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  1. Shooting star

    Oh You can use copy to points?
  2. Shooting star

    You can use A as input for B test_.hiplc
  3. @collision *= -1; I'm guessing at least part of your problem is that this is happening every frame? I imagine you want to flip it once, not invert itself on every cook.
  4. Min values from unknown number of arrays

    for( int i = 0; i<detail(0, 'arrlen', 0); i++ ) { float arr[]; for( int j =0; j<npoints(0); j++ ) { float arr_val[] = point(0, 'distances', j); if (len(arr_val)>i) append(arr, arr_val[i]); } append(f[]@mins, min(arr)); } Like this? In a detail wrangle you'd get a detail array attribute where each element is the smallest value at that index of 'distances'. You can get the length of longest array with attrib promote beforehand. Edit: code quote thing was weird
  5. How would you cap this pipe?

    I found converting the unshared edges to curves with labs edge group to curve and using a polyloft to be a super stable option.
  6. You can blend between the two positions in a wrangle with lerp().
  7. Trigger Animation on Event

    Hey I think Bullet uses its own impact data (the toggle is on the RBD Packed Object under 'Bullet Data'). You can get rid of the Impact Analysis and use a "DOP Import Records" SOP with the 'Data' and 'Records' path both set to 'Impacts' to grab the impact data. Like So: The impact data (the impact points) are only pulled in on the frame of the collision and deleted right after (they are not persistent) so I used a SOP Solver to grab and hold it. Disclaimer: I'm not sure this is the proper workflow but at least it worked for me on your file.
  8. Store point positions before the loop and restore them afterwards? Be aware that the loop will split the points so make sure to fuse them back. reaarange_test.hiplc
  9. Particle constrain Axis how to?

    You can use a POP Wrangle to force positions to zero. Alternatively in your setup POP Steer Wander can be set to be 2 dimensional, and in the POP Source your particles are receiving varying velocities on the attributes tab. Fixing both of those will keep your particles to Z so long as you don't introduce velocity anywhere else.
  10. It might be overwritten by the shader? If I delete the Material Network generated when I import the FBX through the File menu, I see colors. If I import the FBX through the file node, it doesn't create that default material network at all and I can also see (seemingly appropriate) colors.
  11. For-each Patterns (Solved)

    'Extract Centroid' can store the centroid as a primitive attribute. You can get the same effect by using centroid(0, *X/Y/Z*) in 'transform3''s pivot, then scale by 'prim_scale'. Not sure how the setup makes sense but maybe I'm missing something.
  12. Houdini super slow

    I sometimes have extremely slow nodes and deleting the contents of 'houdini_temp' in User/<Username>/AppData/Local/temp has always resolved it.
  13. I want to agree with #1, but if I don't consider efficiency early I'll usually feel like I'm building a house on mud just so I know exactly where to put the foundation after I'm done building. This point: Is a good one. You don't learn to pick battles until you've lost a couple thousand.
  14. If you google "Techie Houdini", it's a .se site with a few Houdini tools. There's a 'Color Sampler 2.0' HDA that populates a ramp based on an input image. Has a ton of settings as well including samples, distribution of samples etc. It's a free download but there are also a few paid ones on there and I'm not sure how frowned-upon linking to such things is. If I recall Substance Designer has the line-painting mechanic? The HDA has a 'line mode' but as far as I can tell that just does the straight line. Doesn't look like modifying it to accept Draw Curve would take much work, though.
  15. I don't work in 3d/fx for a living, but spend a good 6-10 hours a day in Houdini doing exactly this. I don't have tasks assigned to me, no responsibilities to deliver anything, no deadlines to meet. I'd love to save myself some frustration but so far I've lacked the willpower to brutally put down the need for my stuff to be better.