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  1. With this reel, you don't need to apply for any studio. Advertise yourself as a freelance and be happy with your original citizenship. Good luck!
  2. You can try using light linking method. In your light, your have a tab called "Objects". Got to, Enable Light-Mesh Associations and then choose what objects you want to affect using this light leaving your card unnafected. I think if you use this symbol "^" you remove just the object and leave the rest on . i.e ^mycard. Does that make sense?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Indeed that was the problem. Also the scale of my elements were way to small. Cheers
  4. Hello I am trying to render a pyro simulation in Redshift. I created a volume material in RS and applied to my Pyro import in Houdini.However I've got a message saying "Failed to find volume file. The file will be empty." I am not sure what I am doing wrong as I watched every possible tutorial about it and the steps seem to be correct. Can anyone help me figuring out what is wrong? I am uploading the file for reference. Many Thanks D Candle_03_Test.hiplc
  5. Great, I sensed that the answer was around there. Thanks for clarifying.
  6. I have been studying VEX for a couple of months , trying to making sense of some concepts still. There's 2 functions that seem to do similar things but I can't understand much the difference. What is the difference between NEARPOINTS and NEIGHBOURS? After reading the manual, it didn't provide me much understanding. Cheers D
  7. I saw a similar post of yours explaining this technique, but as my knowledge is still limited , I couldn't implement it. How do you "set the index" ? I remember I copied and pasted this snippet to a wrangler but It didn't do much. I am sure I am missing something. Btw I tried my luck at the beginning using the MOPS delay but obviously it didn't work. At the momement I try everything I can until I get it.
  8. Hello Sir Many thanks for taking the time to write such thorough response. Being honest, while waiting for my post to be approved I figure it out by myself and our approach was the same. Your "Ch" input is a bit more elegant though. I'll implement it and save is as an asset. This post will surely help other people in the same situation. It took me ages ( I am quite new ) to figure it out and the explanations out there are either old or overcomplicated. Cheers
  9. Hello All I have a little personal project going on, where I have a single rope dangling and want to make multiple copies of it, but I want them to start falling at different times and not all together. I have tried a couple of tutorials on internet and found some explanations in this forum using for loops with a time shift node but it didn't really work. I was wondering what is the solution for that. I tried a couple of rudimentary expressions comparing point numbers to frames to see if I could activate them when the frames are equal to point numbers, but it also didn't work. Anyway I am posting 2 screenshots of my project and I hope you can help me figure it out. Thanks in advance
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