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  1. Difference between Nearpoints and Neighbours

    Great, I sensed that the answer was around there. Thanks for clarifying.
  2. I have been studying VEX for a couple of months , trying to making sense of some concepts still. There's 2 functions that seem to do similar things but I can't understand much the difference. What is the difference between NEARPOINTS and NEIGHBOURS? After reading the manual, it didn't provide me much understanding. Cheers D
  3. Offset time on Copy to Points

    I saw a similar post of yours explaining this technique, but as my knowledge is still limited , I couldn't implement it. How do you "set the index" ? I remember I copied and pasted this snippet to a wrangler but It didn't do much. I am sure I am missing something. Btw I tried my luck at the beginning using the MOPS delay but obviously it didn't work. At the momement I try everything I can until I get it.
  4. Offset time on Copy to Points

    Hello Sir Many thanks for taking the time to write such thorough response. Being honest, while waiting for my post to be approved I figure it out by myself and our approach was the same. Your "Ch" input is a bit more elegant though. I'll implement it and save is as an asset. This post will surely help other people in the same situation. It took me ages ( I am quite new ) to figure it out and the explanations out there are either old or overcomplicated. Cheers
  5. Hello All I have a little personal project going on, where I have a single rope dangling and want to make multiple copies of it, but I want them to start falling at different times and not all together. I have tried a couple of tutorials on internet and found some explanations in this forum using for loops with a time shift node but it didn't really work. I was wondering what is the solution for that. I tried a couple of rudimentary expressions comparing point numbers to frames to see if I could activate them when the frames are equal to point numbers, but it also didn't work. Anyway I am posting 2 screenshots of my project and I hope you can help me figure it out. Thanks in advance