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  1. Pretty conman issue. Using a POP Wrangle in your rbd dop is that most straight forward way of handling this. I've included the file but here's the vex. I'm no RBD expect but in regards to the pop wrangle i'm pretty sure most nodes activate are in use once per subframe &/ or the sim itself is having a hard time naturally calculating the v for each piece. I'm probably wrong on this one as i don't know RBD in depth. But hopefully i was able to help you. Just trying chancing the values in the wrangle as well if you want to more thoroughly understand whats happening. damp_rbd_example.hipnc
  2. I think i might have solved your issue. It technically works now but definitely needs some more look development iterations. Here are the issues i found. Firstly a very common rbd pitfall. Not all but most of your pieces have the same piece name. As i understand this can cause a lot of issues when it comes to the constraints working in the sim as they will try to constraint themselves to multiple pieces. So i renamed all the pieces by changing the piece name in the assembles you set up. Next issue was a lot of your constraint were breaking right as the sim started especially around the top. So in the dop i generally bumped up all the strength values as well as lowering the propagation iterations. After that i just repositioned the sphere and lowered the initial v. As well as turning off Compute Mass and just manually typed in Mass. I hope i solved most the of the issues you had. NOTE: All the nodes that i changed i coloured Black to make it easier to see what i changed. Tower_16_more_windows_fixed.hipnc
  3. All good just happy to help.
  4. Thought it would be cool to share some R&D i worked on for creating a flame FX without doing any simulation purely through deforming geo. A pretty simple FX nothing too crazy but i though i should share it as some people might be trying to do similar things. I've included the Hip file as well as notes explaining the vop workflows. I'm very much a novice to Houdini's more technical side so excuse any rookie mistakes, critique welcome as well if you think i can improve my workflow. Non_Simulated_Flame.hipnc
  5. https://www.mixamo.com/#/ Mixamo could be what you're looking for. You can upload you're own model or use their selection of models. Good for CFX or just random FX testing when you want an animated Character mesh. Quality is debatable sometimes but it's a good free service.
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