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    Yes, this is what i was looking for. Thank you Benyee

    Unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem. If you check from the edge fracture, it only cut on point intersection but the your edge fracture cut just like the boolean fracture. Your edge fracture doesn't work well with vellum cloth just like the normal boolean fracture. Thanks by the way
  3. How do i get my edge fracture to look more like boolean fracture. I want to control where the cut happens The boolean fracture doesn't do well with vellum. I want the sphere on the left to have fractures like the one on the right using edge fracture. Can somebody please help me with this problem? VELLUM EDGE FRACTURE.hipnc
  4. Variable Surface Tension

    Thank you, that's exactly what i was looking for
  5. Variable Surface Tension

    Can somebody please help me with this surface tension problem. I have a scene and i want a different surface tension to apply to different group as show above. I want the group 1 to have higher surface tension and group 3 to have a lower surface tension but my setup is not working . SurfaceTension.hipnc