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  1. It is quite easy to see those choppy effect which usally occurs from low sub-steps. I've added sub-steps, around 10-20, to 1. DOP for flare animation 2. DOP for particles emitting but neither of these gets any closer to the solution. Any ideas? Thanks in advance HIP below test.hip
  2. Thanks It's now copied to the input points !
  3. I'm trying to copy geometries to points with target points orientation randomized. But it's a little bit off. Unchecking Transform Using Target Point Orientations in copytopoints node copies to the points, but without orientation. These target points are not static. It is simulated but I've used timeshift node to the targeted frame. Both start and end frame clamped. Before coping geometries to points, I added an pointwrangle to randomize orientation for taget points. Thank you as always for your help Image and hip files are posted below. HIP file : flares_odforce_0327.hip
  4. Yes! I should have read more carefully. Thank you so much. This solved my problem
  5. I'm trying to extract a velocity from one cached vdb to use it as incoming vel in another DOP. In DOP I/O, I've imported velocity as vel and it seems like it's cached as vel.x, vel.y, vel.z. (scalar field perhaps?) and Houdini documentation claims that volume source can handle these separate three fields as one single vector field (vel) but it doesn't work. I'm trying to bring it to another DOP using volume source SOP just to import the velocity. I've tried changing field ranks in all of the following methods. Source volume Target field vel vel vel.* vel vel.x vel (tried changing vel.y vel.z as source vol) vel.x vel.x (tried changing vel.y vel.z on both source and target) vel import is checked and attribute shows that it is saved as vel.x,y,z destination DOP. Import SOP path is correct and density is also imported while velocity is not
  6. Thanks for letting me know that different version doesn't have a problem like this. Only thing I can try now is move back to LTS version or try different version of Houdini. Cheers!
  7. Hi, I work on Ubuntu for several reasons and I mostly enjoy it, except one thing which is copy and paste. Everytime I copy (cut) some part of the code, I have to press CTRL + C twice. I even tested it with a clipboard manager and houdini ignores first command. Copy twice is stupid but easy fix but real problem is when I cut something and trying to paste. It pastes something that I copied before that. This makes me wanna punch my monitor. To summarize, Houdini ignores first copy or cut command. I tried it on both wired and wireless keyboard. Anyone? OS : Ubuntu 19.10 with no other huge packages which might cause the problem.
  8. Weird glitch between volumes

    Sorry guys This is obviously my fault. Solved
  9. Weird glitch between volumes

    Hi, working on 4 different and separate DOP to do some smoke effect. However, I'm getting super weird thin volume pointing at another volume for the first two or three frames. They are cached one at the time. It seems like there is no way to recognize another DOP exists. Is this a bug? P.S. : thin volumes pointing outward donuts are intentional effect.
  10. Trying to reach this fire effect, but...

    Hey jimeng, thank you so much for helping me out. This helped me a lot. Here is the improved version of pyro sim. I like it very much 谢谢! p.s. I also changed particle emitter from little sphere with big vel + variance to large sphere with very low velocity and low variance.
  11. Hi, I've been working on my first reel for my job and trying to make a tank fire scene. So, here is the pyro reference. beautiful. (Reference) and here is what i've done so far. It is particle sourced with many substeps on POP, and single substep on pyro DOP. (Increasing pyro DOP substep made it look worse) < Smoke Object > <Pyro solver> <Plus, volume source such as fuel and temperature are all keyframed as well> Short and immediate fire seems very difficult to me. Is it normal? Should I change my source? Particle driven pyro is very difficult to control. Let me know if you need any more information. Thank you so much in advance and god bless. fireball.hipnc
  12. [H17] I can't see guides!

    This is weird. I've downloaded your file and now there's guides. What have I done wrong? Perhaps, I will continue working on the file you have uploaded. Thank you so much!
  13. [H17] I can't see guides!

    Thank you for helping me out! Here is my hip file : iii.hip and here is the geometry in alembic file format : appliedhoudini.rigidsIII.helicopter.abc obj-> frac-> load abc in the import_heli node. cache the geometry in heli_cache node if necessary. constraints that is causing the problem is in obj->sim->Twist Let me know if there is any problem !
  14. [H17] I can't see guides!

    Still not working. Show Guide Geometry in "constraintnetwork1" does not display cone twist constraint relationship guides. Shall I give it a try in lower version of Houdini?
  15. [H17] I can't see guides!

    Thanks for the reply. Constraints seem to be imported correctly since it behaves the way it supposed to. Moreover, I can't find Show guide geometry checkbox here! Photo below is my guide option tab from conetwistconrel node.