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    Hey Atom. 

    Can I bother you one last time about Houdini oceans spectra in Redshift?

    I did exactly this: 

    1 - created SmallOcean inside H16.5. On the /obj/ocean_surface level I created a oceanevaluate node.

    2 - on the oceanevaluate node I used the preview_grid and oceanspectrum1 as inputs.

    3 - on the oceanevaluate/Geometry tab, I checked UV attribute and Cusp Attribute.

    4 - on the oceanevaluate node/Export to Texture I checked the “Bake All Displacements to One Layer”, chose the Channels/“Displacement in RGB, Cusp in Alpha”. Finally I Save to Disk a 1/240 frame range of .exr files.

    5 - I opened a brand new H project and created a grid plane.

    6 - In /shop I created a redshift_vopnet1 object. Inside it, I created this network sequence:  RS TEXTURE(loaded the vector created in 4) -> RS DISPLACEMENT -> REDSHIFT_MATERIAL. Connecting: outcolor->Texture->Displacement, respectively, on those nodes.

    7 - On /obj/grid_object/Render/Material I chose /shop/redshift_vopnet1 created just above in step 6.

    8 - On /obj/grid_object I applied the Redshift ObjParams and checked “Enable Displacement”.

    9 - Finally I created a /out/Redshift_IPR1 and a /out/Redshift_ROP1.

    When I render I get nothing but a white rectangle on a black bacground with no ocean displacement at all.

    What are we missing?

    Thanks again for your help.

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