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  1. HELP wired error message

    Hi, I also had this problem. My only advice would be just stick with 471 for the time being. It seems like there is a problem with Nvidia 496 driver. I wasted my whole day trying to solve this problem. Nice job and thanks to Nvidia .
  2. Performance is worse than Win 10 in rendering, caching files, basically everything that cooks your CPU. AMD said that the fix should arrive within Oct, 2021. Just to let you know if interested. I would not suggest updating your workstation for the time being.
  3. I've been working on a collider dropping on the surface of the ocean. So my setup is simple. Rigid body solver and Flip solver merged -> gravity -> output. Set the 'Feedback Scale' on Volume Motion-> Solver. That's it. For the time being, it becomes a tornado after it collides Thanks in advance Screencast 2021-08-16 16:36:51.webm
  4. Figured out myself. When point cloud option is turned ON in the volume light and the illuminating objects are outside the viewing region, it clips away as usual. So I had to add a camera, where the illuminating object is inside the viewing region and used it as dicing camera. It did the job. So if anybody gets confused... Cheers
  5. Hi, I've been working on a volume simulation. volumelight is affecting the scene when it is within the camera viewing angle. (see 1st and 2nd photo) However, when it gets out of the camera view, light disappears suddenly. My mantra is set on PBR, diffuse and indirect rays depth are more than 3 but problem remains. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the reply. trail + velocity blur on volume rasterize mostly filled the gaps I had
  7. I'm creating a white phosphorus shell explosion effect for my demo reel. Similar to what SideFX showed us in 18.5 sneak peek video. One of the challenges I have is ..there are two pyro sources. One requires many substeps since it's moving fast ( the source itself) and other one does not. So I tried this. I made two separate DOPs, one with many substeps (fast moving particles) and the other with no substep (source does not move fast) Is this a bad approach in aspect of disk and computation efficiency? Should I combine them into one single DOP and use two pyro solvers? is there any better method dealing with this? Thank you in advance
  8. It is quite easy to see those choppy effect which usally occurs from low sub-steps. I've added sub-steps, around 10-20, to 1. DOP for flare animation 2. DOP for particles emitting but neither of these gets any closer to the solution. Any ideas? Thanks in advance HIP below test.hip
  9. Thanks It's now copied to the input points !
  10. I'm trying to copy geometries to points with target points orientation randomized. But it's a little bit off. Unchecking Transform Using Target Point Orientations in copytopoints node copies to the points, but without orientation. These target points are not static. It is simulated but I've used timeshift node to the targeted frame. Both start and end frame clamped. Before coping geometries to points, I added an pointwrangle to randomize orientation for taget points. Thank you as always for your help Image and hip files are posted below. HIP file : flares_odforce_0327.hip
  11. Yes! I should have read more carefully. Thank you so much. This solved my problem
  12. I'm trying to extract a velocity from one cached vdb to use it as incoming vel in another DOP. In DOP I/O, I've imported velocity as vel and it seems like it's cached as vel.x, vel.y, vel.z. (scalar field perhaps?) and Houdini documentation claims that volume source can handle these separate three fields as one single vector field (vel) but it doesn't work. I'm trying to bring it to another DOP using volume source SOP just to import the velocity. I've tried changing field ranks in all of the following methods. Source volume Target field vel vel vel.* vel vel.x vel (tried changing vel.y vel.z as source vol) vel.x vel.x (tried changing vel.y vel.z on both source and target) vel import is checked and attribute shows that it is saved as vel.x,y,z destination DOP. Import SOP path is correct and density is also imported while velocity is not
  13. Thanks for letting me know that different version doesn't have a problem like this. Only thing I can try now is move back to LTS version or try different version of Houdini. Cheers!
  14. Hi, I work on Ubuntu for several reasons and I mostly enjoy it, except one thing which is copy and paste. Everytime I copy (cut) some part of the code, I have to press CTRL + C twice. I even tested it with a clipboard manager and houdini ignores first command. Copy twice is stupid but easy fix but real problem is when I cut something and trying to paste. It pastes something that I copied before that. This makes me wanna punch my monitor. To summarize, Houdini ignores first copy or cut command. I tried it on both wired and wireless keyboard. Anyone? OS : Ubuntu 19.10 with no other huge packages which might cause the problem.
  15. Weird glitch between volumes

    Sorry guys This is obviously my fault. Solved