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  1. Issue with pivot

    ok thanks
  2. Issue with pivot

    I' m watching Indie Pixel course and I have an issue with pivot as you can see in fist picture inside my engine node I put a transform to center my pivot it works, but when I go up in the main engine node the pivot is back at his original location ??? Can you help me please ? Thx
  3. pcloud en external data

  4. pcloud en external data

    Shame on me I didn't see it .. Thank you for your help next time I'll pay more attention
  5. pcloud en external data

    I'm learning procedural modeling, I'm trying to find nearest points from a sphere with this @Cd=0; // point d'origine int origin=chi("Origin"); // Distance séparant les points float distance=ch("Distance"); // nombre de points à retourner int amount=chi("Amount"); int target; // retourne la position du point d'origine vector pos=point(1,"P",origin); printf("pos: %d\n",pos); // stocke les positions des "amount "points à une distance de "distance" int pcloud=pcopen(0,"P",pos,distance,amount); if(pcnumfound(pcloud)>0){ while(pciterate(pcloud)){ // stocke le numéro du point dans target par référence pcimport(pcloud,"point.number",target); setpointattrib(0,"Cd",target,{1,0,0},"set"); } } and the vector pos is always 0,0,0 even if a sphere is plugged in 1 ? I' ve found this example on youtube and it works ? Thanks for your help pcloud.hipnc
  6. VEX selecting border edges

    Thanks for your help
  7. VEX selecting border edges

    Yes I mean edges
  8. VEX selecting border edges

    Is there a way in vex to select border edges of a cube ? Thanks
  9. Vex create group

    ok thanks for your help you're both right
  10. Vex create group

    I wrote these lines to create a group frm my selection BBut the selection is ok but no group is created ?? I add a group sop and the group "truc" is not listed ? Can you help me please ? Thx untitled.hipnc
  11. Selection question

  12. Selection question

    I need to select edges to bridge the two parts of my geometry, I've done it but now I'd like to select these edges in a procedural way, maybe with an Group by expression node ? Can you help me please with this selection ? Thx
  13. Copy stamp and join shapes

    thanks ! I really appreciate !
  14. Copy stamp and join shapes

    here is my scene, thx question.hipnc
  15. Copy stamp and join shapes

    thx for your help, I'm gonna keep on searching I'd like to understand