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  1. Organic Mass problem

    Hello houdini masters! I have a problem, with this simulation. It makes me those problems, which You can see down in those pictures. Can anybody explain me how to fix them? SHORT EXPLANATION OF THE SCENE: I created 5 human heads, closed inside the box (the box has wireframed edges). Those heads are Organic mass and the box is coliding static object. Heads are squeezed inside of that box. ISSUE: It shows me the tetrahydrons on the surface of heads, which is bad, i need smooth surface on those heads, and I also need material, which should look like rubber (i set up rubber material, but i tried make it a little bit softer) and also a want to make it softer in parts like nose and ears... And also i don't want let the surface come througth them selves (i turned on self collision, so I dont know where is the problem, and why material is sometimes doesn't coliding)? I hope I explained the issues, which i need to fix. Thaks for any advices! I really appreciate them THE .hip FILE WITH SCENE IS IN forum.rar TOGETHER WITH MESH HEAD MODEL forum.rar
  2. Bone border problem

    Hello Houdini masters! Can I ask You, I cannot find any tutorial where is explained this problem: I creaded animation of lets say snake (pipe), but I have problem on edges of animating bones, because it creates me the deformations. Is there any operation, which will make gradient more smoother on those edges. Basically something what will make those connections sofness, or smoother? I hope its understandable, from my question, maybe try to check uploaded file. Thanks for your help cheers! problem.hip
  3. Infating cloth, gravity problem

    Hi there! I have just two short questions. I created inflating spheres inside of cube, and they are coliding between them selves, BUT just in shape deformation, there is no gravity, and they are not pushing themselves into free space in cube. Is there any possible way how to fix that? And second question is, how can I fix problem with permeability of "static object" (the cube space around spheres), because some spheres are going out from this cube, durring the simulation? Do i need decrease division size, or? (the attached picture) I hope both problems are understandable with my pure english. Thank You so much for any advices! Best regard,! Balls.hip
  4. FEM problem

    Great, Mangi! Thx, actually i checked my older animations, and they did work. I just didnt see it, but really thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. Cheers!
  5. FEM problem

    Hello, people" Im quite new in houdini, and I have problem with really basic setup of FEM object. Basically i would like to create something like this, but with pighead geometry : I watch all tutorials which are possible to find on internet for Houdini 16, and Im really hopeless. :/ There is my file which i created , but it doesnt work, and i dont know why? Can You help me anybody please? Thank you so much people FEM_Problem.hip