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  1. export animation

    Hi guys.i am newbie to houdini.and here is may question.i want to export the animation of the following path box with .abc format. I use \out\alembic to export it and i import tha .abc to blender.these is not animaton at all. please kind you give me some tips.thanks a lot. Test.hip
  2. for each overlap

    Hi guys.here again. I want to shrink the five primtives to the sphere and no overlap.i try it a lot but not be luck.i touble me all the day. may you kinda guys with experience of houdini give me some tips/tricks and that will be appreciated. regrads. the file i set attached below: untitled.hip untitled.hip
  3. uv relax

    Hi guys.here is a question trouble me a lot. how to relax the uv net as uniform as possible.i try it some time and do not get the expected result. may you guy with experience about this give some tips and that will be appreciated. regrads. Test.hiplc
  4. coin rain

    hey Noobini thank you very much.but i want to know why it doesn't work my setup.
  5. coin rain

    Hi gusy,here i want to rain the coin but the result is not respect,there is only five coin fall off. would you guys give me some tips that woulb be appreciated. Test.hip regrads.
  6. vector displacement map

    hi Librarian,thanks for the link. i read those articles conscientiously and still cant get the expect/right result.as the pic shows when i set the high resolution object i get the black pic, when i set the resolution object to uv object and set the hight resolution object null i get the Vd map but the result is not expect. and here is the hip file. VdMap_test.hip
  7. hi guys,here is a question trouble me for long time. i want to bake/export a vector displacement map from geometry and i don't know how to do it. would you kind guys give me some tips. thnaks very much. regards.
  8. hi guys,i encounter a trouble about heightfield,i want to add detail on the verticle side of the cliff,i plug a mask and noise but it do not effect the cliff.attatch the file hip and screen shot below. may you kind would give some tips. regrads mic Terrain_Mic.hip
  9. China fan

    appreciated for you reply with the smart method.thanks very much Noboini. regards.
  10. China fan

    thank you very much Aizatulin.i have learned a lot knowledge from you. regards.
  11. China fan

    wow,you are my idol.reply so quickly and clearthank you so much. and here again another question.how to keep undistroting the uv texture.the texture pic and hip is attatched below. ChinaFan_Mic.hip
  12. China fan

    hi guys.here trouble you again. i am trying to medelling the chinese fan,my thought is shift the primitive list as second input of wrangle node.then sue the input0 primitive vertex 1&2 and input1 primitive vertex 3&4,but i do not know how to write the vex correctly. may you kind guys would gime me some tips or snippet code. appreciate very much. regards. ChinaFan_Mic.hip
  13. Group

    wow,triky smart,appreciate,thank you so much.i will try it.
  14. Group

    hi guys.i am new here to houdini.and here is the question stop me forward.i want to add the point to different group with the relation(distant between each other).but i do not know how to operate. may you kind guys could help me to solve this. thanks very much. regards.
  15. cluster problem

    hi guys,i am new to houdini. and now i want to figure out an effect of rocket launching,i build the network preference the tool shelf,but the cluster is not continue and the smoke/fire is not appear.maybe you master could help me. best regards. microvswind. 111.hip