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  1. Some recent work

    Great stuff!
  2. FumeFX VDB motion vector to maya

    Cool, glad it's working!
  3. Windows backslash file path issues

    For converting paths, I used to have a pretty handy standalone app a few years ago, but can't find it anywhere. I did find this Chrome extension though, that looks like it'll work: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/path-converter/egbgfaldpekjcbmfhbjmcafbfcdjgboe?hl=en Sorry, can't help on the python side.
  4. FumeFX VDB motion vector to maya

    I'm not familiar with importing FumeFX into Houdini, but internally for Houdini, it's expecting to have velocity as a vector parameter named "vel" for it to pickup and use motion vectors during rendering. Check which parameters are coming in from the FumeFX VDBs, you may need to just rename the velocity attribute. Here's a link from SideFX's site with some more info: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/43574/
  5. Maybe try using FBX to transfer from Houdini to 3ds Max, might give cleaner results. Select your geo, then go to File->Export->Filmbox FBX... In the options, there is a choice for 3ds Max format. For the obj options above, since the model doesn't look smoothed, nor have materials, turn off the Smoothing Groups and Import Materials options, should give a cleaner result in the viewport. It's mostly cosmetic if your final export is to dxf/dwg, but might solve why the model looks so different when imported.
  6. simon holmedal(Use by night) technique?

    For anyone following this topic, Simon has a breakdown of the process in the 3D World 2018 Christmas issue. Enjoy!
  7. I just came across this, one of the better explanations on how motion blur is calculated. It uses Redshift and Maya, but the principals of camera shutter calculations can be applied to any software and renderer.
  8. Display particles by percentage

    I just stumbled upon this, and wanted to say thanks Myke for adding the example file, the AW node works perfect!