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  1. particles around the mesh

    Hello Houdini guys! Can I Ask you for any advices in case of my issue? I would like to know how can I get same (or similar) result as down here in the scheme. (I am also attaching my simplyfied hip. file) I would like to force particles to the surface, but not let them just slide on that surface. Hope you understand what I mean. I will be very grateful for any advices. Thnak You guys. A: is how the script works now B: is how it should works issue.hipnc
  2. Vellum-popnet issue

    Hi houdini nation! Can I have any advice? Im trying to make animation of 5 testing geometries which are coliding between them selves. The position and rotation is defined by popnet, but when I connect it with vellumcloth, it doesnt use any animation data, even if I set Match animation in vellumCloth node. Can u help me pleas fix this issue? Thank u so much for any advices. issue.hip
  3. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Hey James! Sorry for my very late reply. I was quite bussy for long time. I fixed this problem by myself but it was done by very hard and crazy kind of way... I like your approach... thank u very much for your help!!!!!
  4. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Thank u so much James, now it works! I added more "falloffs" and it works perfectly!!! Can I ask U one more time? I have problem to put particles just inside of the object (i mean not sliding on the surface, but flowing just inside of the geometry). I tried poplimit node, but this works just like BoundingBox, and I need to defined it by my specific geometry... maybe u can help me fix this too... And Thank u again for your previous explanation and help. cheers pop_inside_issue.hip
  5. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Hey Drughi OMG! How u guys are doing that?! works.... thank u so much!!!! But how to make it with multiple "center points". I mean more centers with slower motion of particles. I tried something in popnet/ pop vop, but unsuccesfully.... particles_issue.hip
  6. Hello houdini masters! I have small issue, in popnet. Im trying to create moving particles on plane, but with different "speed" U can see my intention on scheme down here. Can u guys please help me? I will be very grateful for any advices. Thank u very much!! particles_issue.hip
  7. Hello guys! Can I ask U question, Im very new in houdini. Can u help me please? Im trying to render short video of volume (smoke) in matra, but I really do not know how to set the mantra settings, because one frame is mantra creating for 43 minutes, which is rediculously long time for 250 frames. can U help me, with settings? I already increased the Volume step size, but thats all what I did, (I read somewhere its helpfull) is there any other way, how to make render time (per frame) shorter? Thanks a lot for any advices! Im looking forward to your re´s! By! advice.hip
  8. Ramp between three textures - REDSHIFT

    Thank you so much!
  9. Good evening! Can I ask U guys for advice? Im trying to create ramp between three textures (but with same uv map), defined by paint SOP on pighead testing geo. And what I want to ask U is: Does it possible to somehow assign different textures for each color, in redshift? Any advice will be very, very helpful to me! Thank u guys so much! textures_issue.hip0.hip
  10. how to reduce waves???

    Fixed! What I had to do was, just create another group of points (all points-vertex from heart) and plug this group into Struts>Geometry>Group. now it works!
  11. how to reduce waves???

    Hello guys! Short question, how can I reduce waves of the vellum structure. I wanna make a simulation of beating heart and its still very weaving. Also it looks like that the vellum struts are "under cloth"..... :/ Is there any reason how to fix that, or I have to use FEM only? Thank U hor any advices srdce.rar

    Thank U so much, I did it with the Life Expectancy (set from default 1 to 10). Now it works perfectly as i needed!

    Hello people, im trying to make a poly-line from series of points. Everything works perfect (picture_1) BUT every time when the simulation reaches frame 44 the lines close its rows, (picture_2) and I dont know why. Can U help me please fix this issue? Thanks a lot! ISSUE.hip
  14. fibers on surface

    Hello Houdini guys! Can U help me please to get result, something like here in the pictures down here? What I need is to get fibers (curves or poly-lines) on surface of my generated mesh. I already tried something (very short and quick), but it doesnt work very well, and I really do not know how to fix that. Mainly, it doesnt work in small parts of the mesh, and sometimes doesnt work the Ray node very well. I will be very pleased for any response, or advices! Thank U! FORUM.rar
  15. how to import point (attribute VOP)

    Hello guys! Can U help me with small problem? I dont know how to import all of the points from scatter to attribvop (to get to an same gradient for all of them)?? Can u give me any advices? Thank you so much! hip. hile in attach how_to_import_all_points.hip