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  1. Hey everyone! Is there a way to set a property of a blueprint in Unreal Engine that is spawned (instanced) via a Houdini Point? e.g. I got a blueprint XY with a float uproperty "health". In Houdini I create points with an unreal_instance attribute to the blueprint XY -> all good. Now i wanna set the blueprint's property "health" to a specific value. Seems like unreal_uproperty_health would only work on static meshes generated by Houdini. Is there a way to set properties on instanced blueprints? Thanks in advance! best, Ron
  2. Hey! Nevermind! I figured it out! Works like a charm now with an object level HDA! Thank you very much!
  3. Oh... or do i "copy" my level generator graph and split it up? -> Create 2 GEOs at Object level -> Copy the graph into both of them -> One creates geo, one create point cloud -> Select both GEOs (in Object level) and create a subnet/digital asset?
  4. Oh man... My Houdini knowledge obviously is pretty basic. Lemme see if i can sum that up... I use a SOP approach, yes. I made multiple SOP HDAs to create a "level generator" - split up by their purpose and from basic to advanced. My basic construction elements are pretty simple like: Floor generator Pillar generator Floorboard generator ... These are used be the 2 main geo generators: Room Generator (creates a room based on a curve) Wall Generator (creates walls that are not a closed curve - to split up the room) My final HDA is the "Level Generator". This SOP imports a CSV File that contains data how to build the room (curve points) PLUS where to spawn objects (blueprints in UE4) I attached a screenshot to show an overview of the multiple HDAs. I actually don't know how do do this in object level... Do i need to create 2 Nulls in my Level Generator - one with Geo and one with a pointcloud and "object-merge" them into object level? And create a new HDA over this? I need a couple of parameters from each HDA (like material, Cd, etc.) as well. Maybe I'm thinking in a totally wrong direction here?
  5. Actually there is one problem... I have vertex-attribute normals on the generated geometry, so the shading looks the way i want. For instances, the normals need to be point-attributes. Obviously i can't have both - if i remove the vertex-attributes, the instance rotation works, if i keep both, everything twists weirdly... Is it possible to have both - vertex and point normals?
  6. Oh - seems like i found something. Had an orient attribute on some other geometry (wall) that seems to mess up everything. If i remove that I get rotation on the blueprints
  7. Hey! Thanks for the reply! Doesn't seem to work either - set up to 0/1/0 and the normal according the direction. The blueprints don't rotate...
  8. Hi everyone! I made an HDA that generates a level. Got a couple of blueprints in Unreal I need to spawn. This works fine when I use the unreal_instance as point-attribute with the spawn-points. Since I want to rotate the blueprints instances as well, i added a rot point-attribute (also tested with orient) to the points - but this doesn't seem to carry over. Works fine inside Houdini when I test it with proxy geo (e.g. boxes) Every instance of the blueprint Unreal though has the same rotation. Am I doing something wrong here? best, Ron
  9. Hello everyone! Is there a way to use the UV Layout not on the obj level somehow? I have modeled various parts of a robot as individual Geometry nodes and parented them on the obj level. Every single Geometry has it's UVs fully layed out. If I use a sub-Geo with Object Merge nodes for every element I can use the UV Layout node to pack them all together. But if I export an FBX from there, I don't have any individual parts I for the animations in Unreal (the skeleton mesh has only one transform) If I export the obj Level with animation I don't have packed UVs. Is there a way around this somehow? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey Ben! Thanks for the reply! This works nicely! But in my case I need to split up procedurally generated geometry in separate parts. To be more specific - I generate a wall along a curve and need to split them into separate wall elements (on every curve point). I need this to be able to toggle visibility. When the 3d person character walks behind a wall I need to fade out that wall element to make sure the character is always visible. I have no problems splitting the wall elements, but can't access them individually since the room is one big mesh. On obj-level I can't generate the wall and inside the geo node i can't have individual meshes. Is there a way to add an attribute to the walls or something to let the engine know to generate a separate mesh? Or how would you approach this? Thanks for your help! best, Ron
  11. nobody? Sounds like a common thing
  12. Hello everyone! Maybe this is a noob question, but i can't really get my head around this. I made a simple room with 4 individual walls in Houdini, used a Merge SOP and created an HDA. Back in Unreal i use the HDA and get one "Houdini Generated Mesh". Is there a way to keep the 4 walls separated? So i have 4 Houdini Generated Meshes? I know when I use a Copy to Points Node I get individual meshes, but this is not an option for this particular case. Thanks in advance! best, Ron
  13. I attached a little HIP file to show where the problem is instances.hiplc
  14. Hi Drughi. Thanks for the reply! I tried that - now the UV vertex attributes from the original is packed into 1 vertex attribute (the rest is basically deleted - no uv - just one uv point). Plus when I activate the "pack and instance" on the copy-to-points this one attribute is deleted as well. I think what I need is just to have instances of that ONE object as is - without packing? But I don't know if that works. From a game developent perspective: when I use the HDA in the engine, I get instanced meshes from the ONE object I use with copy-to-points + "pack and instance" This is great and fast! But I need to assign a Material to that object that will be instanced several times and therefore will need UVs.