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  1. Need an nVidia card to replace ATI's

    Well, I'm getting the FX 5900XT; the 6800 was too much money for me at the moment. The 5900XT has to be better than my old geForce 2 pro that I was using with Houdini. I read some good reviews about the FX 5900XT. I didn't really want to go the soft FireGL route. I don't think you should need to do that in order to get some OpenGL applications to work. The card should be able to handle OpenGL without the fix; nVidia seems to be able to get their gaming cards to work in OpenGL applications. I thought that I would give ATI a try; but, now it's going to take a lot of something to get me to try one of their cards again.
  2. Need an nVidia card to replace ATI's

    I've been reading reviews galore and just get confused as to what I should purchase. I recently purchased an ATI Radeon 9600XT and liked it for the most part; newer games play well. But, then I opened Houdini Apprentice and couldn't get it to work (even with some environment variables set to what was suggested). The store where I bought the card said that they would exchange it for an nVidia card (since their OpenGL drivers are better than ATI's) and then I would just have to pay the difference; nice of them to do this since I've had the card for 23 days already. The geForce 6800 looks like a nice card; but, I have a 350 W power supply and they suggest, I think, a 480 W supply minimum and I don't want to up the power supply just yet. What is the FX 5600 Ultra like; or, what is comparible to the ATI Radeon 9600XT or better? Price is a factor also. I paid $275 CDN for the ATI but am willing to go $100 to $150 more. I want to use this card in Houdini Apprentice as well as the new DirectX9 games and I can't afford the workstation cards.. Thanks.
  3. Expression problems

    The doorRotation is my own custom expression that I couldn't get to work. When I did get it to work (but not the way I wanted it to), I put this in the ry of the door: doorRotation (ch("../xfrmBall/tx")) and got an error on the xfrmLftDoor Sop. I think I am writing the part where I want to say "when the ball goes from neg to pos I want this to happen, or else that". It's the "when the ball goes from neg to pos" that I'm having trouble with. I'll look at this again today. Edit: Just to let you know, I got this to work. I finally got my custom expression to write successfully; although it didn't work when I put it in the ry of my door. A fellow Buzz student showed me what was wrong in my custom expression (which I would not have figured out on my own) and now it works. I'm glad it works because I was getting very frustrated.
  4. Expression problems

    Thanks for your help Edward. Here's my file that I got this to work in, but it has 11 sops. I don't know how to do it in 6 sops. Whenever I open this file I keep getting an "Empty Function" message at the bottom but I just hit cancel and everything loads fine. I don't know what that message means but I get it off and on with the latest build. Door2.zip
  5. Expression problems

    By having a channel, do you mean I need to set a keyframe at different frames for the xfrmBall/tx? We aren't allowed to set keys that way. We are to use the xfrmBall/tx as the Time rather than using a frame number as the Time. So as I move the tx of the ball, the door will move to the spot I typed into the key in the spare channel. I followed the steps close to what Buzz did in his vtm only he used a switch sop and another transform and he used 7 sops for one door. I have 2 doors(saloon type) so have reached my 6 sops already without using the switch and more transforms. I'm sorry, I'm just not getting expressions that well. Maybe this isn't for me. I'm getting very frustrated right now.
  6. Expression problems

    I used the xfrmBall/tx parameter as the Time and moved the xfrmLftDoor open and added keys this way until the ball passed through and the door closed to 0 again. If you go into the channel editor and look for "rotation" which is my spare channel I made, the keys are set in there. Then I linked the doors ry channel to this spare channel I called rotation. So, when the ball rolls from the negative number to the positive, the doors swing open properly. I have that part working (you need to click on the xfrmBall/tx and move the tx and not the playbar to see this happen). I can't seem to get the doors to swing the other way when the ball moves from the positive to negative. As I said, I can't add anymore sops; I have to do this in 6 sops. I did get this working but I had a total of 11 sops. I don't think I am writing out the "which_direction_ball is approaching the doors. I know the chf("Rotation", ch("../xfrmBall/tx")) swings the doors when going from neg to pos and the -chf("Rotation", -ch("../xfrmBall/tx")) would swing the doors properly when moving from pos to neg. I just can't seem to get this working without adding more transforms (for the neg chf) and a switch sop. Maybe I'll just need to stop tonight and look at it fresh in the morning.
  7. Expression problems

