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  1. Collision Vellum hair artifacts

    I did a trick with a peak node reducing the sphere before collision input... but it is a trick. Maybe there is a better answer ?!
  2. Hello, i need a little help : I have a moving object with a scatter on it to create hair from these points. Theses hairs are stick with "pin points" and "match animation". And I would like to have hair collision with the object. But if I put this object on the collision input, there is a kind of artefact to these roots points. So what could be the solution to avoid this problem that is probably coming from pining AND colliding at the same time. I'd like to keep the pin system (no "attach to geometry"). Any idear ? Thanks
  3. Combine Cd attribute with VOP

    Thanks a lot Librarian ! I don't get why the Cd attribute from the geometryvopglobal doesn't make the same things. It's like, nothing happend with it ?! EDIT : For some reason when I use something else than measure node to have my hard edge in black colors, "native" Cd attribute works... So...
  4. Combine Cd attribute with VOP

    Hello, Simple question I suppose. I have this Cd attribute coming from a measure SOP. But I can't find the way to combine him with a noise VOP. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks combine-cd-attribute.hip
  5. EDIT : Forget this topic. I made a mistake in my node tree. Hi dear, I'm wondering something about velocity. On my node tree, i have creating a group of point with some velocity > 0. Then I have "resample" the curve. And some of the new points, close to the group of point have a velocity transfer. And I can't see where this is coming from. They should have a 0 velocity. Even if i create an other group with a v@v={0,0,0}; the transfer is still present. Any help ? Thanks
  6. UV doesn't stick to Vellum [RESOLVED]

    Indeed ! Thank you I also copy uv attribute from "vertice" to "vertice" (for the next people coming here)
  7. Hello, I'm struggling one more time with the rest position. It's something I really have problem to assimilate. So I have my vellum hair simulation. Then I applied a wire to create thickness to my rope. I then applied some UVflatten/layout. And then the UV doesn't stick to my rope. I assume I should use rest for that. But it's an eternal misunderstanding between us. Any help ? Thanks
  8. OK, I finally got it. For some mysterious reason, the original orientation of my tube make the difference. If my tube orientation is set to Z, object on copy to point are not align to my tube. If my tube is oriented on the Y axis, the I transform my rotation to be on the Z axis, so they are nicely align. To keep my vellum simulation nicely align to my tube, I start the simulation with a height=0, then i add my height few frames later. Not sure if it is the nice way to do it, but it works.
  9. Hi, I'm struggling for some....time with this crazy align to object. I created a Polygon tube. Add normals. I put a montain on it. I scattered it. I copy point it with my plane. And the disaster is that with or without mountain, they are not align to the grid. I look at a hundred subject on that kind of problem, but I didn't find the solution. So I tried to start from a plane that I bended as a circle.. but still the same. Could you help me on this ? The idea, which is not mine is to try to do something like this. Thaks