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  1. gift opening help

    Hi, I'm trying to create below effect, there is "wrapped" box, with ribbon and tie, ribbon get pulled away and front face of wrapped box get pilled off. I found some tutorial how to create rope and drop it, but I can't find way to pull ribbon out of tie. Any ideas? Help? Thank you!! ribbon.mp4
  2. Hi, I have one grid and with CopyToPoints. I also have sequence of different pictures, named: Awesome1.png, Awesome2.png, etc. I can see that each grid has primitive number. I'm after is procedural texturing from image sequence per primitive. Example attached, “principleshader” has “Use Texture” as sequence Awesome${F2}.exr - If I apply to Grids only one image get used. I want each frame of the sequence to be on different Grid. Anybody, please advice. Thank you, L Awesome.hiplc