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  1. Live boolean

    Hi there, I've just been following Fabricio Chamons great tutorial on creating 'live' boolean cuts, That led me on to trying to create cuts in a sequence and have the dopnet register that these cuts were happening over time and not just to calculate the first frame. I'm very new to houdini but I'm guessing that I need to add a sopSolver into the dopNet but I haven't any idea what parameters I would use to make that work. Thanks in advance for any help! Live-Cut-Boolean-002.hip
  2. Cloth release constraints

    Perfect, thanks for that it's much appreciated! exactly what I was after.
  3. Cloth release constraints

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to Houdini, I've only been using it for the past 2 months so I'm just figuring out the very basics. I've made a very simple cloth animation where the points are held in place using the pintoanimation attribute. This all works fine, the problem is when I animate amount of points driving the pintoanimation attribute it isn't updated in the animation even though I can see it changing in the Geo spreadsheet. I've attached a stripped down file, I appreciate the help in advance! Thanks Pin-Cloth-Test.hip