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  1. Issues with creating a power blast/beam

    Hey, I guess it's made with particles which are blurred in post ! You can make three sims : one which emits constantly for the blast shape, another one which emit every 2-3 frame for the circles that are around the blast and another one with some noise so it adds some turbulence in the blast. I tried an approach but I guess most of the work is done in comp blast.hipnc
  2. Hey there, I have a problem with Houdini 17, after I open it and start to work it crashes. It's doing this each time I try to work. I was working on Houdini 16.5 QT4 and all was working correctly, but now that I want to test vellum and new features, I can't because Houdini isn't working. I have a MSI GL62 6QD, all my drivers are okay, I disabled Nahimic features, and I don't know what I can do to work with H17. I have i5 6300 HQ, 8 Go Ram, Gtx 950M, 1 To HDD, Windows 10 64 Bit.
  3. Lava in Houdini 17

    God bless you, thank's a lot
  4. Lava in Houdini 17

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a lava sim based on the tutorial of BW Design, but I have a problem with the mesh. The color is not applied on the mesh and it's all black. It should has been colored by a color I define in a attrib vop but it's not working. Anyone knows if there's a difference between H14 and H17 for this ? Lava.hipnc
  5. Inflating a balloon with Vellum

    Hey, anyone can tell me how I can achieve the effect of inflating the balloon here : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/vellumballoon.html I tried to figure out how I can do this but it doesn't look like this...
  6. Houdini 17 crashing constantly

    Glad to hear that ! I should report it to SideFX to see if they can fix it !
  7. Houdini 17 crashing constantly

    Nahimic is a "audio enhancer" on MSI Laptops, and sometimes it mess with the gpu and makes Houdini crash (it tries to make sound out of the 3d space in Houdini). It may come from this, try to disable your audio enhancer and see if it works. Did you contact SideFX to fix the problem ? Never heard that from Asus stuff.
  8. Houdini 17 crashing constantly

    I just disabled Nahimic at start and it seems to work, I run a quick sim and I could work nicely. It looks like it was this thing which was in conflict with the gpu, but seems to be fixed now. Sometimes GPU is conflicted with audio features (like Nahimic) and it makes the gpu crash. What is your motherboard ?
  9. Houdini crashing constantly

    On pc you should install Houdini QT4, got the same problem with my MSI laptop and it was because the gpu wasn't supporting Houdini. Sometimes, pc components are lower quality because they need to fit in a smaller space so you can have issues. Everything works fine since I've installed the qt4 version.

    I'm not an expert, but you can pop wrangle something like : float time = @Frame; if ( time > 24 && time < 36){ @P = @P - @TimeInc * @v; } And it should stop the motion for the time you type (here it's 12 frames). I give you the file I made to test it out. Particles_motion_stop.hipnc
  11. Sandstorm with Billowy Smoke ?

    You can play around with differents gasdisturb nodes sets on differents Block Size (I like to put 2 nodes with 0.3 and 0.1), and you can add a control field based on temperature or velocity, so it can avoid the mushroom effect. It's also possible to add some gas vortex confinement, or add noise to your temperature to drive the velocity field differently. I just attached a quick made file that show how to avoid it based on velocity. Hope that helps Smoke_avoid_mushrooms.hipnc
  12. Hey everyone, I need a new pc for my studies (and maybe work with it as a freelancer) and as I am a 3D student who wants to specialize in VFX and Houdini, and as I use Redshift, I wanted to know if there was "better" components to work with Houdini and RedShift. The configuration I made is : i7 9700K 3.6 Ghz, 8 cores (4.9 Ghz Turbo), 32 Go of ram (3000 Mhz), MSI Z370 SLI Plus, Gtx 1070, 250 Go SSD for softs, and 2 To SATA. When I'll have more money I think about add a SSD for caching and another 1070 for rendering faster. What do you think about it ?
  13. Building a Pc for VFX and Houdini/Redshift

    At least I'll go with 1080, you're right it's much better, and a i7 8700 oc with good watercooling can do the work I guess.
  14. RBD - Glue constraints restick together

    Hey, I have the same problem, did you find any solution ?
  15. RDB Sim not working

    My bad, I'm tired and I was using the RBD solver instead of the Rigib body solver.
  16. RDB Sim not working

    Hey, I have a problem with rbd : the object I fractured (a building made of boxes - form steven knipping Rigids 2) with voronoi and packed using assemble is just boucing on the groundplane in my sim, and the pieces stick together (but I haven't created constraints). Does anyone knows where it comes from ? I did another small sim with a cube and I have the same problem, but all is left to default this time. Using Houdini 16.5 Apprentice
  17. Building a Pc for VFX and Houdini/Redshift

    Yes for sure I take 16 GBb rams because I may upgrade in the future. I'll take a look on threadrippers but I had a bad experience with amd back in the days so I'm a bit cagy. Thx for the precision on the 9700k I didn't knew that. I have something like 2500 euros to go. I read 1070 were the best money/performance for Redshift, so I prefer get 2 1070 quickly instead of 1080 that are not worth the money (for rendering).