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  1. Creating UV id maps

    Hello, I cant seem to get _%(CHANNEL)s_ to actually work i`m on 19.5 looking here: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/expressions didn`t make me anny wiser. files that are not in exr format only give me the color channel and are thius not verry usefull. Annyone able to help me out ?
  2. Hello, I’ve been trying to create a lilac flower l system. And after some looking around I found a system describing it in The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants http://algorithmicbotany.org/papers/abop/abop.pdf I am however unable to properly translate it into Houdini Below is what I get when I basically copy and paste it and that looks nothing like the picture in paper. 92 Chapter 3. Developmental models n=10, δ = 60◦ #include K /* flower shape specification */ ω : A∼K p1 : A : * → [-/∼K][+/∼K]I(0)/(90)A p2 : I(t) : !(t=2) → FI(t+1) p3 : I(t) : t=2 → I(t+1)[-FFA][+FFA] lilac.hipnc
  3. Switch material based on ROP per Object

    Using a merge node lets you auto render 2 nodes.
  4. Need Help Breach Sim.

    Hello, So I've been working on a breach SIM, but I run in to 2 quite large and possibly related problems. Water spawns around my breaching object below surface level and when the object goes out of the water. The water level is lowered by the amount of particles around the object that is no longer there When this starts happening, the surface volume also disappears. Rising From Deep_6.3.hipnc The surface volume disapears at some point probably related to 1. The Whitewater SIM only takes a small vertical sliver that goes all the way down. ~whitewatersource ~simmed whitewater
  5. Dynamic Cracks on a glass dome

    Hello, I`m also stuck with the whole thing being one piece and having weird holes. I am using a planar patch though. not just a pane.
  6. Best Linux district for Houdini VFX

    I have come from the future to tell you something weird, broke Houdini. Causing me to this it's probably better to use a more business oriented distro. Or some peculiar update broke loading node speed on all distros.
  7. Hello, I am looking for a way to recreate a maya reflection occlusion setup in Houdini. I am however unable to figure out how to switch a material on object level based on the active rop. (object level, so not the entire scene has the same material.) This did not work and neither did adding ==1 If there is a way to leverage this And have it automatically render both setups as wel as allowing me to use 0 -1 value that whould b probably b the most usefull way. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hello, I have been trying to create a Tet soft body simulation with a glue constraint to itself to fake stretching and breaking. I am however failing at multiple steps. 1. The solve takes forever, it keeps on detangling thingies 2. the transforms don't work. bread_3.hipnc SD_BaseMesh_v001.obj
  9. Average Normal

    Hello, I'm having troubles getting around how vex works sometimes. I would like to do something like (Detail) vector avgN = 0; for (int i=0; i < nprimitives(0) ; i++) { avgN = avgN + prim(0, "N", i); } avgN = avgN / nprimitives(0); (plz ignore my name)
  10. Best Linux district for Houdini VFX

    I recommend instandos. And using the aur to setup maya. Might have problems with some renderers though