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  1. Hi guys. I seen this pic online and want to reach it with houdini. My thought is to get the shape of entire bubbles with flip sim. flip emitted from partial edge of the font. And extrude the shape then generate bubble with material. If anyone have some dood idea to share ,that would be appreiated. Thx in advance.
  2. Hi guys. My goal is to crush the cloth to a thin piece and keep minimum height .I have try a lot with bend plastic parameter on vellum cloth node and it alway restore to it original shape a lot . If anyone could point me to right way . that will be appreciated Thx in advance . hip field are attached . Test.hip
  3. Wow. this is awesome. your are real master. thanks so much.
  4. Hi guys.I want these water fishes move from lower position to higher position and then fall dowon into a bowl.I have made flip source.but shy the dop net can not work? any tips and tricks well be appreciated. thanks in advanced. FishFLip.hip
  5. HI guys. I want to get this effect / model shows as this pic attached.I have tried all method i can thinked. i use vellume string constaint with large substep. but still have intersection. may you kind guys could give me some direction. thx in advance. BookRoll.hip
  6. @zeyneptopalll Perfect.Thank you so much.This is what i look for exactly.
  7. HI.i want to reach this effect like this first gif shows. i have get this like second gif shows. i attach my sence file.hope you guys could give me some suggestion. thanks in advace. 2dBBD.hip b
  8. @Pirminus Hi.sorry for late response.pleasure this problem is solved finallly.I am appreciated for your help.thanks very much.
  9. HI all. I want to attach the strings to the rigid tube.but it do not work.please tell me where i was wrong. thanks in advance. Test.hip
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