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  1. I'm trying to work a bit on terrain, but there how can we avoid tiling for textures ? In world creator there is an option "eliminate tiling" bit how can we do this in Houdini, event with Triplanar I have tiling ... any suggestion pls ? th
  2. I' m trying to understand Anastasia course but I don't know how to modify her foreach in the loop closed_balc On the left Anastasia's version and on the right mine not working Any idea ? Thx hdni_lake_house_opara_chapter1_2.hiplc
  3. offset grid randomly edges with vex

    thanks I'm gonna have a look closely to your solutions
  4. offset grid randomly edges with vex

    I'd like to move (with vex )randomly edges of single row grid any idea ? thanks hdni_offset_edges.hiplc
  5. procedural roof tiles

    I'm trying to achieve a roof, and my solution isn't very clean, the number of tiles isn't very good, how can I improve this ? thanks for your help roof.hipnc
  6. Reverse ptnum on a prim

    ok thanks for your help
  7. Reverse ptnum on a prim

    yes indeed
  8. Reverse ptnum on a prim

    I've tried both but points 2 and 3 on prim 1 not reverse
  9. Reverse ptnum on a prim

    I need to reverse order of my points on prim 1 only any idea please ? Thanks for your help puits.hipnc
  10. Substance *archive in COP

    how can we use textures from Gamedev susbtance Archive in a texture node, I've tried `op:obj/cop2net1/sbs/OUT` but doesn't work ? any idea ? thx sbs.hipnc
  11. uv and closed spline

    ok thanks for your help
  12. texturing test geometry with redshift

    thanks for your help
  13. uv and closed spline

    I've also tried with these two ways with no good results closed uv.hipnc
  14. uv and closed spline

    I need to uv a circle sweeped around a closed curve, I've used the method of Indie PIxel with a group of point, but the result seems to be not correct, is there another way to generate uv with vex or uv texture for this case ? Thx closed uv.hipnc
  15. Is there a way to "extract" texture from test geometry (crag, rubbertoy ...) for render in redshift ? thx