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  1. Hello and greetings! I have a large amount of curves(branches part of a tree). I then use a polywire to create the thickness of the tree based on some attributes. I am currently using the intersection stitch sop and then a fuse sop to combine my curves into one by fusing the intersecting points. I then put down a resample sop and get a nice even looking geometry. However this process takes about 2 seconds, which isn't too much but I assume I can get this done faster by using vex, but alas I am not very good at vexing. My question is; how would I merge intersecting curves with vex?
  2. Thank you, that worked perfectly!
  3. Greetings! I have a system that creates an x amount of layers, I also apply a integer attribute value to each layer. 0-x For example I may have done a 10 layer thing. which will give me 0-9 attribute. My question is; How do I procedurally always delete the last layer with the highest attribute value?
  4. Polywire uvs

    Greetings! I have a tree made out of curves. I use a resample sop to make the curves symmetrical in distance between points. I then use a polywire. I see that you can also create vertex textures with the polywire. This is what I've got at this time: So this looks quite nice.. HOWEVER the uv's are done per segement. So my question is; how do I normalize the uvs made from a polywire?
  5. Moving points based on displacement

    Thanks for the reply! Your method is one way to do it, however it doesn't really work when you have altered the displacement texture in the shader. It would be better if I could export the displacement data from the shader-material itself. Otherwise the only way would be to copy all the data changes done in the shader and apply it to the texture in the pointvop, but that isn't a very nice workflow
  6. Hello and greetings! I am currently scattering some grass on a terrain surface. The issue I am having is that the terrain geometry is using displacement and tesselation in the shader. The displacement values are high enough to either cover my grass or leave them floating above ground. I know how to move points based of a black and white texture, however that wont get me too far when the displacement is being used in a shader and the values getting altered. So a more detailed question is; Is it possible to export data/texture image from within a shader? The data I want would be the displacement data and later add that to my points and move them.
  7. Hello! I am currently instancing a few hundred bushes from speedtree. I am wondering, what would be a "simple" way to animate the instances in a small manor? Lets stay I just want the bushes to sway back and forth with some kind of noise added. Anyone have any ideas? The animation would be per instance so I dont want to deform the instance. I only want to move the whole object in a "logical" manner.
  8. I get this warning when I render with redshift in Houdini. The instance object "/obj/REDSHIFT_TEMP_PACKED_GEO/_obj_bla_blabla_blablabla_blabla_blabla_blabla_blabla_blabla_bla_tree156683" is not available as a RSMeshBase or RSProxy object, perhaps it is hidden in the scene" So I have a couple of hundred trees that I have packed and instances with a copy to points, I have ticked on "instance SOP level packed primitives" on the Redshift obj section of the geometry sop. It seems that a specific instance of the tree is not working properly, and I do not know what Temp Packed Geo means. It doesn't stop the rendering but I am assuming that it adds some extra time on the actual render time.
  9. Greetings! I have a digital asset that works by choosing a tree made of splines and then making it into a nice looking tree. My question is, how do I run multiple spline trees through the tool? Lets say I want to have 3 different spline trees run through the tool without having to manually choose one at a time. If there is a way, how would I separate them at the end ?
  10. Sorry my bad, I am not the best at explaining what issues I am having. I added a hip file that mostly shows how my setup is made. I am instancing hundreds of trees and I figured that instancing the branches and set of leaves per branch would make sense. I forgot to mention that I pack both the branches and leaves together for animation purposes. After the animation I use a unpack sop and I am then left with the branch instances and leaf instances separated. I will try using stylesheets and see if I can get something going
  11. Greetings! I have a branch that I have scattered instances of leaves on. So a branch consists of about 20 points of leaves. I pack the leaves. I then pack the branch with the leaves before I copy the branch(now with the leaves packed with it) onto the tree. Now I get about 1000 branches with 1000 sets of leaves. I have made a leaf material that works good if each leaf is its own instance/point. However in this case where one instance of leaves consists of 20 leaves/points I get weird results. How would I go about to assign my material so it effect each primitive instead of set of points? treeTeststuff.hip
  12. Attributes for VDB

    I got it working! Putting up a picture with the simple steps needed to use point values for volumes.
  13. Greetings! I am currently sitting with vdb. I have a geometry that I have converted to a VDB and now I am playing around with noise in the volume vop sop. I have realized that the point attributes I had on my geometry have been deleted and replaced by a single attribute "surface".. My question is, how do I get access to my point attributes within the volume sop? Specifically I am wanting to use my gradient attribute for a nice looking falloff. I've tried the "surface attribute" on the vdbfrompolygons sop but I can't seem to get it to work however.
  14. copying color from parent in for each

    Thanks for the idea! It does seem to work the way its supposed to But since I didnt actually start out with a l-system setup it was somewhat difficult to actually fuse the branches together without any weird artifacts. But I got it working thanks!