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  1. Animate tank tread

    I'm trying to animate this tank tread but I'm really a newbie in animation can you help me ? thx hdni_tread1.hipnc
  2. Maybe a simple or stupid question but Is there a way to have these 3 bars (color correction ...) always visible in the render viewer ? I've tried saving as desktop butit doesn't work thx
  3. Rollup geometry

  4. Rollup geometry

    I'd like to roll up some geometry along a curve any idea ? thx rollout.hipnc
  5. Rollup geometry

    I'd like to roll up some geometry along a curve any ide
  6. How to connect these pieces by procedural ?

    I'm also interested to know how .
  7. Mantra UV Pass

    ok thanks for your help
  8. Mantra UV Pass

    Is there a way to add a uv aov in a shader ? I've tried to bind uv to an output ut uv pass is black ? Any idea ? Thx untitled2.hipnc
  9. Arnold volume not rendering

    During an Houdini course a teacher ask us to render volume with Arnold, so I create a sim with pyro solver and a volume shader, and I render, sometimes it works sometines not ? I'm a bit dissapointed, I really don't understand, if it's not working all times ok but in my case sometines yes sometimes no ??? Can you help me please Thx smoke arnold.hip
  10. Permission issue

    The problem was in houdini.env, try to modify it above all HOUDINI_PATH
  11. Ray sop and extrude

    Thanks you very much !!!
  12. Ray sop and extrude

    Finally I don't why it I always have strange result with my scene extrudesop.hipnc
  13. Ray sop and extrude

    Exactly thanks !
  14. Ray sop and extrude

    Here is my question, I'd like to extrude a simple grid on top o f a terrain and I'd like that extrude conform to the terrainn with a ray sop. I've seen that in "expression bridge from gametutor" but I can't reproduce this with Houdini 17.5 ? Any idea What I like the first image on an old Houdini version and what I have with Houdini 17.5 the second screenshot Thanks for your help extrudesop.hipnc
  15. Object on top

    thanks for the infos