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  1. changing color based on a map after a wiresim?

    Thank you! I will try it tomorrow, just heading home from work now. I'll let you know if it works!
  2. changing color based on a map after a wiresim?

    Yes this definitely works however I can only seem to do this during the creation of the wires. Sadly this means I need to stat the simulation over again because Houdini sees the change in color as a adjustment making the previous simulation moot. (Unless there's a way of avoiding that whilst maintaining the color change) This also wouldnt work with rendered out simulations ofcourse due to point color being part of the mesh.
  3. changing color based on a map after a wiresim?

    Is there no way to go about this?
  4. I've generated a bunch of wires which I then applied a wiresim to. Now after this I want to change the colors of the primitives through a texture map. I'd like to do this after the simulation so I can change the texture without having to run the simulation again. Usually when applying hair material to hair you can add a texture map to the root color. This will then allow you to color in the hair based on anything. This doesnt seem to work with my generated wires though. changing the root and tip color does result in a gradient over the strand like image 1. But applying a map projects the entire image per strand. Is there any way to adjust the colors to what I want? Edit for slightly more informaion: So it would be nice to have the strands inherit the color of a texture somehow.
  5. Transfering colors in attribute wrangler

    Yes, great, thank you! I must've been staring at it too long haha. Thanks!
  6. So I'm working with this attribute wrangler that makes a twisting braid around any curves I slot into it. However I am running into an issue where the original curves have a color but I can't seem to have the new twist inherit the color from the curve. Of course I can add a color node afterwards but that will only give it one color. Whereas my curves have multiple colors (each primitive has a different color). float rad = ch('radius'); float pi = 3.1415926; float t = 2.0 * pi * ch('winding'); int copies = chi('strands'); int prim_pts[] = primpoints(0, @primnum); for(int i = 0; i < copies; i++){ int add_prim = addprim(0, "polyline"); setprimintrinsic(0,"closed",add_prim,"toggle"); setprimgroup(0,"twisted"+itoa(i+1),add_prim,1); setprimattrib(0,"Cd",add_prim,1); foreach(int pt; prim_pts){ vector pt_p = point(0, "P", pt); vector pt_n = point(0, "Nloc", pt); vector pt_b = point(0, "Bloc", pt); vector uv = point(0,"uv",pt); float s =uv.x; float phase = 2*pi / copies * i; vector pt_pos = pt_p + pt_n * sin(s*t+phase)*rad + pt_b * cos(s*t+phase)*rad; int add_pt = addpoint(0, pt_pos); addvertex(0, add_prim, add_pt); } } removeprim(0,@primnum,1); Twist.hip
  7. Issues with custom material gallery.

    Ah that's a shame, thank you.
  8. Issues with custom material gallery.

    Anyone know how to solve this?
  9. Hello, new to this forum. I'm having issues loading in materials. (See the attached image) They load in the "Gallery Manager" but I cannot see them in the "Material Palette" Could anyone shed some light on the matter?