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  1. I have, but it chooses paths im not totally in love with. For example it'll make a zig zag from start to end, as opposed to a single right angle. I think ill move forward using it the best i can. But for my own understanding, is it at all possible to do what i mentioned without a solver node? Feedback information to use again in the same vex code?
  2. Hey guys! Ive recently been trying to code a basic path finder, for pipes on a building. I have tried writing it in a vex for loop, without much success. Did i just code it wrong, or is this even possible without using the solver node? I have a lot of buildings and i want to generate the pipes without running the timeline, any ideas? Thank for the help!
  3. Amazing, I'll have to do more in depth research into packed prims and how to use them effectively, as i clearly didn't understand them. Looks like Arnold can even read the hidden attrs on them, just prim groups and material assigning causing me trouble. But looks like unpacking solves that and in this case im only dealing with a few mill prims so should be good. Thanks very much for the help!
  4. Hey guys, new user here. I have a folder of objects built and exported from Houdini, and a bunch if random points scattered on a surface. I'd like to copy a different file to each point based on an index attr. I've gotten it to work using packed disk prims but not as full geo. The issue with packed disk prims is I loose all the existing attrs and groups in the files. Perhaps I'm going about this all wrong because it seems like there should be a simple solution. Any help you guys can give would be thrilling!
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