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  1. About orienting rotation

    you're right thanks for your help
  2. About orienting rotation

    I've made two horns, and I'd like these two ones to rotate in the same direction, any idea please ? Thanks rotate horns.hiplc
  3. Resampling in vex

    Is there a way to resample a line/curve but wih vex ? Thanks
  4. plugin could not open file

    I'm developping a plugin So i have a tree.json : { "env": [ { "method":"replace", "TREE_EXPORTER_ROOT": { "value":"/Users/david/Dropbox/Projets/Houdini/PythonTools/TreeExporter" }, "HOUDINI_PATH":{ "method":"prepend", "value":"$TREE_EXPORTER_ROOT" } } ] } and a MainMenuCommon.xml <mainMenu> <menuBar> <subMenu> <label> || DYT Tools || </label> <scriptItem> <label> Load Tree </label> <scriptPath> $TREE_EXPORTER_ROOT/scripts/truc.py </scriptPath> </scriptItem> </subMenu> </menuBar> </mainMenu> My folder structure : But when I click on the menu item here is the eror : Could not open file : /Users/david/Dropbox/Houdini/PythonTools/TreeExproter/scripts/truc.py Any idéa ? Thanks
  5. Customizing menu

    II'm trying tto customize my menu, I'd like to have the label of my first item to be for instance houdini version, I've tried this in MainMenuCommon.xml withno success, any idea. please ? The custome menu works but if I had python lines H 18.5 crashes <mainMenu> <menuBar> <subMenu> <label> - DYT - </label> <scriptItem> <labelExpression> hou.applicationVersionString() </labelExpression> </scriptItem> </subMenu> </menuBar> </mainMenu> Thanks
  6. Randomize roll in orientalongcurve

    great thanks
  7. Separate fbx part

    thanks for your help here is a draft. it works acNode=hou.node('/obj/geo1/attribwrangle1') ac=hou.node('/obj/geo1/attribwrangle1').geometry() l=ac.primStringAttribValues('dir') print(set(l)) root=hou.node('/obj/geo1/') for n in set(l): b=root.createNode('blast',n) b.parm('group').set('@dir='+n) b.parm('negate').set(1) b.setInput(0,acNode) b.moveToGoodPosition()
  8. Randomize roll in orientalongcurve

    ok thanks
  9. Randomize roll in orientalongcurve

    I'd like to randomize(a different roll value for each point) the roll in OrientAlongCurve SOP using 'point(0,@ptnum,'roll',0)' bit it doesn't work Any idea ? electric pole.hiplc
  10. Separate fbx part

    I've tried with shelf but I didn't find tthe way to read priimitive attributte and make a for ... in prim from the shelf
  11. Separate fbx part

    I've downloaded free Utopia kit from kitbash 3D, I've created in vex groups with parts s@dir; s@lname; splitpath(@name,@dir,@lname); So if I use a for each connected piece with @dir as piece attribute it works, but I'd like to generate a blast node for each group in Python, but with Python SOP I can't create nodes, so how can I create blast nodes (linked to my wrangle) a blast for each @dir ? Thanks for your help separate.hiplc
  12. Python du vex string manipulation

    thanks it helps me a lot, I'm a complet noob in Python sorry
  13. Python du vex string manipulation

    I'm trying tto convert a python scipt to vex, is there a VEX equivalent to rfind (python) ? node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() for prim in geo.prims(): path=prim.attribValue("name") newpath=path[:path.rfind("/")] prim.setAttribValue("name",newpath) Thanks
  14. About redshift node types (python)

    Thanks using tex.type() helps me
  15. About redshift node types (python)

    I need to test node type in a script, Id' like to know if a selected node is a redshift texture so I wrote : tex=hou.node("/obj/Palisade_Spike_0/Asset_Material/Palisade_Spike_0/albedo") if tex.type()=='Vop/redshift:TextureSampler': # But the result is always false, any idea ? Thanks