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  1. Gravity activation based on an expression.

    Oh cool thanks a lot, yeah I'm just trying to use expression's where possible to help me learn but i understand that in this case key frames would be a lot similar and probably faster. Thanks anyway.
  2. Gravity activation based on an expression.

    Just looking for ways to make the process more efficient.
  3. Hi just wondering if any one could give me any advice on how to write an expression which would set the gravity to 1 for the first 30 frames, back to 0 for until 180 where i would turn back on. At the moment i have if($FF >= 30,0,1) which sets the first 30 frames to active but I'm struggling with re-activating it at frame 180. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to save out a file cache of a simulation and then import it into a different DOP net to use it for collisions with particles without the particles changing the file cache Geo. Any help would be super appreciated.
  5. I'm having problems in my scene trying to have dust particles and rigid body "stones" attracting to a moving point in world space. I have the stones set up so they attract to a point and collide with a sphere which seems to work just fine, however once i start introducing the particles to the DOP network the stones start to get influenced by the particles and start to gain a high velocity whenever a collision is made. Any thoughts on how to make the stones velocity not be effected by the particles while still having them collide. ParticleCollision.zip
  6. Multiple Constraints on One Object

    Thanks, If that would be possible it would be a great help in being able to understand the process more fully.
  7. Multiple Constraints on One Object

    I was wondering if anyone has had experience having multiple constraints on the same object and breaking them apart separately. the effect I'm aiming for is to have a some large rocks be ripped of a section of rubble and while in the air start to break apart into smaller pieces. I've tried setting up my constraints based on the groups created from the Voronoi fracture and sub fracture nodes, however this causes problem when trying to disable the constraints in different areas. Any ideas? ConstraintsHelp.hipnc NewRubble.abc
  8. Problems with the active attribute

    Thanks for the advice i got it to work using this If expression if anyone has similar issues.
  9. Currently having problems with a vortex sim where pieces of the ground are ripped from the ground by setting the active attribute to 0 and using bounding box groups have pieces active attribute be turned to 1 and the vortex force drag them around a point. However I'm having a problem where some of the pieces suddenly have their active attribute turn back to 0 while in the air making them stop mid air. Just wondering if their is a way of having the active attribute always stay as 1 if it becomes part of the group. ActiveTest.hipnc AttackerHands2.abc
  10. Cascading Waterfall Advice/Help

    Ok, i though the scale being that big to start off with was wrong thanks for the advice. Also using multiple emitters is defiantly going to help in the long run. Thanks again for the help and Test file
  11. Cascading Waterfall Advice/Help

    I'm currently doing my FMP for University and will be working in a group of 4 to create an environment with a character asset and Waterfall/Lake FX asset within it. I will be solely responsible for creating the waterfall/lake but I'm currently unsure with which way i should approach the project. The Waterfall is going to be in the background cascading down some rocks into a lake in a cave however we will be creating the cave to real world scale which has caused problems when trying to set up emitters at such a large scale. I've attached some reference photos of what the waterfall is going to be based on as well as the initial proxy geometry created for my particles to flow over. I was just wondering if anyone here has any experience with a sim of this type/scale and could lend any advice on how they created it. Thanks RocksPrim.obj
  12. Trouble with fracturing an object

    Perfect thanks
  13. Trouble with fracturing an object

    I'm having problems with performing the initial Voronoi fracture with the attached piece of geometry. I'm guessing the problem has to do with either the object being made up of tri's or not having a base face. Any ideas ?
  14. Hourglass Effect Help

    Found out a better way of importing particles into Maya from Houdini. Instead of copying spheres to points you can download the import_Bgeo_Maya from Orbolt and you can use the Houdini Engine plugin in Maya and load up this Import file. In this object you can open up the Bgeo file and select output hidden object.
  15. So I'm making a collapsing gravestone and i want to export color data using the depth attribute from the interior detail visualize noise scale tool inside the voronoi fracture node. The data needs to be exported into Maya. This setup works for the initial fracture however when trying to merge in the sub fractured pieces from separate voronoi and export them as one exploded view alembic file for testing, lots of pieces start to intersect with each other which doesn't happen normally. I'm guessing the way I've tried to merge the color data into each other has caused the pieces to start intersecting but I'm not sure where in the node graph this is coming from. Also i tested just with the original fracture and the export works just fine and the displacement works in Maya. Just wondering if anyone's had similar issues to this and found a solution. GraveStone001.obj GraveStoneFracture0022.hipnc