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  1. Automatic export flipbook

    thanks for your help
  2. Automatic export flipbook

    is there a way (python or else) to export automatically flipbook in mp4 format when I launch renderflipbook ? I saw that John Kunz use https://github.com/mr5iveThou5and/houtility/blob/master/houdini16.5/scripts/python/flbk.py but I don't know how to use it :/ Thanks
  3. Vellum Random colors

    ok thanks for your help
  4. Vellum Random colors

    thanks but no, Ii'd like each ball to have a different color
  5. Vellum Random colors

    In this example is there a way to affect random color to each balls emitted ? Thanks balls_vellum.hiplc
  6. Vellum delete attributes?

    At the top of my network I made a vop to set Normal, afetr the solver normals are no more here any idea how to solve this ? Thanks for your help vellum solver normal.hiplc
  7. Render videos via cOP

    ok thanks for your help
  8. Render videos via cOP

    Is there a way to render .mov or .mp4 videos with a ROP sop in COPS ? I always need to export .exr from cops and make video in resolve ? I'd like to stay in Houdini, is it possible ? Thanks
  9. Vellum stopped attribute not working

    ok thanks again for your help
  10. Vellum stopped attribute not working

    Yes but for my purpose I've tried another thing, but I can't understand why @stopped is not updated in dop ? I'm asking to myself what I'm doing wrong in my setup ??? My logic is so simple, when my box is falling, @stopped moves from 3 to 0, but in dop @stopped stay to 3 ??? hdni_untitled.hiplc
  11. Vellum stopped attribute not working

    I've made this simple setup stopped move to 0 to 3 in source but in dop network @stopped does not change ? And the sim never starts Any idea ? tagada.hiplc
  12. How to create Nurbs surface from curve

    ok gonna look at this, thanks for your help
  13. How to create Nurbs surface from curve

    I'm trying to model this plane with three curves, like I did in Maya, is there a way to create the surface wiith Houdini ? I'be tryied Skin, loft with no success Thanks for your help test nurbs.hiplc
  14. Random rotation along Normal

    That's what I was looking for, thank you
  15. Random rotation along Normal

    I've scattered grid on a tube, I rendomize pscale but how can I randomize rotation along normal ? Thanks for your help random_rotation.hiplc