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  1. https://gumroad.com/l/groombear must have for grooming artist, imho, restriction by mask included. also you can split guides, do your things and merge them back.
  2. try converting polygon curves into nurbs.
  3. @AlexNardini wow! impressive work!
  4. radial menus in network editor, please.
  5. - Change network grid point positions to round values, so hou.node.position() will return (1.0, 1.0) if node is snapped to grid instead of current (1.5, 1.85) - Do not let newly created nodes change current nodes' position
  6. load your own image into color picker?
  7. you need to loop over intersect rays sent from each prim point and store last one found. konstantin's method is more failsafe. intersect_vex_fix.hipnc
  8. YYMMDD format `substr(system("cmd /C date /T"), 12, 2)``substr(system("cmd /C date /T"), 4, 2)``substr(system("cmd /C date /T"), 7, 2)`
  9. yes, this paper was my starting point : ) but my personal favorite is this one: report.pdf
  10. yeah, thanks! had a look into this some time ago, but it is incorrect implementation. algorithm quickly diverges, loosing all aesthetics
  11. dynamic ui and increased perfomance
  12. More specialised Toolsets, not only Game Development, but Motion Design, City Generation, Architectural Visualization, User Interface and more.
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