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  1. Only mesh flip particles that are closest together?

    Hey, in the flip solver you have a droplet attribute. Igor mentions it in the notes at the bottom right, you can use it to detect droplets, and just before your mesh you cleanup all those droplets particles and mesh only the ones that are not particles ! Cheers,
  2. Nuclear Explosion

    You can try to play with all the parameters in the pyro solver dans sourcing (like buoyancy lift, temperature cooling...) and you may check out this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Boxyez3QPF0 / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM2FYF-AK5g This may help you to shape your explosion. Cheers,
  3. 2 Pyro Sims interacting with each other

    I'm pretty sure you can use a source volume node pointing to your flamethrower simulation, and you source only velocity ! Cheers,
  4. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey, you can also set a custom emitter to emit more where you want, instead of using the classic ww emitter. Nice to see you making your way through ! Cheers,
  5. Configuring DOP I/O with FLIP

    The left column is blank because it's used if you want to import the field of a precised object (which you have to precise there). Here, you are importing the fields for the object precised in the DOP Node textfield, so there is no need to use the left column, that's why it's left blank. Cheers,
  6. Houdini 18 is Out!

    Hey pavel, Any chance to get the file you worked on, or some advice son where to look for ? This subject is interesting me a lot and I can't find any documentation or examples on it... I know H18 has the feature but for education purpose ! Cheers,
  7. Volcano wip

    So here's the final Hope you'll like it ! I've made this little project to improve my skills in the creation of a shot with fx and make sure I can handle all the steps ! Cheers,
  8. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Did you changed the time scale on the ww sim as well ? Try to increase the substeps, it may help. Like 6-8 on the flip sim and maybre 12-14 on the whitewater sim. Can you also share the file ? It could be simpler if we can have a look at it rather than just wondering around what's going on.. Cheeers,
  9. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Okayy I didn't understood that. What you can try is to set the time scale at 0,48. Your simulation should behave as it was simulated with 24fps. Cheers,
  10. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey, try to retime it. Reset the time scale parameter, check "add ID attribute" and put down a retime node, and for points check if the "use ID attribute" is set to id. Then use the fit range and fit your simulation to what frame range you want. You may use cubic interpolation to get smoother results. Cheers,
  11. Custom Velocity for Fluids - Using Normals

    Hey, dive into the flip source and setup your velocity there using wrangles. If you have a file I can show you how it works if you want, Cheers,
  12. Volcano wip

    Yeah seems like I can't upload 4K images on here, so I have to lower the resolution to be able to upload it. Here's the 4K image :
  13. Volcano wip

    So just an update, I've really worked the lighting and made a bit of comp in photoshop with a quick and dirty painted sky. I'm thinking of adding some more smoke now, as the volcano looks kind of shy with this tiny smoky champ Cheeeeers,
  14. Thin Sheet Fluid

    Try to add a gas surface tension and play with the amount ! Also, add the id per particle option (to be able to retime). And play with gravity/drag to get what you want ! Cheers,
  15. Volcano wip

    Yeah I see what you mean ! I have an idea of what I want, I just wanted to show the new shape of the volcano to get feedback on it, as the previous one wasn't that realistic ! I'll show more soon ! Cheers,