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  1. Rotating uv tile

    I've tried the method with overlapping uv, and I simply want to randomize the uv to break the tiling hdni_rendermanterrain.hiplc
  2. Rotating uv tile

    I have tried with an heighfield, but an heighfield as too many polygons, do you know another way to randomize uv or a simple application of texture bombiing for large terrains ?
  3. Rotating uv tile

    Thanks for your help
  4. Rotating uv tile

    Is there a way in Houdini (VEX or VOP) to rotate each uv tiles individually, like Blender Guru does in blender ? To break texture tiling, thanks for your help
  5. Volume strange result Redshift

    Yep, but here is a screenshot, the first is the problematic scene, I've changed the shader with the one I use with the second screenshot and I have again a bad result ? truc.hiplc
  6. I try to render a pyro sim with Redshift and here is my result any idea ? thanks truc.hiplc
  7. About bend

    ok thanks for your help
  8. About bend

    Just a simple question, I need to bend a simple grid like in this screenshot, how can i achieve this with the H18 bend node ? Thanks for your help hdni_bend.hiplc
  9. carve and nurbs

    thanks for your help
  10. carve and nurbs

    yep but Ii'd like something like this, I'd like to mirror the position of the left line to the right without a mirror node, only with carve if it's possible https://streamable.com/obmx0 extract.hiplc
  11. carve and nurbs

    I'd like to extract two lines one on each side, I've done it with a carve, but is there any relation between First V and Second V ? Is there a way to indicate where V starts ? thx extract.hiplc
  12. Parametric equations in VEX

    thx I've found, I had forgotten the domain of definition vector pos=0; int pt[]={}; float q=chf("q"); int i=0; for(float t=-$PI;t<$PI;t+=$PI/100){ float aa=pow(q,2)*pow(sin(t),2); float ab=pow((1-q+q*cos(t)),2); float ac=aa+ab; float ad=q*sin(t)/ac; pos.x=q*sin(t)-ad; float da=q*cos(t)+((1-q+q*cos(t))/ac); pos.y=da; pt[i]=addpoint(0,pos); i++; }
  13. Parametric equations in VEX

    I need to model a teardrop, the parametric equation is : How can I implememt this in VEX ? thx for your help
  14. I've installed the new production build H18.0.348 indie and with this simple scene Houdini 343 works but when I activate the Bevel node 348 crashes Is there a way to use Polybevel 2 instead of Polybevel 3, I've tried opunhide with no success ? thx bug.hiplc
  15. distribute edges on circle

    Wonderful, thanks for your help !!