plane, almost like a 2d view, really. The depth of the "room" would all be the same. I'm really stuck on how to approach this.
  3. So I need to make something like the attached image (Quadtree). The black strokes are the walls, extruded from a grid. And I need the size of these walls to vary (like a turbulent noise) without changing the thickness of it or overlapping with another wall. I tried to make a box, convert do vdb and copy to points several other box with a noise to its points and substract from the main vdb, but it either overlaps or vary the thickness of the wall. Is there a way to scatter some points to a grid and use it as the center of the extrude or something like that? I could use a pointvop to modulate the point's noise. Thanks!