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  1. Tech Gear (HDA included)

    Hey Aizatulin, First of all thanks for your comment and for testing the tool. About the bevel, definitely, I should do this. Thanks Man
  2. Inspired by a tool done by Simon Houdini I decided to recreate same tool on my way. Basically is a nested boolean system which iterates over itself. Starting from a basic cylinder there are three ways to add detail. First is a cylinder which is usefull to generate pivots or a central hole. Second is a circular array of boxes or a circular curve and third is a ray node projecting points over the mesh and copy cylinders there ( useful to attach bolts, screws or make small holes). There are a lot of room for improvements, maybe is not the most user friendly tool of the world and I should try to find a clearer ways to manipulate the tool. I had a lot of problems adding handles or guide geometries because I didn't find the way to switch the guide geometry to older iterations and things like this. At the end I kept at it was without guides and handlers. Please take a look and test the tool. Would be nice have your feedback and ideas for improvements. The tool can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rDgRtMYhhllZWNdANppqnBo9NahtlZNV/view?usp=sharing Thanks for testing it. O.
  3. Matcaps selector

    Thanks @flcc for taking your time and test the script. At this moment I'm not at home, but I will fix all these problems and upload the script again. Please let me know if you find any other issue. Regards Oscar P.D: I fixed the problem and should be simplier to install the script. Thanks @flcc for the feedback.
  4. Matcaps selector

    Hey sorry for the late response. My fault, you can fix it easily: 1- Right click on Matcap (Geo Context) node, and click on Type propeties... 2- At Script tab, select OnCreated module ( left side) 3- At right side you will see the script of this module. Change line 3 : "From oscarscr import matcap_selector as mcs" For this: "import matcap_selector as mcs" ( if you pasted the python script in the python2.7Libs folder) 4- Accept ( Unlock and Save) Other important consideration is to have installed game dev tools ( the script use a shader of this add on) . Im not sure if in Houdini18 is called sideFxLabs In my case I have created a folder for my scripts called "oscarscr" and I missed to change that. You can create one with this structure if you want: In this path ( is not the only place you can do this, but to simplify..): C:\Users\YourUserName\Documentos\houdini17.5 Create this two folders: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\houdini17.5\scripts\python and inside create a blank .py file called "__init__" Now Houdini will watch inide this folder for python scripts. In my case I had a folder called oscarscr there. Let me know if you keep having problems. Regards, Oscar
  5. Matcaps selector

    Hi, In my path of learn python I did this simple tool which creates a HDA to select and assing a matcap to one object. Basically opens a folder selector interface and creates a matcap material (from game dev tools) . The material is assigned to the selected objects and generates an slider where you can choose one of the textures stored in the folder. The max value of the slider is adjusted relative to the number of textures existing in the folder. It's pretty simple tool but I struggled a bit how to approach the best solution and how to store global variables and retrieve it from other part of the code. I don't know if this is the best way to do this, probably there are other solutions more direct and clever, but it has been a good learning exercice. Would be nice if you can test it and give me any advice. The download link is in the description of the youtube video. Thanks, O.
  6. Thanks bobcober I was having the same problem as misterbil and I wasn't able to find a solution.
  7. Python Tic Tac Toe Game

    In the process of explore new ways to use python in Houdini I decided to do the Tic Tac Toe game. It's a classic when one wants to learn how to program a game and I had a good time trying. I surprise how houdini is open enough to do silly things like this and how it is becoming my favorite tool ever. In the way of typing clean and short code, I struggled with a simple but as efective AI I could. ( it's a simple test of machine wins in the next move if not, test if player wins at the next move if not, makes a random move). Actually is a very boring game, as said in the 80's movie of "War Games", because nobody wins eventually. I tryed and I just barely won two or three games in a row. Please, let me know how many game you won in a row ( score points). HIP file in youtube video description. Thanks for testing it !! Oscar
  8. How to make a sphere with nulls.

    Thanks for your comment animknight, really appreciated
  9. I just did a Python script to create a sphere only with nulls. Actually can be done any shape you want. Here the video with the HIP file included: I know, it's a completely useless and silly project, but was fun to do. Any comment will be welcomed, Oscar
  10. Confirm ui message

    Hi, I just clicked 'Don't ask me again' in a Confirmation Message while I was testing a script and now I don't know how to make it appears again ( maybe in a preferences file?) Anyone knows ? Thanks, J. P.D. SOLVED There is a tab in preferences ( main menu), called 'Warning Dialogs'
  11. Rope bridge procedural

    Hi, I'm working on the most original project never did in Houdini before of a procedural Rope Bridge. I have to say thanks for all the help I have found in this forum and now I would like to share with you my progress. (In the description of the video you will find the HIP file) https://youtu.be/kILUeVOmAig