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  1. Hi Guys! Light just went off and the computer shut down. It is not a big problem as I just created a Sphere and applied a transform but I am wondering that after finding the Houdini temp "*.tmp" file and renaming as "*.hip" it doesn't seem to be loading as expected...how does the workflow suppose to be in this cases? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, I am doing different exercises and I would like to use an attribute such as the "Cd" generate by a Turbulence Noise in PointVop to control the intensity of my Displacements as it was a mask. Id like to get it done using the Mantra Classic but Also the Principled Shader. I am using Houdini 16.5 and as there is not any longer a "Size" parameter in the shader to control the General displacement I am not sure how to get it done. Thanks in advance