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  1. connect

    Guys, help please I am writing a small python script and crashed here. I made the first connection, now, how do I make that other connection?
  2. get list of materials

    Thanks for the quick response I will try with vex
  3. get list of materials

    Help I have a model with several materials in shop_materialpath. I want to get a list of each material (I will use this information to create groups later). I made the following code, and it works !. My question is if I did it right? Because with objects of many polygons, it is extremely slow. import hou root = hou.selectedNodes()[0] geo = root.geometry() path_a = [] path_b = [] for prim in geo.prims(): shop = prim.attribValue('shop_materialpath') path_a.append(shop) if shop not in path_b: path_b.append(shop) print path_b
  4. export texture

    thank you very much
  5. export texture

  6. export texture

    Thank you. But now what happens. When I use Render to Mplay the textures curvature, cavity, etc ... appear, but when I use render to disk, it only does the bake of a texture. How do I render in the others.
  7. export texture

    Hello I need to export into a texture the information I generated using the GameDev_measure_curvature node. How do I do that?
  8. Vex help

    Thank you very much for the explanation.
  9. Vex help

    Help I am studying Array and I did not understand this: Because I get these values in foreach in the "var int pt". I just do not understand what those values are, let alone what happens. Can anyone explain?
  10. convert the shop_materialpath to group

    that worked ! Thanks a lot for the help
  11. convert the shop_materialpath to group

    I could not do what I said. I'm new to houdini, you have to do this process in a .hip file, so it's clearer for me to understand.
  12. Hello How do I convert the shop_materialpath attribute into groups of primitives
  13. normal point center

    Excellent, thank you very much
  14. normal point center

    Hello, I need to create a point in the center of the primitive, this I was able to do. But now I need this point to have the same normal as the primitive, how can I transfer this information to the point. Attached the hip file center.hiplc
  15. workflow houdini tips

    Kiryha, now it's clear, thank you very much.