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  1. I hooked up substeps and constraint iterations quite good. Got results that would look ok in a mid or far shot. But for a close shot, I got a perfectly stable result using the bullet soft constraint. Thanks for the response
  2. What is the best approach to make quasi-hard materials like metals from vellum cloth. I am successful with tweaking stretch and bend plasticity values but the grid still feels quite flappy. Help on how to take the soft, cloth like feel out of it to make it feel like a hard metal sheet. I am looking at this as alternative to the RBD approach to creating dent or bending in car crash situation or even metal pillars. Help would be very much appreciated
  3. H17 facial autorig issue

    Hello, i seem to have a problem with the H17 facial autorig. In my case my model becomes invisible the moment i click on the pointers to reposition them. In the first place, is it even normal for the pointers(nulls) to be clustered in one area before youre meant to reposition them? Any help please