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  1. Greetings! Something similar happened to me a few days ago. Windows 10 automatic updates were turned off for a half year and then I turned it on and updated it manually. After the restart of the system, Houdini refused to export .obj files to Artec Studio and Geomagic causing a white screen and crash. No methods helped until I started the previous system restore service, downloaded and re-updated Windows again. Hope this helps someone.
  2. animate normal like sea ​​urchin

    His nickname is Toadstorm lol
  3. Explosion 'shockwave' on rigid bodies

    Could you update if you find a solution to this problem?
  4. Thistle One

    Amazing, cool work here
  5. [SOLVED] high res STEP file with artefacts

    @mooopstar Thx for this solution, I will keep it in mind
  6. [SOLVED] high res STEP file with artefacts

    Could be a problem with FreeCad? Try different CAD may be...