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  1. parenting light to crowd agents

    so i guess my question didnt make any sense to you guys. maybe i should ask as, how can i parent a point light to an animated point? i hope it makes sense.
  2. hi all, i have to put torches to my crowd agents hands then i want to put a light to them as they walking. what would be the possible approach for this purpose? thanks.
  3. hello people, my question is, when i render in mantra render view everythnig is normal but when i render to Mplay cant see my render pass. no color no alpha. what could be the reason for this? thanks.
  4. RBD - Helicopter crash problem

    Thanks atom. it was already concave. i figured it out by giving some thickness to the mountain mesh with poly extrude. i think a collision object without any dimension was the problem.
  5. trying to make sim of a helicopter crashing into mountain. but the problem is, when i look inside of the mountain mesh, parts of the helicopter intersects into mountain and it makes helicopter to stick to the static object(mountain) i tried solving it with friction settings and collision padding settings but couldnt manage to do it. what could be the possible reasons? thanks.
  6. randomizing vellum force in crowds

    hey people, how can i randomize the wind force apllied to flag agent in vellum solver? they all behave exact the same way. i applied the vellum to my prop and then used it in the agent layer before crowd simulation. is this the wrong way? thanks.
  7. Circuit Electric Animation

    Hello, I have a scene with an animated camera passing on a motherboard. and there have to be animated electric. electrics first have to go to processor and then have to scatter from it. (i know its so cliche ) Now im doing it manually in after effects with stroke animation and its really painfull. needs too much time. what would be the best aproach to do it in houdini procedurally? im pretty noob with houdini so simple explanation would be best for me. thanks in advance.