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  1. How to create Nurbs surface from curve

    ok gonna look at this, thanks for your help
  2. How to create Nurbs surface from curve

    I'm trying to model this plane with three curves, like I did in Maya, is there a way to create the surface wiith Houdini ? I'be tryied Skin, loft with no success Thanks for your help test nurbs.hiplc
  3. Random rotation along Normal

    That's what I was looking for, thank you
  4. Random rotation along Normal

    I've scattered grid on a tube, I rendomize pscale but how can I randomize rotation along normal ? Thanks for your help random_rotation.hiplc
  5. Circle with bend sop

  6. Circle with bend sop

  7. Circle with bend sop

    Maybe it's a basic questioin, maybe a stupid one, but I have problems with understanding bend node, so haw can I bend this shape to make a circle with it ? Thanks bend.hiplc
  8. Extra edges after fuse issue

    thanks to all for your help
  9. Extra edges after fuse issue

    thx but I need the grid spacing numbers to determine the number of rows and columns
  10. Extra edges after fuse issue

    When I fuse this boolean, extra edges appears, is there a way to delete these edges ? Thanks for your help edges.hiplc
  11. I made a basic sim, my purpose is to output two separates geos the box and the sphere, how can I do this ? thanks for your help vellum.hiplc
  12. Covid will delay H18.5?

    thats what I was asking to myself too
  13. Sorting prims

    super ! thanks for your help
  14. Sorting prims

    How can i do ot sort my prims like in this image ? Thanks primsort.hiplc
  15. Cross pattern