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  1. Object merge and relative path

    gonna do this thanks for your hepl
  2. Hi Is there a way in Python for instance to make relative path the default option when I use object merge instead of absolute path ? Thanks
  3. naming subnetwork output node

    you're right thanks for the info
  4. Is there a way to name the output of a subnetwork ? Thanks
  5. Whe I emit spheres in an RBD SIMS with H 19.5 balls emited seems going throught the box, whith H19 it works any idea ? Thanks 2022-07-22 13-47-38.mkv emit_balls.hiplc
  6. Flip source and wheel

    gonna try to start from your example, thanks, but gonna watch how to avoid water to pass through the wheel Thanks for your help
  7. Flip source and wheel

    ok so if I understand I make two dops one for the turning whell (RBD) and one for the FLIP ?
  8. Flip source and wheel

    I've made a simple wheel turning when a sphere fall on it, I'd like to replace the sphere with a FLIP source, can you help me to achieve that please ? Thanks for your help turning wheel.hiplc
  9. I've made a barrel asset (thanks Jeff Wagner), when I try to open this usd asset in maya, blender or even houdini textures don't appears any ide please ? When I Distribute the asset I distribute all this folder Thanks for your help 2.hiplc Barrels.7z
  10. Rotating boxes

    super thanks Konstatin !
  11. Rotating boxes

    I'd like to make a loop like this and I'm looking a way to rotate cubes like in this animation without using MOPS can you help me please ? Thanks rot_boxes.hiplc
  12. New Color Schemes

    I'm trying to tweak again one of the themes, I'd like to know what are the parameters to modify to have flat looking like on "slate " theme, maybe someone can help me Thanks for your help From this to this
  13. Filecache with attribute name

    ok thanks for your help
  14. I'd like to put my name attribute (prim atribute) in the Geometrey filename (ie : @name.bgeo.sc ....) of file cache or rop geometry, do you have any suggestion please ? Thanks
  15. Spinning wheel RBD

    super ! Thank you