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  1. [H17] I can't see guides!

    This is weird. I've downloaded your file and now there's guides. What have I done wrong? Perhaps, I will continue working on the file you have uploaded. Thank you so much!
  2. [H17] I can't see guides!

    Thank you for helping me out! Here is my hip file : iii.hip and here is the geometry in alembic file format : appliedhoudini.rigidsIII.helicopter.abc obj-> frac-> load abc in the import_heli node. cache the geometry in heli_cache node if necessary. constraints that is causing the problem is in obj->sim->Twist Let me know if there is any problem !
  3. [H17] I can't see guides!

    Still not working. Show Guide Geometry in "constraintnetwork1" does not display cone twist constraint relationship guides. Shall I give it a try in lower version of Houdini?
  4. [H17] I can't see guides!

    Thanks for the reply. Constraints seem to be imported correctly since it behaves the way it supposed to. Moreover, I can't find Show guide geometry checkbox here! Photo below is my guide option tab from conetwistconrel node.
  5. Hi, I got my Cone Twist Constraint Relationship node but I can't see the guide. For example, in the tutorial video (H15.5 is used in the tutorial) However, in my H17.0.459. I've selected the node but I can't see the guide.
  6. Thank you! Wonder why I could not get the reply notification. This worked for me
  7. Hello, I'm trying to use voronoifracture node and found that it's different from the previous version(H16.5). So I imported to H17 from my old project made with H16.5 and now I have two different SOP named same. Is there any way to create the old voronifracture node in H17? One on the left side is new voronoifracture node in H17, and the right one is imported from my project made with H16.5. Thanks in advance!