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  1. Snow Volume Shading

    Hello guys, I try to shade a snow simulation by rasterizing the points to a volume and use the pyro shader to shade it. I'm pretty happy with the result but I want to add some random brightness (to get some voxels reflecting light a lot and some not) to get a better look of the snow, but I don't know how to do this. If anyone has an idea or know where to start, I'll be glad to hear you ! I already tried to use a noise in the volume to use, but it's really really heavy and long to compute. I also tried to transfer brightness from random points but it didn't work at all, maybe I was doing it the wrong way. Cheers,
  2. Point Replicate SOP is moving my points

    Finally I found out a solution : use the upres sand shelf tool But under the hood, what was causing a problem is that the points where reorienting themselves alone, so by creating a vec4 orient and set it to (0,0,0,1) they don't move anymore ! Cheers,
  3. Hey, so I try to upres a particle simulation by using a point replicate, but the replicated points are moving, like they establish themselves in their real positions, as you can see in the gif : Anyone has an idea on why this is happening ?
  4. Keeping RBD pieces from falling off

    Try to increase the stiffness of your soft constraints, and create chunks of very strong glue constraints !
  5. Can't Get Field Force To Work

    Use an enable solver in your dop setup, and just set it to work on a given frame
  6. Advise Please- Buying new desktop optimised for houdini

    Two months ago I buyed a pc for Houdini, and I'm pretty happy with it, I have : - Ryzen 7 2700X - Corsair H150i - MSI X470 Pro Carbon - RTX 2080 MSI Aero - 4 * 16 Go DDR4 Corsair Ram - 970 Evo 250 Go for Windows and Softs - 6 To Seagate Barracuda for files (I'm thinking about investing some money in a nas for the future, and more SSD's) - Corsair Carbide 270r - Be Quiet! Straight Power Gold 750W It's pretty fast, stay cool when simulating or rendering (cpu doesn't exceed 60 degrees at 100% of use), but it's doing a bit of noise (which doesn't bother me when I'm sleeping), for a total cost of 2600 euros. I know I missed the 3900X and the rtx super series but I'll upgrade later. What I can advice you is to take the max ram you can, and one gpu to begin seems honest. With redshift 2.6, my 2080 does the job nicely and fast. I suggest you to go with the new Ryzen 9 3900X, 128 Go of ram if you can afford, and a 2080 Ti. This would be a nice pc for Houdini
  7. Can't Get Field Force To Work

    You have to bind it to your data, to the left, and be sure to set "set always" and not "set initial", Cheers, Field_Force_fixed.hip
  8. Align geo with normals on an oval shape

    I finally managed to find a solution : I've separate the circle in two parts : one with the points where I copy my windows, and the other is the original geometry where I want my windows to be aligned with (to do this, just duplicate the circle and double the divisions, and then do a grouprange with an offset and keep the part you want to be the source of the copy (the points in blue are the ones from the original geo and the orange ones are those where I copy the geo)) Then, I compute normals based on the tangent u (with a polyframe sop) from the original geometry and I transfer it to the points I want to copy my windows over, and I rotate my windows by 90 and then boom, it's aligned. I've attached a hipfile because I think my explanations are really non-understandable Cheers, Align_the_windows.hipnc
  9. PolyBevel problem - Modeling

    Pack your pieces, and then do a for each loop where you unpack and bevel them individually, and repack them after
  10. Hey, I'm working on a building generator and I can't find a way to align my windows properly when the base shape of the building is oval. When it's a circle everything is okay : But when the shape starts to be oval, it looks like this : Here's the vop network I built to align it with a circle shape, but not functionning with an oval shape : I don't know what I miss to get it working... Cheers,
  11. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    To me it looks okay, maybe try to work more your shading, and add some motion blur. Did you try to play with the @pscale value ? Maybe decreasing it could help to get more details
  12. From what I see, you multiply the gravity by the timestep, so at frame 0 you'll have 0 because 0 * 9.80665 = 0, that's what Sumit said. So I guess that even if you cook the first frame it will stay at zero. Try to set it initial and don't multiply it by the timestep
  13. Smoke density based on ramp

    Can you share us your hipfile so I can help you ?
  14. groups in dop

    Make sure to check transfer attribute and groups in your assemble node at sop level
  15. Normal Force in Dop

    Hey, your explosion range parameter in the vops was set too high so it was affecting both walls. I've added a ghetto drag so it's more accurate. Cheers, normalForce_fixed.hipnc