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  1. Well, juste wrangle this : if(i@my_group_name == 1) v@v = set(0,10,0); else v@v = set(0,0,0);
  2. Mplay and python

    I've done something similar a while ago if I understand you right, with flipbooks import os #Choose the camera all_cams = hou.node("/obj").glob("cam*") desktop = hou.ui.curDesktop() scene_viewer = desktop.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer) viewport = scene_viewer.curViewport() if len(all_cams)>0: camera = hou.ui.selectNode(node_type_filter = hou.nodeTypeFilter.ObjCamera) cam = hou.node(camera) else: name = hou.ui.readInput("Enter camera name :", buttons=("OK", "Cancel")) cam = hou.node("/obj").createNode("cam", name[1]) hou.GeometryViewport.saveViewToCamera(viewport, cam) #Create comments group = cam.parmTemplateGroup() if group.find("vcomment") > -1: group.remove(group.find("vcomment")) group.remove(group.findFolder("Comment")) folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate("OpenGL View", "Comment") parm = hou.StringParmTemplate("vcomment", "Comment", 1) parm.setTags({"editor": "1"}) folder.addParmTemplate(parm) group.append(folder) cam.setParmTemplateGroup(group) commentCount = hou.ui.readInput("Number of Comments :", buttons=("Ok", "Cancel")) print int(commentCount[1]) comments = [] for i in range(0, int(commentCount[1])): comments.append("Comment" + "_" + str(i)) commentInput = hou.ui.readMultiInput("Enter your Comment :", comments, buttons=("Ok", "Cancel")) comment = "\n".join(commentInput[1]) cam.parm("vcomment").set(comment) hou.GeometryViewport.setCamera(viewport, cam) #Create the flipbook cur_desktop = hou.ui.curDesktop() scene = cur_desktop.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer) flipbook_options = scene.flipbookSettings().stash() flipbook_options.outputToMPlay(True) flipbook_options.useResolution(False) flipbook_options.cropOutMaskOverlay(False) flipbook_options.frameRange(hou.playbar.timelineRange()) flipbook_options.outputZoom(100) Maybe it can help.. Cheers,
  3. Houdini Python hou.setPreferance (or if easier, hscript)

    Hey, there you go : import hou hou.appendSessionModuleSource('''hou.hscript("autosave on")''') https://forums.odforce.net/topic/22589-default-autosave/ Cheers,
  4. Get time and date as a global variable

    I think you can set this through a python expression with the datetime module. import datetime date = datetime.datetime.now() export_date = date.day + "_" + date.month + "_" + date.year + "_" + date.hour + "_" + date.minute filepath = hou.Node(".").Parm("my_export_path") split = filepath.split("/") new_filepath = split[0] + "/" + .... + export_date + split[-1] hou.Node(".").setParm({"my_export_path" : new_filepath}) And you put this in a callback script of a custom button. I'm not really into python and Houdini those times so I'm not sure if this would work, but give it a try Cheers,
  5. Run Python script after Houdini starts

    I guess you can make 2 python files, one with your functions, and the other one where you source your module and execute the function you need. Like : """ This is my module file where I have defined my functions myModule.py """ def __init__(): pass def myFunction(): #Do your stuff def myOtherFunction(): #Do some other stuff ######################### """ This is my file called by Houdini during the opening process setHoudini.py """ import myModule reload(myModule) myModule.myFunction() myModule.myOtherFunction() Cheers,
  6. Run Python script after Houdini starts

    I know that with the command line tool you can pass this and it executes the script in houdini (at least I tried now with just a print and it prints to the houdini console) : houdini D:\path\to\myfile.hip D:\path\to\mycript.py So maybe you can feed the subprocess with : subprocess.Popen("C:\path\to\houdini.exe", ["D:\path\to\myfile.hip", "D:\path\to\myscript.py"]) Cheers,
  7. River

    Yeah I didn't think of this. I might also add wetmaps to make it look even more interesting. I'll see if I have the time to re render and add those to it Cheers,
  8. River

    Thank you ! Thank's ! I thought it was more realistic to have a rock without moss as it receives more water splashes.. I may change it if I re-render it someday !
  9. River

    Hey guys, here's a river I made and rendered with Redshift ! Tell me your thoughts about it ! I didn't followed Knipping tutorial cuz I can't afford it but I tried my best. I got a problem with some flicker in the refraction pass, somehow whitewater particles were disappearing and reappearing randomly, and I solved it by increasing the refraction max trace depth. Cheers,
  10. Water/whitewater flicker with redshift

    So if anyone wants the solution, the flickering was coming from the refraction pass, somehow some particles were disappearing and reappearing. I increased the refraction trace depth and it solved the problem. I'll be reuploading the river soon so you'll see ! Cheers,
  11. Parametric equations in VEX

    Well i guess it's something like : float a = chf("a"); float b = chf("b"); float t = chf("t"); float x = a * (1 - sin(t)) * cos(t); float y = b * (sin(t) - 1); But depending on what you feed into the equation you may need to change from float to vector or vector4. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/cos.html Cheers,
  12. Water/whitewater flicker with redshift

    Yes sure I've added some, but in the first render I thought it wasn't necessary since I didn't expect to get some flicker..
  13. Water/whitewater flicker with redshift

    I'm using sss only in the whitewater shader, but not with the water itself, and i'm not using postfx. I try to rerender without SSS and see what it gives me ! Cheers,
  14. Hey guys, I rendered this with Redshift and I'm having a weird flicker on the right : I don't know from where it's coming, since I don't have it when I render without the foam. I start to think that it comes from the whitewater coming at a high speed from underwater and popping to the surface, but I'm not sure I can't share the file for now, but if anyone has been through this and have a solution I'll be glad to hear it !
  15. Only mesh flip particles that are closest together?

    Hey, in the flip solver you have a droplet attribute. Igor mentions it in the notes at the bottom right, you can use it to detect droplets, and just before your mesh you cleanup all those droplets particles and mesh only the ones that are not particles ! Cheers,