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  1. Running solver on multiple objects

    Oh thanks i spent some time with clustering and figured it out eventually. But i have not thought about TOPs, i have not tried it yet but it seems like a nice solution. I'll give it a try, Thanks.
  2. Running solver on multiple objects

    Hello, I want to create a fire from multiple moving objects. I tried to merge them and create a Pryo source then plug this into Pryo Solver but this was a bad solution as the bounding box is getting very large. I tried to run foreach loop on each moving object and then create a pyro source and then plug the result into Pyro Solver but the Bounding box is now tracking the first object but not all the other. If anyone have good solution for this problem please share it with me, also .hip files are very welcome if you don't need to write a long solution i can just dig inside Thanks.