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  1. SetFrameRange issue

    You're right thanks I feel a little bit stupid :/
  2. SetFrameRange issue

    When I try to set my frame range in 123.py with import hou hou.setFrame(1001) hou.playbar.setFrameRange(1001, 1300) hou.playbar.setPlaybackRange(1001, 1300) hou.setFps(30) My timeline starts at 1251 and ends at 1625 ??? I've tried with 19.0.498 and .507 Any idea ? Thnkas
  3. Vellum fluid and cog wheel

    Thanks for your help to both of you I'm going to watch this closely
  4. Vellum fluid and cog wheel

    I've tried with Shapematch but indeed I can't find a way to pin the wheel, with RBD it's quite easy but in this case with vellum I really don't know, thanks for your tips
  5. convert the shop_materialpath to group

    May be Partition SOP Sorry I didn't see previous answers
  6. Vellum fluid and cog wheel

    I'd like to make a cog wheel turning when my fluid is falling, Is it even possible ? Thanks for your help wheel.hiplc
  7. New Color Schemes

    Thank you for your help
  8. New Color Schemes

    I've found this theme on Sidefx forum, but it is not enough dark for me , can someone give me where to change this grey to a darker grey and the line color please Thanks for your help
  9. Rotating vellum boxes

    Thank you so much, it works great !!!! Thanks Cheers
  10. Rotating vellum boxes

    My purpose is to simulate a rotating box, but when I input this one in vellum the output sim only simulate the box no rotating ? (https://streamable.com/ummg2k) Any idea , thanks vellum_box.hiplc
  11. Hinge constraint

    many thanks for your help
  12. Hinge constraint

    I've made a simple hinge in Cinema 4d and I'm trying to do it in Houdini but how can I configure the hinge constraint? Iv'e tried cone twist but I don't know where to connect what Thanks for your help 2021-09-17 14-26-18.mkv hinge.hiplc
  13. KineFX animate constraint

    I've rigged a robotic arm with Kinefx, now I'd like to parent the box with the clamps, the constraint will be inactive at beginning and after few frames active to lift the box, is it possible with kine fx ? Thanks for your help mechanical_rig.hiplc
  14. About mechanical rigging

    Do you if there are good resources about mechanical rigging with Kinefx to rig robotic arms, and other mechanical parts ? Like this, thanks
  15. Spliting Kitbash pack

    ok thanks for your help