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  1. rbd+grain

    hi there, how can i emit grains when chunks broken in rbd sim. i tried debris, but is there any other/proper way? many thanks
  2. Ocean Surface Material

    Hi there, im testing the first time the oncean tools (ocean flat tank). Do i really need to bake out the spectrum and mask geometry? i tried to refer them the but didnt work. it could be a faster feedback in render while setting the parameters. Any idea?
  3. Trace in Vop

    simple grid , 100*100 res, rgb texture (map), i need borders.
  4. Trace in Vop

    hi there, is there a way to achieve the same effect in vops like trace does ? Basically a need outline a texture on a surface. h17.5
  5. Hy there, i dont see my pyro source after rasterizing a very small scale box (0.02). Sim is working but i wanna see my source volume. is it some kind of visualizing problem?
  6. Pyro velocity

    hy, im having trouble with some easy pyro sim. i have an animated object, emitting smoke (0,-1,0) direction wich is working fine until it starts to moving, the smoke deforms by the speed, wich i dont want to. i want to keep the smoke direction strictly. any idea to fix it? pyro_test.avi pyro_test.hip
  7. Hi There! quick question about vellum grains. Is there a chance to stick a part of the grain object to the collider? thanks, Balazs grain.hipnc