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  1. Pcfind works differently

    Hi all, I have a specific problem. In Houdini 16.5 I had an asset where I used Connect Adjacent Pieces. When I tried to open this asset in Houdini 17.5, the lines behavior was totally different. A detailed analysis showed that the problem is inside of a VEX-code and pcfind_radius funktion that works differently now. I didn't find any mentions of it in the documentation. Does anybody now, what exactly was changed, and how therefore I could return the previous behavior back? Here I attach two screenshots. H16.5: H17.5: And then the example file with a test geo points. Thanks a lot! test_pcfind.zip
  2. Roots and Veins HDA

    Hi guys, I've created an asset which helps you to create a Roots and Veins systems. Based on a Find Shortest Path SOP, this tool however has a procedural VEX-coded implementation and allows you to create stunning systems just in a couple of clicks. It does geo preparations, clean-up and post-effects, and of course it's very customizable. Feel free to ask me questions. Hope you like it! Some previews are rendered in Redshift (render nodes are not included in the asset) Learn more, watch the video example and get the asset here: https://gum.co/kFSub