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  1. @chabis Hi thank you for your reply, Although i do understand the concept that youre describing here im still totally lost in the woods in terms of implementing it. Is there any possibility you could provide an example of this method or perhaps a tutorial to start from? Thanks again i appreciate it.
  2. @chabis im super intrigued on how you handled swapping out a particular modular piece that could be chosen by the user? I'd appreciate any information you could share on it
  3. Hi all, Ive recently started looking in to using the wire capture and wire deform SOPs, all is going well however, when deforming on a simple bend i am having to compromise between mesh curvature and stretching Uvs. It seems that toggling between "Align Tangent only" and "Align Tangent with Att Normal" on the wire deform gives me these two different effects. My question is, is there a way to achieve a deformation that effectively smooths out the aligned tangent? (i thought maybe setting my normals as tangent u and smoothing them would help but it has no effect.) Aligned tangent only - Aligned with Att Normal - Thanks all! WireDefromIssue.hip
  4. Why is my Color Transfer Offset?

    Hi @anim , Just posting to tie this topic up and say thank you i realise i never got around to replying in the thread. Your explanation was perfect and solved any outstanding issues Thanks again!
  5. Issue performing if statement on an array

    Hi @Atom Thank you so much for looking in to this for me i was aware that float precision may have been an issue, this didn't seem to be the fix however. The good news is that the code now works as intended by switching out the for each loop for a regular for loop Thanks again i appreciate it!
  6. Issue performing if statement on an array

    @Atom sadly that doesn't seem to have changed my result at all. if you are able to take a look at the project file id much appreciate it. Cheers, Dom
  7. Hi guys, Im a little stumped on a vex issue im having whilst trying to utilize the nearpoints function when building an array. The idea is that i have multiple curves, each with different colour values, which i group the end points of and then run a function which gathers all the nearest points to each of these endpoints and assigns them to an array. (this is currently working as can be seen in my spreadsheet.) However, i then wish to take this array that has been created for each of the endpoints and run an if statement through it that says if the points in the array have a different colour value to the end point they belong to then add them to a group. Im then hoping to perform a nearpoint function using this group as a filter to get the nearest point that belongs to any curve other than itself. Im unfortunately having an issue with this if statement as it seems to only output points 0-9 regardless of the previous rules set in the code. Help is really appreciated as im truly stumped on this one. Thanks in advance guys! Nearest_Points_Array_Problem.hip
  8. How do I skin connected curves?

    Hi @anim thank you for the reply this does get me 90% of the way there! However, is there a way to then get rid of these edges that are causing little triangles so that i can more easily select my connected edge loops? Thanks again!
  9. How do I skin connected curves?

    Hi all, I have a more comlex issue to solve but have essentially boiled it down to not being able to skin a curve that splits off like the T junction shown below. How would i be able to skin the curves shown whilst maintaining the flow and connection of the curve? Thank You all SkinningCurvesProblem.hip
  10. Hi all, I am currently attempting to create a network of interlocking curves that I can convert to a surface. Id like to effectively use the curves as a guide to create a nurbs surface. The problem I am facing is in areas where more than 2 curves meet any form of skinning seems to fail me. What would be the best method to create a surface between each of these curves? Thanks for your time guys! CurvesProblem.hip
  11. Why is my Color Transfer Offset?

    Hi Tomas, Thank you for the reply, i am finding it hard to grasp the technique which you are describing could you perhaps provide an example file? thank you so much
  12. Why is my Color Transfer Offset?

    Hi Guys, Im trying to achieve this stepped layering effect on my mesh and figured the correct approach woould be to use a shatter boolean with multiple cubes (which i have colored differently) and then transfer my Cd attributes across however although i am getting the hoirzontal cuts across my mesh in the correct place as intended, the color transfer is offset (almost as if my exactly half of the original cubes height) Why is this occuring / how can i make sure the color transfer occurs only between the cut lines ? Thank you
  13. RBD Sim wont behave as individual objects?

    Little update on this i made a new seperate top level SOP node and just copy pasted all my nodes over and it worked perfecttly fine so its solved to a point I'm still open to understanding why this issue was occuring initally though
  14. Hi Guys, Very new to houdini so spare the studpidty, Ive set up multiple rocks in sops using the copy to points node. I wish to then perform a rigid body simulation on these rocks so that they collide with both the ground plane and each other. However, the effect im achieving is the group of rocks falling and interacting with the ground plane as a single large grouped entity. This is despite me setting the bullet collision data as concave and not concave. Thanks in advance all! Procedural Rocks.hip
  15. Edge Fracturing

    can you elaborate a little on this? what would i be using to boolean the initial fractured pieces with? from looking at the image i assumed hed ran a second fracture along the egdes of the pieces