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  1. Hello everyone! I am working on a project where I create points in Houdini to spawn blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. This works fine so far. But now I got a couple of blueprints that contain static meshes. When loading my HDA in UE4 i get error messages like: PIE: Warning: AttachTo: '/Game/_GameAssets/Maps/NeutralLighting/Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01.Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01:PersistentLevel.ext_map_generator_3.HoudiniInstancedActorComponent_44' is not static , cannot attach '/Game/_GameAssets/Maps/NeutralLighting/Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01.Neutral_Lighting_Scene_01:PersistentLevel.Wall_Lamp_258.DefaultSceneRoot' which is static to it. Aborting. I made a OBJ-level HDA for the generator. Create geometry in one Geometry node, spawnpoints for instanced blueprints in a separate one and spawnpoints for static blueprints in a separate one as well. So: 3 geometry node to keep everything separated. I also added a detail attribute "unreal_split_instances" to the static BP points, but this doesn't work. So how can I spawn blueprints that are static along with instanced ones? Thanks for you help in advance! Best, Ron
  2. Houdini Animation -> UE4: rotation keyframes wrong?

    no one?
  3. Hi there! I made a simple rotation in Houdini in OBJ level and exported it via File/Export as FBX file to import into UE4. The object is rotation 300° over 96 frames. When I import then FBX into UE4 everything looks fine, but the object only rotates for about 60°? The same FBX works fine when I test it in Unity. Is there something I'm missing? Import settings in UE4 look fine - how can it be that the object doesn't do the full rotation? The imported frames are 96 as well - so that's fine. Easy in/out looks correct as well. It just doesn't rotate the full 300° but about 60°. Thanks in advance! Best, Ron
  4. Input in Unreal on a OBJ-Level HDA?

    Hey! Thanks for the replies! I got it working inside Houdini - but as it seems in UE4 i don't get any inputs on a OBJ-level HDA anyway :-( So i need to find a different solution. But thanks for the fast help!
  5. Input in Unreal on a OBJ-Level HDA?

