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  1. Hey Guys, In an effort to continuously support our customers, and in light of the harsh current events caused by COVID-19, the REBELWAY team is offering up to 50% OFF discount on ALL PRODUCTS. More details about the offer and discounts can be found here: https://rebelway.net/stay-home-and-keep-learning/ Stay home, stay safe, and keep learning! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Thanks Saber
  2. James Hodgart is a lead enviroment artist at axis animation and we're very honored to have him teach with us this brand new called called "MASTERING ENVIROMENT CREATION IN HOUDINI" James will talk about the artistic aspect needed to recreate a large scale realistic environment and will share his own workflow that uses houdini at the base to create highend photorealistic environment. This workshop is ideal to anyone interested in learning how to build large scale environment while utilizing the latest Houdini 18 features. More details can be found here: https://rebelway.net/mastering_environment/ $50 discount for the first session. Start date: February 23td 2020 Vimeo link for better video quality: https://vimeo.com/376284112 Note: the below renders/promo is almost raw render from Houdini with a minor comp tweaks. 8k renders can be download from this link if you want to see more details https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3x8rf6vtakoy3ez/AABSm09rVUV5h_z2OWbPGiXSa?dl=0 Please feel free to PM us if you have any questions. REGARDS REBELWAY TEAM.
  3. Hello Everyone, We're HONORED to present a brand new workshop called "MASTERING THE ART OF MAGICAL FX IN HOUDINI" created by JAYDEN PATERSON. Jayden started his career as an animator and after 7 years of working in the industry he migrated to work as an FX artist where we was able to achieve some of most iconic FX shots. Jayden is currently working as Lead FX Artist at Axis Animation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5egQ2BIVJB4 One of our rebelway goals is to provide a complete education to our students on how to use Houdini and master all it's techniques aspects and we think we have covered this area quite well. The NEXT goal is to start teaching the Art side of things which is rarely talked about and one of the best fx artists out there are the ones who have strong animation background and even better if they have worked full time as animator and jayden is one of them.During this workshop Jayden will cover various fx animation concept that every artists should master while creating complex visuals and shares some of the best techniques his using to create awesome FX. SEATS ARE LIMITED! https://rebelway.net/mastering-the-art-of-magical-fx-in-houdini/ Students who took houdini for fx artists workshop will get $100 discount Students who took any rebelway workshop will get $50 discount. We hope that you guys like this. Regards Saber
  4. Hello Everyone, This is a video recorded by the Instructor Corbin Mayne explaining the content of the VEX FOR HOUDINI ARTISTS workshop and showing a preview of the final slime fx rendered. Start date: June 20th 2019 https://rebelway.net/vex-for-houdini-artists/ Please feel free to PM me here if you have any questions or send us an email to rebelwayinfo@gmail.com Regards Saber
  5. https://rebelway.net/ocean-redshift/
  6. Here is a better preview of one of the textures.
  7. Hello Everyone, We're very excited to present a brand new tutorial called "PROCEDURAL TEXTURE CREATION USING HOUDINI COPs" https://rebelway.net/texturing_using_houdini/ This tutorial is an in-depth lecture on how noise and procedural patterns works in Houdini and how to work with all the available nodes to create interesting procedural textures while trying to mimic real references and or to create something abstract. The sale price is $69.99 and it's currently discounted to $49.99 We also have a 50% discount on all other tutorials that will be running for the next 24 Hours. We hope that you guys will like this. Regards REBELWAY TEAM.
  8. I'm very excited to announce a brand new workshop called "VEX FOR HOUDINI ARTISTS". https://rebelway.net/vex-for-houdini-artists/ Taught by Corbin Mayne & Saber Jlassi this workshop provides the most complete training for vex language and demos it through various practical example whether it's for creating fx or for geometry manipulation or any other Houdini contexts . This is an intermediate to advanced. Corbin Mayne is a lead fx artist at axis animation working on tons of cool projects and has an amazing teaching style. We're giving $100 discounts for the first 20 students. students who enrolled in our introduction To Houdini For FX Artists will get another $100 discount and $50 discount for any student who took a Rebelway workshop.
  10. BLACK FRIDAY - 10% DISCOUNT ENTIRE STORE. The discount will become active starting from Friday 12AM PST time and will be limited to 10 seats per workshop and runs for 48 hours. Enjoy! www.rebelway.net
  11. We're very excited to present to you the promo video for the Mastering Destruction And FX Workshop. This workshop will cover in-depth all aspects related to creating highend destruction shot . Once the simulation is ready we will dive into lighting, shading and rendering the various elements and start compositing in nuke to produce the final shot. We have bonus content to explain rendering using mantra and redshift. We will be providing the student with a destruction ready building along with various animations that they can use for their assignments. Everything was created using Houdini 17. Workshop Link https://rebelway.net/mastering-destruction-and-fx-in-houdini This workshop and the promo video is a team effort and we want to thank everyone involved in the making. Saber Jlassi, Igor Zanic, Urban Bradesko, Chun Yong, Ibrahim Hindawi Please let us know if you have any questions. Regards Saber
  12. Nice work. I'm just a bit suprised that you are charging $150 for 101 minutes (6+4+12+21+10+9+15+4)? I have a free talk that i gave at siggraph you may wanna check it out.
  13. Hello Guys, We're looking to hire for multiple jobs: SENIOR HOUDINI TD / INSTRUCTOR The jobs consist of creating advanced Houdini setups that can be used to create training material. Bonus: Comfortable recording instructional videos.(not required) INTERMEDIATE/SENIOR HOUDINI C++ DEVELOPER The ideal candidate must be very comfortable with HDK and C++ and have a good understanding of how to write opengl/gpu plugin to extend the Houdini viewport. INTERMEDIATE/SENIOR HOUDINI TD -TECH SUPPORT We run our own discord channel and have a private forum where we provide feedback to all our students, the feedback can be provided in text format and in other/many cases cases requires someone to check and fix hip files and add various notes to explain to the student where the problem was and how it can be fixed. Bonus: previously joined one of rebelway's workshops. Here is link to find more details about the jobs and please feel free to email us jobs@rebelway.net if you have any questions. https://rebelway.net/jobs/ Thanks Saber
  14. Hello Everyone, We're very excited to announce that the registration is now open for all our last Houdini workshops of the year 2018, including a new destruction workshop and various content updates. Mastering Destruction And FX In Houdini (28 Sept 2018) https://rebelway.net/mastering-pyro-fx-in-houdini/ Mastering Pyro FX In Houdini (10 Sept 2018) https://rebelway.net/mastering-pyro-fx-in-houdini/ Advanced Asset Creaion In Houdini (28 Sept 2018) https://rebelway.net/advanced-asset-creation-in-houdini-for-vfx-and-games/ Introduction To Houdini For 3D Artists (14 Sept 2018) https://rebelway.net/intro_to_houdini_for_3d/ Introduction To Houdini For FX Artists (7 Sept 2018) https://rebelway.net/intro_to_houdini_for_fx/ All our workshops and tutorials are thoughtfully designed and created to form a coherent learning path that you can learn more about here: https://rebelway.net/learning-path/ Please don't forget to checkout the course page to view some of the student work and learn more about the content and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Regards Rebelway Team.
  15. Hello Joseph, Sorry for the inconvenience, We have had various issue with our tutorial delivery system combined with various member of our team being on vacation which caused the delayed reply. As you said we have sent you the tutorial link and I personally issued you a 100% refund, please accept this as an apology for the hassle caused . Regards Saber
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