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  1. Hey, So this is something I've been trying to figure out for weeks, How can I transfer the information of scaling geometry and changing point count into dops? I have a grid that scales and remeshes and I want that to carry over into dops while at the same time remaining dynamic, at the moment it just takes the first frame. I've tried bringing in the object and point attributes via a sop solver but I'm having no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Vellum-Cloth-Scale.hiplc
  2. Remesh Vellum Cloth

    Hi, I have a vellum cloth sim where I'm animating the Constrain Rest Length scale to achieve a growing effect. As it's scaling the constraints as the cloth gets larger it behaves in a bulky and odd way. What I want to do is to remesh the grid per frame before the cloth is simulated so the cloth keeps its complexity consistently as it grows. I've tried adding a remesh sop via sopSolvers into both the vellum solver and in the Dopnet but I can only get it to either remesh and not simulate or sim and not remesh. I hope this makes some kind of sense : ) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Grow-Cloth-01.hiplc
  3. Live boolean

    Hi there, I've just been following Fabricio Chamons great tutorial on creating 'live' boolean cuts, That led me on to trying to create cuts in a sequence and have the dopnet register that these cuts were happening over time and not just to calculate the first frame. I'm very new to houdini but I'm guessing that I need to add a sopSolver into the dopNet but I haven't any idea what parameters I would use to make that work. Thanks in advance for any help! Live-Cut-Boolean-002.hip
  4. Cloth release constraints

    Perfect, thanks for that it's much appreciated! exactly what I was after.
  5. Cloth release constraints

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to Houdini, I've only been using it for the past 2 months so I'm just figuring out the very basics. I've made a very simple cloth animation where the points are held in place using the pintoanimation attribute. This all works fine, the problem is when I animate amount of points driving the pintoanimation attribute it isn't updated in the animation even though I can see it changing in the Geo spreadsheet. I've attached a stripped down file, I appreciate the help in advance! Thanks Pin-Cloth-Test.hip