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  1. Hourglass Effect Help

    Found out a better way of importing particles into Maya from Houdini. Instead of copying spheres to points you can download the import_Bgeo_Maya from Orbolt and you can use the Houdini Engine plugin in Maya and load up this Import file. In this object you can open up the Bgeo file and select output hidden object.
  2. So I'm making a collapsing gravestone and i want to export color data using the depth attribute from the interior detail visualize noise scale tool inside the voronoi fracture node. The data needs to be exported into Maya. This setup works for the initial fracture however when trying to merge in the sub fractured pieces from separate voronoi and export them as one exploded view alembic file for testing, lots of pieces start to intersect with each other which doesn't happen normally. I'm guessing the way I've tried to merge the color data into each other has caused the pieces to start intersecting but I'm not sure where in the node graph this is coming from. Also i tested just with the original fracture and the export works just fine and the displacement works in Maya. Just wondering if anyone's had similar issues to this and found a solution. GraveStone001.obj GraveStoneFracture0022.hipnc
  3. Granis collision help

    Ok, I've given the geo some depth which solves the problem of the grains just appearing outside of the geo when the sim is played but as soon as the grains hit the middle part of the hourglass the grains still don't collide with anything, any ideas? Also, I looked at the collision geo and concave looks good but convex looks more like a tube but will not change shape if I increase the detail. HourglassSim.hipnc
  4. Granis collision help

    Ok i'll give this a shot and report back
  5. Granis collision help

    Started trying to make a Hour Glass effect but when i press play the grains appear on the outside of the geo, not sure what the problem is any ideas? HourglassSim.hipnc
  6. Hourglass Effect Help

    Thanks for the help, I'll make sure to follow your advice.
  7. Hourglass Effect Help

    I'm wondering what would be the best way of approaching an hourglass effect where the sand goes upwards. The hourglass has to be taken out of Houdini and into Maya and is going to be placed into a scene ontop of a table. Any help with how you would tackle this kind of effect.
  8. Ran into a problem when caching out my high resolution fractured geometry. Each time I try to save to disk it stops every time at a certain piece and crashes each time. I think the problem lies with the SOP Cache memory being too low at 1024 max, however, the option to increase the Max is always greyed out. Any ideas? HouseSim0015.hipnc