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  1. Find node from viewport selection ?

    Yes, what i want to do is "select something in Network view based on a selection in Scene View". so in my case, space-G doesn't work. but it is useful shortcut. Persistent handles may be help. I understand Houdini doesn't have such feature. And now, I don't have to search the feature which does not exist, so your information saved me. Thanks a lot !
  2. I created a gun like below, which is composed of many blocks. Each block has created via 1 curve node. I want to find the curve node from viewport selection, for example, select points in viewport like this, and get the curve node (, which is the selection point come from, ) like this. please tell me the way to do, if it is possible.
  3. Cut polygon faces from polygon lines

    He perhaps sells it now. https://www.orbolt.com/asset/vosiloB_::poly_curve_split