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  1. smoke over fire / comp issue

    hi guys, I am really new of comping in Houdini. I have the following renderings and I just simply want to compose them. Im using composite1 / Over, as the smoke in the first input. However bellow you can see an area with the issue that I have. Does anyone haves any idea how to fix that one? Thanks! Vas
  2. velocity field from a geo

    Hi, Any suggestions of how to create a velocity field around an object, like in the link below (0:36 sec) ? Thank you, Vas -
  3. point counter

    Hi Tomas, Thank you for your reply. Sorry for not giving more information about it. So, Im looking for the following. On scattered points, I want to have an attribute value increments on every frame. Thanks, Vas
  4. point counter

    Hi, On scattered points, how can we start a counter increment in order to give a condition based on that? Thanks, Vas
  5. RBD delete geo based on Y threshold

    Thats working great, thank you Tomas!
  6. Hi, I was wondering which is the best method to delete the RBD active geo based on a certain Y position value. Thanks! Vas