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    Hey ! So I made a particle simulation in houdini, from a base mesh then I convert the particles to VDB and then back to polygon with the the convertVDB node. I exported a frame in OBJ en opened in Maya, next to my original base mesh. I apply the same arnold volume texture to both, and I got 2 totally different looks. How is this possible ? They are both polygons ? (The one in T-pose is the original base mesh).
  2. Sandstorm with Billowy Smoke ?

    Hey ! I am creating a sandstrom with the billowy smoke in Houdini. I was wondering how I can get rid of this mushroom clouds that is popping out of the sandstrom after 3-4 seconds ? I have added 2 render is the attachment. One of frame 32 , where the look is good of the sandstorm and one of frame 173 , where you can see those big mushroom clouds.