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  1. scale vellum / struts like rigid body

    Hello houdini folk! Quick question, is possible somehow scale the vellum struts, during simulation? what I want to achieve is simulated in dopnet in attached file. Essentially I just want enlarging pighead but in vellum, with struts. Thanks for any advices! vellum_scale_like_rigidbody.hip
  2. object scale change, durring rbd sim

    thank u. works perfectly
  3. object scale change, durring rbd sim

    Hello, Houdini folks! I have a question about very essential thing durring the rbd simulation. (Im attaching the file here). What I have, I want to change the scale of the pighead, durring the simulation, but without this "strange jumping" behaviour. Any suggestions, how to solve? Thank you so much. strange_behavior.hip
  4. Hello Houdini folks! For first let me wish You happy new year! And for second, let me have a tiny question . How can I render in Redshift transparent background png. with hdri lighting (RSLightDome)? Is it possible somehow? Thank You very much for any advices. And finally, can I kindly ask U, to post a hip. file, or print-scr with this "transparent-background" preset in your attachment? Many thanks Michal.
  5. trail velocity issue

    This is exactly what I want. Thank U so much Jirko!
  6. trail velocity issue

    Hello Houdini folks! I have tiny issue with trailed particles. Is possible to visualize somehow it's velocity like in the picture in attach? Thank You so much for any advices and wish You Happy New Year!!!! vel_issue.hipnc
  7. Vellum-popnet issue

    Hello Sean" Thank You for your response, it works! And let me with U mery Xmass and Happy new Year! But there is still problem with deforming of these testing geo's durring animation. And I dont know how to fix it. I already tried to slow down particles, and increased substep (in velum solver) but it still looks like randomly displaced mesh. Can u help me one more time? Thank You very much, for any responses or advices!
  8. particles around the mesh

    Hello Houdini guys! Can I Ask you for any advices in case of my issue? I would like to know how can I get same (or similar) result as down here in the scheme. (I am also attaching my simplyfied hip. file) I would like to force particles to the surface, but not let them just slide on that surface. Hope you understand what I mean. I will be very grateful for any advices. Thnak You guys. A: is how the script works now B: is how it should works issue.hipnc
  9. Vellum-popnet issue

    Hi houdini nation! Can I have any advice? Im trying to make animation of 5 testing geometries which are coliding between them selves. The position and rotation is defined by popnet, but when I connect it with vellumcloth, it doesnt use any animation data, even if I set Match animation in vellumCloth node. Can u help me pleas fix this issue? Thank u so much for any advices. issue.hip
  10. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Hey James! Sorry for my very late reply. I was quite bussy for long time. I fixed this problem by myself but it was done by very hard and crazy kind of way... I like your approach... thank u very much for your help!!!!!
  11. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Thank u so much James, now it works! I added more "falloffs" and it works perfectly!!! Can I ask U one more time? I have problem to put particles just inside of the object (i mean not sliding on the surface, but flowing just inside of the geometry). I tried poplimit node, but this works just like BoundingBox, and I need to defined it by my specific geometry... maybe u can help me fix this too... And Thank u again for your previous explanation and help. cheers pop_inside_issue.hip
  12. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Hey Drughi OMG! How u guys are doing that?! works.... thank u so much!!!! But how to make it with multiple "center points". I mean more centers with slower motion of particles. I tried something in popnet/ pop vop, but unsuccesfully.... particles_issue.hip
  13. Hello houdini masters! I have small issue, in popnet. Im trying to create moving particles on plane, but with different "speed" U can see my intention on scheme down here. Can u guys please help me? I will be very grateful for any advices. Thank u very much!! particles_issue.hip
  14. Hello guys! Can I ask U question, Im very new in houdini. Can u help me please? Im trying to render short video of volume (smoke) in matra, but I really do not know how to set the mantra settings, because one frame is mantra creating for 43 minutes, which is rediculously long time for 250 frames. can U help me, with settings? I already increased the Volume step size, but thats all what I did, (I read somewhere its helpfull) is there any other way, how to make render time (per frame) shorter? Thanks a lot for any advices! Im looking forward to your re´s! By! advice.hip
  15. Ramp between three textures - REDSHIFT

    Thank you so much!