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  1. export texture

    thank you very much
  2. export texture

  3. export texture

    Thank you. But now what happens. When I use Render to Mplay the textures curvature, cavity, etc ... appear, but when I use render to disk, it only does the bake of a texture. How do I render in the others.
  4. export texture

    Hello I need to export into a texture the information I generated using the GameDev_measure_curvature node. How do I do that?
  5. Vex help

    Thank you very much for the explanation.
  6. Vex help

    Help I am studying Array and I did not understand this: Because I get these values in foreach in the "var int pt". I just do not understand what those values are, let alone what happens. Can anyone explain?
  7. convert the shop_materialpath to group

    that worked ! Thanks a lot for the help
  8. convert the shop_materialpath to group

    I could not do what I said. I'm new to houdini, you have to do this process in a .hip file, so it's clearer for me to understand.
  9. Hello How do I convert the shop_materialpath attribute into groups of primitives
  10. normal point center

    Excellent, thank you very much
  11. normal point center

    Hello, I need to create a point in the center of the primitive, this I was able to do. But now I need this point to have the same normal as the primitive, how can I transfer this information to the point. Attached the hip file center.hiplc
  12. workflow houdini tips

    Kiryha, now it's clear, thank you very much.
  13. workflow houdini tips

    hi Miles, I define the project. My question is regarding the models to be used in future projects. What I want to do is: create a library of templates already set with the textures and materials, leave everything saved in a folder, and when I need to use one of these templates I just import to the new project. Asset .hda would be the solution to this. My question now is if I have to save a template by hda or if I can separate by theme (cars, stones, furniture) and save all models in only one hda and use a switch to choose which model to use.
  14. workflow houdini tips

    Kiryha, thank you very much for the information. In case of several models, Example: I have 50 models of cars, I save one hda for each car, or create an hda with all cars, and create a switch parameter to show only the selected car? Another question: I can configure for example 100 detailed trees in a single hda, so I would make the choice using a switch. If so, would that be too heavy on the scene or does houdini just reference the models?
  15. workflow houdini tips

    I have some doubts on how to work with houdini. Example 1: I modeled a very detailed car, applied all the materials. How do I reuse in future projects, without having to apply all the materials again. How to work: Save the car in a .hip file and use merge to import the car with the textures and materials already configured, or, create an asset .HDA and import that hda when I need it. Example 2: I have several furniture models already configured with their proper materials and textures, what would be the way to save these models for use in future projects, what would be the best way to import some of these models into new projects? I would like to workflow houdini tips Thank you