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  1. texturing destruction

    ok thanks for your help
  2. texturing destruction

    I'd like to know if there is a way (a proper workflow) to add textures to a destruction simulation ? thanks destrcution.hipnc
  3. Redshift issue with pyrofx

    ok thanks for your help
  4. Redshift issue with pyrofx

    I'm trying to render an explosion and here is the result ? any idea ? thanks hdni_untitled.hip
  5. put object on top after copy

    thanks for your help
  6. select corner points

    what a dumb I am :/ thanks for your help
  7. put object on top after copy

    When my boxes are copied on the platonic solid I'd like the bottom of the boxes seat on the primitive so I use a peak SOP is there another way ? Thanks move copy pivot.hipnc
  8. select corner points

    I'd like to select corners points here, I've tried and my wrangle does not work Can you tell me whereis my mistake ? Thank you hdni_untitled.hipnc head.obj
  9. OCIO Darker viewport

  10. OCIO Darker viewport

    I've just configured OCIO to work with Houdini 17.5 and renderman and my viewport became very dark Instead of changing gamma is there a lut available somewhere to handle wiewport display under ocio ? or another way ? Thx
  11. spiderweb incomplete

  12. spiderweb incomplete

    I'm trying to model a spiderweb but how can I connect these points ? any idea please ? Thx spider.hipnc
  13. Copy and normal for a wall

    exactly thanks
  14. Copy and normal for a wall

    I need to copy boxes around a curve tp make a wall, how can I orient my box ? Thanks wall.hipnc
  15. changing $Home location

    by the way the issue is houdini.env ignore the changes, and houdini always pointing to default folder ?