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  1. OCIO Config not loading

    Yes, that's what I did but Houdini is not picking it up. Nuke, Maya and other softs works well with it, even Redshift within Houdini, but Houdini itself won't load it.
  2. Hey guys, I'm facing a little problem : Houdini does not load my OCIO config (I'm using aces 1.0.3). I've set up the OCIO variable, it works well with Nuke, Maya, but Houdini is not loading it and I can't even load it manually when I open the color settings : If someone knows what can cause this, I'll be glead to read it ! Cheers,
  3. You can create stylesheets with hou.StyleSheet.__init__(json text). The json text is a string formatted as a json file, so I assume you can create presets, create a json file for each preset, and then load this json file and dump it in the init method. More infos here : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/StyleSheet.html
  4. AAFLOW NOISE question

    I colored the changes in red. Cheers, aanoise_speed.hipnc
  5. AAFLOW NOISE question

    Multiply the time by a custom parameter and plug it into the flow parm. You'll control the speed of the noise by playing with the time multiplier parameter. You can also use expressions like $T * 0.01 in the flow parameter.
  6. Automatic export flipbook

    I've made this crapy hda to get the auto flipbook export with linux kubuntu, as ffmpeg4 wasn't working with mplay. It's a simple opengl rop with a quick and easy python script. It's using a custom python sop I've made available here https://gumroad.com/romainaugier#UnmRE (free ofc). Cheers, ra_EasyFlip.hdalc
  7. Flattening mesh with RaySOP

    Yes, it was a syntax mistake. The minimum find algorithm looks for the minimum for each component, at least with my tests it's what it's doing. He said it was working fine, so I don't understand why you're digging old post to point out a syntax error
  8. array and foreach question

    v@pos = point(0, "P", i); returns the position of the point i, instead of the point at the index i of your point arrays. Use i as an array index, not as a point number. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/arrays.html
  9. liquid steel

    You can also add a fake air field to get tendrils on the side, it can help a lot and enhance your simulation ! I attached a very simple hda to simulate this. Cheers, ra_FlipAirField.hdalc
  10. array and foreach question

    You're doing it it wrong. There is two ways to iterate over an array : vector myarray[]; foreach(int pt; myarray) { vector pos = point(0, "P", pt); } //or for(int i = 0; i < len(myarray); i++) { vector pos = point(0, "P", myarray[i]); } In your code, you need to pass i as the index of the item you want in your array. Here, you're passing the whole array without specifying an index. i[]@pts= primpoints(0, @primnum); //it's more convenient to assign primpoints to a local variable instead of an attribute for(int i = 0; i < len(@pts); i++) { v@pos = point(0, "P", [i]@pts); } Cheers,
  11. Create empty hip file using Python

    Hey guys, I need to create some empty files with Python, and when I try with : open("my_file.py", "w").close() When I open the file with hou.hipFile.load() or with a Houdini subprocess, I get an error (Error : Unexpected end of hip file). It seems normal to me because I assume Houdini put some data even when the file is empty, but I'd like to know if someone here knows how I can create en empty houdini file, without having to open it manually and save it to override the existing bugged file. Cheers,
  12. adding detail to Pop sim Houdini

    It depends on what you call detail, but you can use a point replicate to replicate your original particles and get more of them. You can also make your own point replicate with vex. It's hard to tell which kind of detail you want in your pop simulation because you are showing us a post process of a smoke simulation. If detail means more resolution, point replicate should do the trick. Else, as particle sims are not that heavy, you can already push a lot of particles into your sim, and postprocess it using p replicate to get the detail you want !
  13. Flattening mesh with RaySOP

    You can wrangle this also, should be easier to set up : vector min_p = detail(0, "P"); //if you want a certain threshold to control the point depending on its y position //if (@P.y > min_p.y + ch("threshold")) @P.y = min__p.y; @P.y = min_p.y; With an attrib promote before the wrangle set up like this : Cheers,
  14. Hey guys, I'm scripting some pipeline things, and I'm stuck on getting the error raise when pressButton() method fails. Here's my not working code : import houdini_log as h node = hou.node("obj").createNode("alembicarchive") try: node.parm("buildHierarchy").pressButton() except hou.OperationFailed: h.log.error("Can't build hierarchy") Anyone has an idea on how to catch this error ? Cheers,
  15. Dream config comes true

    Save your money on ssd and buy sata disks for cache. The load time difference is not worth the money, you won't need to change your disk every year and so you can buy more sata disks to get more space to cache !