    Hey! Is it possible to pass an input of a OBJ-Level HDA into a subnet inside the HDA? This is what i need to do: (see screenshot) Inside the subnet i don't have access to the input directly. And since the null node is on OBJ level, it doesn't contain data from the input (input is only the parent) Thanks in advance! best Ron
  6. Hey everyone! Is there a way to set a property of a blueprint in Unreal Engine that is spawned (instanced) via a Houdini Point? e.g. I got a blueprint XY with a float uproperty "health". In Houdini I create points with an unreal_instance attribute to the blueprint XY -> all good. Now i wanna set the blueprint's property "health" to a specific value. Seems like unreal_uproperty_health would only work on static meshes generated by Houdini. Is there a way to set properties on instanced blueprints? Thanks in advance! best, Ron
  7. Hi everyone! I made an HDA that generates a level. Got a couple of blueprints in Unreal I need to spawn. This works fine when I use the unreal_instance as point-attribute with the spawn-points. Since I want to rotate the blueprints instances as well, i added a rot point-attribute (also tested with orient) to the points - but this doesn't seem to carry over. Works fine inside Houdini when I test it with proxy geo (e.g. boxes) Every instance of the blueprint Unreal though has the same rotation. Am I doing something wrong here? best, Ron
  8. Hey! Nevermind! I figured it out! Works like a charm now with an object level HDA! Thank you very much!
  9. Oh... or do i "copy" my level generator graph and split it up? -> Create 2 GEOs at Object level -> Copy the graph into both of them -> One creates geo, one create point cloud -> Select both GEOs (in Object level) and create a subnet/digital asset?
  10. Oh man... My Houdini knowledge obviously is pretty basic. Lemme see if i can sum that up... I use a SOP approach, yes. I made multiple SOP HDAs to create a "level generator" - split up by their purpose and from basic to advanced. My basic construction elements are pretty simple like: Floor generator Pillar generator Floorboard generator ... These are used be the 2 main geo generators: Room Generator (creates a room based on a curve) Wall Generator (creates walls that are not a closed curve - to split up the room) My final HDA is the "Level Generator". This SOP imports a CSV File that contains data how to build the room (curve points) PLUS where to spawn objects (blueprints in UE4) I attached a screenshot to show an overview of the multiple HDAs. I actually don't know how do do this in object level... Do i need to create 2 Nulls in my Level Generator - one with Geo and one with a pointcloud and "object-merge" them into object level? And create a new HDA over this? I need a couple of parameters from each HDA (like material, Cd, etc.) as well. Maybe I'm thinking in a totally wrong direction here?
  11. Actually there is one problem... I have vertex-attribute normals on the generated geometry, so the shading looks the way i want. For instances, the normals need to be point-attributes. Obviously i can't have both - if i remove the vertex-attributes, the instance rotation works, if i keep both, everything twists weirdly... Is it possible to have both - vertex and point normals?
  12. Oh - seems like i found something. Had an orient attribute on some other geometry (wall) that seems to mess up everything. If i remove that I get rotation on the blueprints
  13. Hey! Thanks for the reply! Doesn't seem to work either - set up to 0/1/0 and the normal according the direction. The blueprints don't rotate...
  14. Hello everyone! Is there a way to use the UV Layout not on the obj level somehow? I have modeled various parts of a robot as individual Geometry nodes and parented them on the obj level. Every single Geometry has it's UVs fully layed out. If I use a sub-Geo with Object Merge nodes for every element I can use the UV Layout node to pack them all together. But if I export an FBX from there, I don't have any individual parts I for the animations in Unreal (the skeleton mesh has only one transform) If I export the obj Level with animation I don't have packed UVs. Is there a way around this somehow? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello everyone! Maybe this is a noob question, but i can't really get my head around this. I made a simple room with 4 individual walls in Houdini, used a Merge SOP and created an HDA. Back in Unreal i use the HDA and get one "Houdini Generated Mesh". Is there a way to keep the 4 walls separated? So i have 4 Houdini Generated Meshes? I know when I use a Copy to Points Node I get individual meshes, but this is not an option for this particular case. Thanks in advance! best, Ron
  16. Hey Ben! Thanks for the reply! This works nicely! But in my case I need to split up procedurally generated geometry in separate parts. To be more specific - I generate a wall along a curve and need to split them into separate wall elements (on every curve point). I need this to be able to toggle visibility. When the 3d person character walks behind a wall I need to fade out that wall element to make sure the character is always visible. I have no problems splitting the wall elements, but can't access them individually since the room is one big mesh. On obj-level I can't generate the wall and inside the geo node i can't have individual meshes. Is there a way to add an attribute to the walls or something to let the engine know to generate a separate mesh? Or how would you approach this? Thanks for your help! best, Ron
  17. nobody? Sounds like a common thing
  18. Hello everyone! I made an object with UVs and added a material attribute. Now I want to use that object as source for a Copy-to-Points SOP and use the pack and instance option (since I wanna use instancing in UE4 for performance reasons). But when using the "pack and instance" option, the UVs and material gets wiped. If i untick the option, everything seems to work. Is there a way to keep UVs and attributes from the original for every instance? Thanks!
  19. I attached a little HIP file to show where the problem is instances.hiplc
  20. Hi Drughi. Thanks for the reply! I tried that - now the UV vertex attributes from the original is packed into 1 vertex attribute (the rest is basically deleted - no uv - just one uv point). Plus when I activate the "pack and instance" on the copy-to-points this one attribute is deleted as well. I think what I need is just to have instances of that ONE object as is - without packing? But I don't know if that works. From a game developent perspective: when I use the HDA in the engine, I get instanced meshes from the ONE object I use with copy-to-points + "pack and instance" This is great and fast! But I need to assign a Material to that object that will be instanced several times and therefore will need UVs.
  21. Hello everyone! I was wondering if it's possible to temporarely activate one side of a node-tree to do some texture baking via a button on the UI of a digital asset? Once the baking is done, this part of the tree should stop cooking. In a nutshell, i wanna be able to create a procedural model and once it's done, just hit a button to bake out textures (depending on the model) I'd like to try this in Unreal so my idea was to have digital asset in UE4, adjust some parameters to create a variation of my model and hit a button to generate the textures (curvature, normals from HP/LP, you name it..) which i can then import into the engine and use on materials. If i need to change the model I wanna do adjustments, rebake textures and refresh them in UE4. Is this possible? And if yes, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance! Ron
  22. Hi everyone! I need to do a local rotation using an Attribute VOP for individual points of a grid and just can't get my head around this... If I e.g. rotate along the Z-axis and THEN rotate along the Y-axis it again rotates over the world's Y - not the shifted local Y-axis with a new orientation after i rotated over Z. What I basically need is taking the newly oriented "local" axis into account - the Y-axis should always point upwards from the upside of a cube. No matter how the cube is oriented. I hope you guys know what I mean... i attached an image to clarify. Also I attached a very simple example with 3 Attribute VOPs for rotation over each axis. No matter how the cube is oriented, it always rotates over world-axis. Maybe somebody can point me in the right direction? testrotation.hiplc
  23. Hi everyone! I'm kinda new to Houdini and use it with UE4. My Digital Asset crashes all the time though so I thought I'll debug it with the Houdini Engine Debugger. This works well and actually is pretty awesome. When I reproduce my crash in UE4, the connection gets closed and the Houdini Console shows the following errors: Thrift: Mon Oct 29 18:09:38 2018 TPipe ::GetOverlappedResult errored GLE=errno = 109 Thrift: Mon Oct 29 18:09:38 2018 TConnectedClient died: TPipe: GetOverlappedResult failed But where to go from here? Is there a way to find out what node crashed? Or how should i proceed to narrow down the problem? Is there any kind of log file I could check? If you need more information, please let me know! Thanks for you help in advance! best, Ron
  24. Debugging with Houdini Engine Debugger + UE4

    Hey Ben! I submitted it as bug - let's see what happens :-) One thought came to mind... maybe this is a thing already and I'm just not aware of it. In my case all i wanna do is basically spawn UE4 assets on given positions with rotation/scale etc. So there's really no need to have the geo going into Houdini (which is the cause of my troubles). All I basically need is to get a list of spawn-points with the required attributes back into Unreal and place instances of my mesh according to the attributes. I wonder if there's a pre-made blueprint or something for that task. This sounds like a logical thing to do if you use premade meshes from UE4 that don't change but only get instanced in a certain way/position. talk soon, best, Ron