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  1. Hey! I've been working a lot with PDG lately, using Houdini Engine 2 and UE4. As it seems, there's no way to get Asset data from UE4 into a PDG-hda. Usually I can e.g. expose the objpath from an Object Merge node to import data. This works fine in "normal" HDAs, but when using PDG the data is discarded along the way. Debugged that with Session Sync and can see that the Assets are imported into the network, but aren't available anymore once they reach hdaprocessor in the PDG network. -> this has to be a bug and I already filed a bug at SideFX, but no response yet. I can't use HDA inputs either since in PDG there's only a hdaprocessor that holds the HDA - so no inputs are exposed in the PDG-HDA. Can't be the only one who ran into this problem :-) I asked around everywhere but didn't get any response at all. Anybody got an idea? Thanks! Ron
  2. Hi! I have a TOP network with various HDAs with parameters (using hdaprocessor nodes) Additionally I have multiple "HE_OUT" nodes to cook them separately in UE4 (I'm using Houdini Engine V2). The parameters of the HDAs are collected in the parameter interface of the final PDG-HDA. If I change a parameter in UE4 and cook the TOP-Node (that includes the hdaprocessor in his graph and corresponds to this parameter), nothing changes. Doesn't even work if I dirty the TOP-Node. Only when I dirty the TOP-Network and re-cook, I get the expected results. This isn't very practical since I don't wanna dirty & cook my whole network. Maybe this is a bug, or I'm doing something wrong? What I wanna achieve is this: A parameter change in UE4 only dirties the corresponding hdaprocessor (and everything below). When I re-cook the Top-Node everything below the dirtied hdaprocessor should re-cook - nothing else. PS: I tried to dirty the node via Python in the callback of the parameters, but this seems to mess up the UE4/HE connection so that nothing is cooked anymore when I re-cook inside UE4. Thanks, Ron
  3. Ha! Awesome! You just saved me a lot of headache fiddling with quaterions! Thank you so much! Works like a charm! Best, Ron
  4. Hey! I work on a kitbash tool where you can combine multiple meshes and export a point cloud, ready for instancing assets in e.g. Unreal Engine. So far this works fine. I use a Transform node to place/rotate/scale the mesh and transfer the attributes required for instancing to a point. (like scale, P etc.) I exposed the Transform handle to my HDA. My problem is to get the rotation right. I calculated yaw, roll and pitch using the following code, using the Transform's rx, ry and rz: matrix3 m = maketransform(@N,@up); @orient = quaternion(m); vector4 pitch = quaternion({1,0,0}*radians(ch("../transform/rx"))); vector4 yaw = quaternion({0,1,0}*radians(ch("../transform/ry"))); vector4 roll = quaternion({0,0,1}*radians(ch("../transform/rz"))); @orient = qmultiply(@orient, pitch); @orient = qmultiply(@orient, yaw); @orient = qmultiply(@orient, roll); This works fine as long as you only rotate along a single axis. When I rotate along multiple axis simultaneously things get weird and the handly doesn't match the point's orientation at all. Is there a better way to simply convert a Transform's rx, ry and rz to a Point orient attribute? Thanks for your help in advance! Best, Ron
  5. Spawning assets Houdini looks different than in UE4

    HA! Never mind... i found the problem myself. In case it helps somebody else: I had my spawn points in the same GEO node as my terrain. This messes up the point attributes. Actually I was aware of that before - so i added another GEO node for the spawn points and use Object Merge to collect the points from my terrain geo. Nothing showed up though. The problem was, that you need to use the relative path in the object merge. Not "obj/..."
  6. Hey! I tried posting this issue on the SideFX forum without much luck. I got a terrain where I need to spawn some assets (rocks). When I spawn the exact same asset in Houdini onto the scattered points (via copy to points) they have a different size/rotation than the ones that are instanced in UE4. I'm using pscale, normal and up attributes to set everything up. I attached 2 screenshots to show my point - am i doing something wrong, or is this a bug? Thanks! best regards, Ron
  7. Awesome Tomas! This is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you!
  8. Hi there! What would be the best approach to iterate over all available heightfield layers and combine them? E.g. I have layers like: - rocks - path1 - path2 - dirt - dirtabc - various erosion layers - .... The user can enter a custom layer name in my HDA and I won't know exactly how many layers are in the final heightfield. Now i need one layer that combines every other layer (to create a layer for all areas that don't belong to any other layer). What would be the best way to approach this? Thanks in advance!
  9. @orient attribute to @N an @up?

    Wonderful, thank you! Works like a charm
  10. @orient attribute to @N an @up?

    Hi everyone! Is there a way to calculate @N and @up from the @orient attribute? Basically the same as the orient to curve SOP does - it only outputs N and up, but i got all the Pitch/Yaw/Roll bells and whistles. I have everything layed out on my curve the way i want, but Unreal Engine doesn't seem to read the orient attribute. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello everyone! I am working on a project where I create points in Houdini to spawn blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. This works fine so far. But now I got a couple of blueprints that contain static meshes. When loading my HDA in UE4 i get error messages like: PIE: Warning: AttachTo: '/Game/_GameAssets/Maps/NeutralLighting/Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01.Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01:PersistentLevel.ext_map_generator_3.HoudiniInstancedActorComponent_44' is not static , cannot attach '/Game/_GameAssets/Maps/NeutralLighting/Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01.Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01:PersistentLevel.Wall_Lamp_258.DefaultSceneRoot' which is static to it. Aborting. I made a OBJ-level HDA for the generator. Create geometry in one Geometry node, spawnpoints for instanced blueprints in a separate one and spawnpoints for static blueprints in a separate one as well. So: 3 geometry node to keep everything separated. I also added a detail attribute "unreal_split_instances" to the static BP points, but this doesn't work. So how can I spawn blueprints that are static along with instanced ones? Thanks for you help in advance! Best, Ron
  12. Houdini Animation -> UE4: rotation keyframes wrong?

    no one?
  13. Hi there! I made a simple rotation in Houdini in OBJ level and exported it via File/Export as FBX file to import into UE4. The object is rotation 300° over 96 frames. When I import then FBX into UE4 everything looks fine, but the object only rotates for about 60°? The same FBX works fine when I test it in Unity. Is there something I'm missing? Import settings in UE4 look fine - how can it be that the object doesn't do the full rotation? The imported frames are 96 as well - so that's fine. Easy in/out looks correct as well. It just doesn't rotate the full 300° but about 60°. Thanks in advance! Best, Ron
  14. Input in Unreal on a OBJ-Level HDA?

    Hey! Thanks for the replies! I got it working inside Houdini - but as it seems in UE4 i don't get any inputs on a OBJ-level HDA anyway :-( So i need to find a different solution. But thanks for the fast help!
  15. Input in Unreal on a OBJ-Level HDA?

    Hey! Is it possible to pass an input of a OBJ-Level HDA into a subnet inside the HDA? This is what i need to do: (see screenshot) Inside the subnet i don't have access to the input directly. And since the null node is on OBJ level, it doesn't contain data from the input (input is only the parent) Thanks in advance! best Ron