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  1. RBDs constrained to animated mesh

    just Slved my Problem, I had to make Dynamic Constraint.
  2. RBDs constrained to animated mesh

    This is My Problem, If anyone Could help me ! constraintAnimObj.hipnc
  3. RBDs constrained to animated mesh

    I'm Having same Problem !
  4. Constraints workflow for destruction

    dont get confused you are on the right track...its not important that u must have cluster ...unless you want something specific ...in the start try to do basic..dont over think...about what else you can add...just think about a basic destruction..and it dont need to be a big building..its can a small wall..try there...and go on to the bigger and complicated stuff with more constraints and there different works...just take it easy in the start..it took me 6 months...to get from a small box fracture to house destruction from a tank..with all kinds of constraints and active body...and good luck...and am also a student..