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  1. Hi There, I am trying to extract isosurface from a geometry as curves so that I can manipulate it in another software - Rhino -. I was wondering if there is any procedural way to do that as my geometry will be keep changing. With my limited knowledge, I thought of trying to somehow convert the black areas into continuous - ideally closed - curves. But I am open to any other suggestion. The only constraint for me is for these contours to be three dimensional and organic as in the crappy image below. In the multi-color image that would be equivalent to getting a boundary curve for each color. I have also attached the houdini file Thanks Levent isosurfacetest.hiplc
  2. Delete by Color Contrast

    Thanks, just to double check because it works on my end, did you put 60 into the timeframe bar in the bottom? Best,
  3. Hi There, Is there a way to delete a point by how much it contrasts from its given number of neighbours. Essentially what I am trying to do is explained in the diagrams below; so perhaps there is a different and more efficient way to do it which I am open to; I have these surface in the first diagram which I created with a certain noise derived by custom curves. I want to extract the BLUE outlines and delete the RED areas so that I have these small spaces. It is an architecture project and essentially this surface is one of many and the blue outlines should be the walls of the rooms in a plan drawing. Any help would be much appreciated. I have also attached the file, it slices through an existing geometry in time-based manner so frame 60 should give a similar result to below image. https://we.tl/t-atd3xOgkUQ Thanks, Levent
  4. Thanks a lot this is very helpful! Best, Levent
  5. Hi There, I am bending a strip I have been working on into a circle. I know the two ends will kiss each other perfectly as I had initially modeled this strip as a ring and unfolded in rhino. So now I wanna do the reverse process in houdini. I have tried to use the bend node but did not quite work. I have also attached the file and the reference geometry: https://we.tl/t-TO941ao6mh Thanks!
  6. Hi, Thanks for your reply. That process sounds a bit over my current knowledge in houdini. I have attached another mesh on its own regardless whatelse happens in the script, this is just as an example. Best TestforDiamond.stl
  7. Thanks Noobini, I have tried a similar methodology yet as I am working with complex meshes that come out as polygons from vdb convert it only works for a certain part of the surface where it is already in quads. Ideally; 1) I would like to make all of them parallelograms 2) find a way to delete all the faces that are not parallelograms. In doing so I have deleted some according to their vertex number - leaving the ones of 4 - yet I still get quads that look like triangles. https://we.tl/t-2fQ5gbdDMv I have attached the geometry. Thanks, Levent
  8. Hi There, I am rendering with Redshift and not caching each frame of a growth simulation - with vdbs -. I have got around 1000 frames and about in every 250 frames it crashes and when I reopen the houdini file and render it, the rendering is extremely slow. Yet when I restart the machine its fast again. Why is this happening. I have attached the file. Do I necessarily need to cache the frames or is it something else? I can disable and then enable the graphics card which helps and better than restarting the whole machine but still it would kill all the running houdini files. Thanks, Levent LO_Growth.hiplc
  9. Hi There, Does anyone know a way to remesh - in a broader sense than the node itself I guess - a certain / any geometry into faces of parallelograms instead of traingles or hexagons - via compute dual -. Attached a reference image. Thank you, Levent
  10. Hi, I am new with redshift and have been trying to do this turntable animation. I have tried different sample values as well as changing uv attribute to rest and also autouv node from the game development tab, yet still there is a noise happening as the object turns and texture seam to be shifting and not sticking to the original position. Anyone knows why these two issue happen and also any general tips on avoiding the noise and good texturing would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot! Texture: https://we.tl/t-CH99ypQrTd Geometry: https://we.tl/t-Tt3aFPkAe2 Thank you, Levent Gogotte[object].hiplc Urban_Street_01_sml.hdr Gogotte_Test00.obj
  11. Noobini, Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi There, I was working on a file recently and add a node from one of the entagma tutorials and suddenly it made my file non-commercial from limited-commercial. Now I am trying to recreate the file in limited-commercial from scratch however the growth effect is completely different. I am attaching both files the 2A is the correct one and 2B is the limited commercial I have been trying to do out of scratch. Does anyone know why such thing happens or am I missing something? I checked many times but cant find the difference. Kind Regards, L Gogotte02A[MF].hipnc Gogotte02B[MF].hiplc