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  1. I'm having the same problem and am noob. How did you solve your problem? can you explain me.?
  2. Motion Retargeting Tool

  3. Motion Retargeting Tool

    Thank you guys, but I still have not been able to do it. I already managed to export my mocap in the bhv format and then I converted it into .bclip and .cmd, and I can not get the other model to follow this animation. Note: I do not know anything about python so I'm kind of lost. I accessed the link that @Atom posted above, and I looked for Goldfarb's answers .. and I was even more lost. Is there any other less complicated option to do this re-targeting?
  4. Motion Retargeting Tool

    Guilherme, how are you? Come on, I have: - Mocap captured by rococo software and exporting in an FBX. The animation was captured from a person with 1.80. - I have a model that has a size different from my mocap, it should have its 1.65. It's in T-pose and or A-pose. - I already tried to do the retarget in houdini using the CHOP channel and using the feath parameters, and the time I use it, my model tries to adjust to the size of my mocap, distorting the whole mesh of the animation.
  5. Packing circles of different radius

    Very Cool.
  6. Vellum use Cd attribute to animate rest length

    Sam, I saw that she posted the file link to Download. Could you download it? I tried only that it had already expired.
  7. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thank you so much for sharing your studies! Really they are very good! I am new to Houdini and this will help me a lot in knowing new parameters. Beautiful work.