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  1. diagnosing hard crashes..

    For reference, this seems to have worked! It was also the suggestion from SideFX.. Damn I wish I had seen this in the installation notes somewhere
  2. diagnosing hard crashes..

    Cheers Mark, I'll give that a go!
  3. diagnosing hard crashes..

    Hey everyone, Currently experiencing some perplexing crashes in Houdini - hard shutdowns, no bluescreens, no crashes to desktop, just full on *poof* black screens and a locked up PC. When this happens, not even holding down the power button will work, I have to flip the switch in the power supply to shut it down and turn it back on. This ONLY happens in Houdini! I've tried running every stress test I can find. Ran memtest86 for 12 hours straight with no errors, Intel Burn Test on "very high" WHILE running furmark to stress both the CPU and GPU to their max. I've played games while letting Mantra use half the cores, the system is perfectly stable in all conditions. Except.. On random but frequent occasions, clicking a node in Houdini will cause the black outs. Could be opening the parameters for a node.. Could be adding a new tool from the shelf, could be clicking the display flag on a node. I've gone two days without crashes only to have the system lock up every 5 minutes for 2 hours.. It appears to have started after a system upgrade. Sorry for the long history but.. maybe it'll give anyone some clues. I was running Houdini 18 (latest build, although this has happened with fresh installs of both 18 and 17.5) perfectly fine on an AMD 3600X build. This was my gaming PC with the following specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Corsair H115i Pro 280mm AIO cooler MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 Ram Corsair 550W PSU Gigabyte GTX 1080 1TB nvme, 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD. I'm a comper, but after 17 years (please don't check my old post history here, it's slightly embarrassing!) I decided to get back into Houdini. Quickly realized I needed better hardware so made some upgrades. Initially swapped the CPU and RAM for a 3950X and 64GB of RAM. Right away the crashes started happening. It seemed to point towards the PSU being insufficient, with the added power consumption from the 3950X, so I upgraded to a Corsair RM750x psu. This appeared to fix the issue, for two days I was happily chipping away, rendering, simulating stuff, having a ton of fun. Until yesterday, when it came back with a vengeance. I did a fresh Windows 10 install yesterday, which didn't help. Again, I ran every stress test I could think of, with no errors or issues. Things on my list to try: - delete Houdini18 preferences folder.. Although a fresh install of 17.5 with it's own prefs folder didn't help - move preferences, project and temp folder from the nvme to the SSD or HDD. The nvme drive is about 6 months old and no signs of problems, but.. who knows?! - swap out GPU for an older gtx 1070 - Try it on Linux. Anything else anyone can think of? This really seems like a hardware issue, but I'm stumped at not being able to replicate the crashes on ANYTHING other than Houdini. The CPU would be the most likely culprit, but I'm not sure I can find a better way to test it since it seemingly works fine with anything else..
  4. Site is finaly online

    thanks guys! nat started posting this around and I didn't even know Well we still have a lot of work to do! On simon I was a bit lazy for the teaser animation, I'll have to confess.. we did te animation in one afternoon so I skipped a couple stuff, like the left ear also some follow-through (is that what it's called?) issues.. but anyway, visually there's still a long way to go, we are still learning houdini and sometimes it just got to our nerves way too fast But with some more time, the visual quality will hopefully improve - if not to anyone else's, at least to our standards! So please keep the feedback coming! remember.. it feels good to read nice stuff, but we'll never get better if you don't throw us down with our mistakes
  5. oh man that was so helpful That's the kind of stuff that should be err.. easily found everywhere! I would've never guessed... So I'm guessing the command tells the deform sop to start looking for the bones two levels up?.. That would be: /obj/subnet/char_body/deformSOP/../.. right?.. which is.. /obj/subnet/ Well I just tested it and it works like a charm, thanks so much for the help Tiago EDIT: I see your point MCronin... The OTL's seem like a very nice feature, I saw it at siggraph and I thought it was something I'd definately use.. Just had some problems getting it to work right, the tutorials at sidefx only describe creating otl's for much simpler stuff.. I'd never know about the opfullpath thing.. I was messing around on the Skeleton Root field, but couldn't find a way to make it work! Thanks a lot guys!!
  6. Volumetric Cloud(s)

    oh, nice Thanks for all the help! Gotta start playing with those shaders after I finish this project..
  7. we'll it seems from a decision to an action there's a long path to walk... Major problem: both our characters are skinned and ready to animate.. problem is, the bones were skinned with the same names.. So copying and pasting doesn't work, houdini automatically changes the names and screws up the skinning... OTL's.. well I failed miserably on this, the first step is the first one to go wrong! I tried to collapse my character's objects into a subnet and bang.. the path to the bones changes, skinning goes to hell, my blood pressure levels go through the roof... Anyone got suggestions?
  8. Volumetric Cloud(s)

    nop, can't get it to work.. my guess is the atmosphere sop doesn't generate "geometry". I tried changing the geometry parameter in the instancing options (render as bla bla bla, procedural, geometry as is, etc) but all I ever get is a black scene hehe.. If I render the atmosphere OBJ by itself, bang, perfect cloud...
  9. hum... ok, I've followed the videos on creating those nifty clouds and I managed to create 1 perfect cloud... but.. now I need more than one I can't create different clouds on different objects because then houdini asks me for the SOP that contains the geometry to render the i3d file... If I create different clouds inside the same OBJ and then merge them together, the i3d texture doesn't work properly.. all I get is a veeery small little cloud, instead of the majestic clouds I had created :| I couldn't think of a way to create different textures for different clouds, unless I applied many Atmosphere objects.. Any suggestions on the most efective way to do this?... Thanks for all the help guys Tiago EDIT: btw, I'm creating the clouds by copying a metaball to an extruded and edited box.. this works great for just one cloud!
  10. thanks for the replies We've decided to use the OTL's, seems just perfect for what we need right now! have phun, Tiago
  11. hi I'm currently working on a small project with a friend.. we have 2 characters so we'd like to start animating both at the same time. Is there a way to import an animated character into the scene?.. I'm guessing there's some kind of format to export and import animation... well, any help is appreciated thanks!
  12. Poly/SubD modelling in Houdini

    hi just replying to the original topic, while using the PolyExtrude SOP, you can right click on the handle and change it between local and global mode by checking or unchecking the check box (hum? lol) that says Local Control... just a little addition oh, btw, if you shift-click the handle it's the same thing as clicking insert to move the pivot in Maya, you can then right-click and do the orientation thing as explained before or even click align with world axis and the handle will stay in place but rotate to the same direction as te world axis... quick way to get global mode on an edit
  13. Handles Resizing

    well.. then I guess I won't need to mess with those files, right? thanks for the help plan9 and Marc! Have phun!
  14. Handles Resizing

    ahhh you've un-masked me! really, this is one of those problems that I would have gone through without noticing, but as soon as I read your post, it became a problem to me too LOL.. so it wasn't ONLY about the points anymore! Well have phun everyone and thanks for all the help.. maybe later I'll try messing with those cursor files
  15. Handles Resizing

    thanks to everyone who replied I'll try to take it from here, but if anyone else knows a definite answer to this.. please don't hold yourself back! hehe Thanks again! btw, I'm using both win2k and linux.. and I find it harder to pick on linux...