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  1. string attach to rigid

    @Pirminus Hi.sorry for late response.pleasure this problem is solved finallly.I am appreciated for your help.thanks very much.
  2. string attach to rigid

    HI all. I want to attach the strings to the rigid tube.but it do not work.please tell me where i was wrong. thanks in advance. Test.hip
  3. rop 2 cop

  4. ice crack pattern

  5. string copystamp

    HI guys. i want to copy different string data to different template point .but it does't work .maybe your master could give me some advice . i have searched the forum and that does't works for me.so come here to bother your guys . thanks for any advice. Test.hip
  6. CHOP single axis

    @Librarian HI Librarian.here is a lot of thanks.it seems like i will be a chop master after learning those example file. appreciated for your answer. i will study houdini more hard . i am not lazy ,just not smart .
  7. CHOP single axis

    Hi guys. I just start to learn chop .here i want to swing the box with sine only along the single axis of X .how to figure it out ? regard in advance. Test.hip
  8. for each pyramid

    Hi noobihi .thank you for the file . i want to create a geo like this pic show below . it it has 5 floor . each floor will has different steps . the step number will be 5 4 3 2 1 .
  9. for each pyramid

    Hi guys. i want to generate a pyramid as show below pic . but i can not find a way to figure it out .may you kind guys could give me some advice . thanks for any seggestion . Test.hip
  10. texture fit shape

    Hi would you please show the method when you are free . i have no any experience in cop .
  11. texture fit shape

    sorry for later reply . i try and no luck fo fit ring line to the shape of geo .
  12. texture fit shape

    Hi guys .here i want to generate the texutre for fit to the shape of the geo ? any tips or suggestion is appricated . thanks in advance . Test.hip
  13. How to figure out the ridge line/curve on a terrain

    WOW .This is exactly what i want to get .Thank you so much and sorry for late reply .
  14. How to figure out the ridge line/curve on a terrain

    @Librarian appreciated for you suggestion and links . but i have no anyknowledge of python .still struggle .
  15. Hi gurus .here is a terrain .and i want to figure out the ridge line/curve . so that i can scatter geo along the ridge . may you kind guys could give me some suggestion and tips . Thnaks in advance The.hip The.hip