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  1. Hi Is there a way in Python for instance to make relative path the default option when I use object merge instead of absolute path ? Thanks
  2. Is there a way to name the output of a subnetwork ? Thanks
  3. Whe I emit spheres in an RBD SIMS with H 19.5 balls emited seems going throught the box, whith H19 it works any idea ? Thanks 2022-07-22 13-47-38.mkv emit_balls.hiplc
  4. gonna try to start from your example, thanks, but gonna watch how to avoid water to pass through the wheel Thanks for your help
  5. ok so if I understand I make two dops one for the turning whell (RBD) and one for the FLIP ?
  6. I've made a simple wheel turning when a sphere fall on it, I'd like to replace the sphere with a FLIP source, can you help me to achieve that please ? Thanks for your help turning wheel.hiplc
  7. I've made a barrel asset (thanks Jeff Wagner), when I try to open this usd asset in maya, blender or even houdini textures don't appears any ide please ? When I Distribute the asset I distribute all this folder Thanks for your help 2.hiplc Barrels.7z
  8. I'd like to make a loop like this and I'm looking a way to rotate cubes like in this animation without using MOPS can you help me please ? Thanks rot_boxes.hiplc
  9. I'm trying to tweak again one of the themes, I'd like to know what are the parameters to modify to have flat looking like on "slate " theme, maybe someone can help me Thanks for your help From this to this
  10. I'd like to put my name attribute (prim atribute) in the Geometrey filename (ie : @name.bgeo.sc ....) of file cache or rop geometry, do you have any suggestion please ? Thanks
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