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  1. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    哈哈 宝库
  2. Pathdeform issue when scatter on surface

    Wow. this is awesome. your are real master. thanks so much.
  3. FLip to bowl

    Hi guys.I want these water fishes move from lower position to higher position and then fall dowon into a bowl.I have made flip source.but shy the dop net can not work? any tips and tricks well be appreciated. thanks in advanced. FishFLip.hip
  4. roll up book

    For natural result.
  5. roll up book

    HI guys. I want to get this effect / model shows as this pic attached.I have tried all method i can thinked. i use vellume string constaint with large substep. but still have intersection. may you kind guys could give me some direction. thx in advance. BookRoll.hip
  6. texture fit shape

    @zeyneptopalll Perfect.Thank you so much.This is what i look for exactly.
  7. 2d rbd collision

    HI.i want to reach this effect like this first gif shows. i have get this like second gif shows. i attach my sence file.hope you guys could give me some suggestion. thanks in advace. 2dBBD.hip b
  8. string attach to rigid

    @Pirminus Hi.sorry for late response.pleasure this problem is solved finallly.I am appreciated for your help.thanks very much.
  9. string attach to rigid

    HI all. I want to attach the strings to the rigid tube.but it do not work.please tell me where i was wrong. thanks in advance. Test.hip
  10. rop 2 cop

  11. ice crack pattern

  12. string copystamp

    HI guys. i want to copy different string data to different template point .but it does't work .maybe your master could give me some advice . i have searched the forum and that does't works for me.so come here to bother your guys . thanks for any advice. Test.hip
  13. CHOP single axis

    @Librarian HI Librarian.here is a lot of thanks.it seems like i will be a chop master after learning those example file. appreciated for your answer. i will study houdini more hard . i am not lazy ,just not smart .