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  1. Houdini Fur changed topology

    Hi there, im working on a project, making fur on an animal. Im affraid the topology of geometry that i got from an other artist will change over time. I do not find the way to transform the guides at least to the other geometry. Is there any solution out there? im using H18 thanks Balazs
  2. adding detail to Pop sim Houdini

    Hi all, is there a way to add details to Pop sim in Houdini like in this tutorial: Thanks thanks
  3. rbd+grain

    hi there, how can i emit grains when chunks broken in rbd sim. i tried debris, but is there any other/proper way? many thanks
  4. Ocean Surface Material

    Hi there, im testing the first time the oncean tools (ocean flat tank). Do i really need to bake out the spectrum and mask geometry? i tried to refer them the but didnt work. it could be a faster feedback in render while setting the parameters. Any idea?
  5. Trace in Vop

    simple grid , 100*100 res, rgb texture (map), i need borders.
  6. Trace in Vop

    hi there, is there a way to achieve the same effect in vops like trace does ? Basically a need outline a texture on a surface. h17.5
  7. Hy there, i dont see my pyro source after rasterizing a very small scale box (0.02). Sim is working but i wanna see my source volume. is it some kind of visualizing problem?
  8. Pyro velocity

    hy, im having trouble with some easy pyro sim. i have an animated object, emitting smoke (0,-1,0) direction wich is working fine until it starts to moving, the smoke deforms by the speed, wich i dont want to. i want to keep the smoke direction strictly. any idea to fix it? pyro_test.avi pyro_test.hip
  9. Hi There! quick question about vellum grains. Is there a chance to stick a part of the grain object to the collider? thanks, Balazs grain.hipnc