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  1. Circle Normals

    I have this often. It's usually point 0. In this scenario I'd probably set my normals relative to the circle's center (Polyframe Style set to Primitive Centroid), or "@N=getbbox_center(0)-@P;" in a wrangle. In looping but not circular geometry I manually set point 0's attributes in a wrangle (like averaging its neighbors attributes, or manually calculating the tangent from the geometry's last point). If that doesn't work I resample to a gazillion points and interpolate. If that's not an option I clip half the geometry off and mirror it. If that's not an option I delete my graph and abandon the project. Hope you get a cleaner answer, I've been wondering whether there's an easy, universal solution.
  2. I hope to one day be the proud owner of a... "_Blender Library/Scans/Donut/Sprinkled_Donut_01_C.OBJ"! Until then you could use this maybe? It acts wonky unless you flatten the points against one axis, but your thingie looks circular enough for it to work. I tried to copy your geometry and it sorted it alright. sortish.hiplc