    I tried an if expression in the ry channel of the xfrmLftDoor; but it wasn't using (DIRECTION_IS POSITIVE) format. I used something like if(x>-3, chf("Rotation", ch("../xfrmBall/tx")), -chf("Rotation", -ch("../xfrmBall/tx"))) and it didn't work. Should I use: if(x==positive, chf("Rotation", ch("../xfrmBall/tx")), -chf("Rotation", -ch("../xfrmBall/tx"))) or do I need to have a number in the first part? And would I put it in the ry of the xfrmLftDoor? I've never programmed or wrote expressions before and I am stumped. Do I need to write a custom expression or is that only if you want to make a global variable?
  8. Expression problems

    I am currently working on a Houdini assignment from 3dBuzz's site and have hit a brick wall with it. We are to model a door that swings like a saloon door and then a ball will roll to it and cause it to swing open. Then when the ball rolls back the other way, the doors will swing open the opposite way. This is a reactive animation by using a spare channel. Oh yeah, we can only use 6 sops! I set everything up in 6 sops and the doors swing open in the one direction but I am having trouble with getting the doors to swing the other way. I already used my 6 sops so can't use a switch sop. My question is, would I be able to put an expression in the doors ry that would use the positive direction of my spare channel keys when moving the ball from the negative side of the door to the positive and then switch to a negative direction when going from the positive side of the door to the negative side? This would be using one transform. I'll attach my file to show what I have done so far. I banged my head arround this for 2 days now and have hit a brick wall. I just need a little nudge to get in the right direction. Thanks. I did get this to work but it took me 11 sops. I forgot to say that this is not keyframed so if you hit the play button, nothing will happen. You need to go to the tx of the xfrmBall and move the ball towards the door and the doors will swing open. Door.zip
  9. Pan, Zoom, Dolly

    In order to be able to use my wheel button as a middle button in houdini, I had to set this in the Mouse properties not within houdini. Maybe you need to also.
  10. Files size getting large and slow down

    One thing that I think may cause an increase in file size is using the "save as" to save your file as something else and then continue working in the new file. In other programs I would do some work (2d) and save as ???1. I would then continue to work in this new file until I get to a point where I want to save it again (as ???2). This way I can have a few files and do different tests to see which one I like better. When doing this the file size doesn't get bigger in the 2d software that I use. But, when I tried this in Houdini the size got huge. So, the only time I use "save as" is when I first start a new Houdini project and then after I would just hit the save button. I haven't tried this in version 6. Hope this makes sence.
  11. Files size getting large and slow down

    I guess I'll always do that then. Maybe it hasn't been fixed.
  12. Files size getting large and slow down

    I think this problem is related to my other large lamp file. When I started doing some test files, I didn't exit Houdini I just clicked on New File. My lamp file was increasing in size every time I went into Houdini. So, it was suggested to me to start a new Houdini session and start another Houdini session with my lamp file. Then copy all the sop's over to my new blank file and save it there. I did this and the lamp file was reduced to 135 KB from 4,857 KB. I guess it might be a good idea to exit Houdini before starting a new file? Houdini must have been remembering something from the lamp file. What then is the purpose of "New File"?
  13. I've been doing some tests with different op's to create a metal plate and have been getting bogged down and the file size is getting quite large. It shouldn't get large because it only has a circle, curve profile, grid, extrude, project, trim, copy and merge op's (not much to it). But the size has grown to 126,000 kbs and it takes a long time to save it and to load it later. What would be causing this increase in file size? Is there something in the prefereces settings? Should I have the Cache Compression set to something other than "None"? I don't think I can continue to learn Houdini if it keeps getting bogged down on a small scene (Re: one small object). I know I need more memory and a better video card, but I don't think this is the problem as I just recently started having this problem. Once again, what would cause this increase in file size?
  14. Problem changing OP types.

    Well, I got it ironed out over at the buzz forum. I needed to set a variable for my c:/temp directory. I have a space in my username and this may be causing problems when directories are used with Houdini. When I upgrade my computer and re-install my operating system, I won't put any spaces in my username. I'm not used to unix or linux based programs.
  15. Problem changing OP types.

    I did. I re-installed the .151 build and still no luck. I also re-installed .208 about 3 times now (deleting all houdini directories after un-installing before re-installing). I also posted on the sidefx forum and am hoping someone from sidefx will respond. I can't see that this is a major/hard problem with houdini. There must be an easy fix. If not, I really can't see purchasing a registered version.