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  1. Spliting Kitbash pack

    ok thanks for your help
  2. Spliting Kitbash pack

    A few months ago I wrote a little script to change the name of pieces from kitbash3D node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() # Add code to modify contents of geo. # Use drop down menu to select examples. for prim in geo.prims: path=prim.attribValues("name") newpath=path[:20] prim.setAttribValue("path",newpath) It worked, but now with H 18.5.596 and 606 Python 2 and 3 I always have this error : Python error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 7, in <module> TypeError: 'method' object is not iterable Any idea? Thanks for your help split-kitbash.hiplc
  3. Ball not following rails (What am I doing wrong) ?

    ok thanks for your help and advices
  4. I'm trying to simulate a ball following rails, but I have an issue with the collider You can see my issue here https://streamable.com/6hvp6v My collider seems to be ok Any idea ? Thanks for your help rails.hiplc
  5. Call to Ordered menu item

    ok thanks gonna try this
  6. I'd like to customize one of my presets, but how can I extract the value of the ordered list? Thanks you for your help
  7. Vellum grain instability

    ok gonna test with other render engines thanks for your help
  8. Vellum grain instability

    Here is the geo https://www.dropbox.com/t/fHObRL0U37iaZa4Z I don't think it a redshift problem, thanks for your help
  9. Vellum grain instability

    I've just made a vellum grain sim and as you can see grains are not stables at all, any idea please ? Thanks 2021-02-28_17-30-02.mkv Yoda_Grain-1.2.hiplc
  10. New Color Schemes

    Thank you for your help
  11. New Color Schemes

    I'd like to customize Smoke theme but can you tell me what are the parameter to modify to have blue instead of orange like in this screenshot ? Thank you
  12. Vellum strange behavior

    of course I've tried and as soons as the animation starts here is the result : https://streamable.com/b15jzf
  13. Vellum strange behavior

    On my way to vellum and hair I've tried to add and simulate hairs on an animated charcter, if I try with Cragg everything works Then Iv'e tried with another character and hairs are a bit messy even if I increase substeps, any idea ? Thanks hdni_untitled.hiplc
  14. Mix vellum and hairs

    I'd like to animate a ball with vellum and I'd like hairs to be simulated as well with vellum so here's what I've done But when hair constraint is active nothing moves ? Any idea ? Thanks for your help vellum_hairs.hiplc
  15. Procedural tower

    this time no, because I'd like to generate random points and then copy (instance) of planks from megascan