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  1. Parametric equations in VEX

    thx I've found, I had forgotten the domain of definition vector pos=0; int pt[]={}; float q=chf("q"); int i=0; for(float t=-$PI;t<$PI;t+=$PI/100){ float aa=pow(q,2)*pow(sin(t),2); float ab=pow((1-q+q*cos(t)),2); float ac=aa+ab; float ad=q*sin(t)/ac; pos.x=q*sin(t)-ad; float da=q*cos(t)+((1-q+q*cos(t))/ac); pos.y=da; pt[i]=addpoint(0,pos); i++; }
  2. Parametric equations in VEX

    I need to model a teardrop, the parametric equation is : How can I implememt this in VEX ? thx for your help
  3. I've installed the new production build H18.0.348 indie and with this simple scene Houdini 343 works but when I activate the Bevel node 348 crashes Is there a way to use Polybevel 2 instead of Polybevel 3, I've tried opunhide with no success ? thx bug.hiplc
  4. distribute edges on circle

    Wonderful, thanks for your help !!
  5. distribute edges on circle

    Using just sop will be great too I thought about vex thinking he should be easier
  6. distribute edges on circle

    Is there a way in vex to make this king of circle with randomly distributed edges ? Thanks for your help CIRCLE.hiplc
  7. Extract curve from shape

    ok thanks for your help
  8. Extract curve from shape

    I have a boolean and I'd like to extract a shape from this one, to create a new piece. Now I can do it (red one) but I'd like to have something more precise like the blue Is it possible ? thanks ray.hiplc
  9. selective bevel problem

    it works thanks
  10. selective bevel problem

    I'm trying to make a cannon, but here is my problem, each piece are bevelled but top one have a different bevel, I put a switch but the switch never occurs, any idea plz ? thanks hdni_old_cannon.hiplc
  11. RenderMan IPR not working

    make sure you add a camera
  12. extract transformations

    gonna check it more closely, at this time my result isn't very good :/ thanks for your help hdni_untitled.hiplc
  13. extract transformations

    I have loaded an fbx and for some reasons I need to extract the transformations of this object and transfer it to a proxy geo, any suggestion please ? tthx
  14. I have a little problem with normal I like to copy a piece on each point of a line but they are always reversed any idea ? Ii'd like the final pieces to be placed like if I applied a mirror but only with normal if it's possible arms.hiplc
  15. aligning normal

    thanks for your help