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  1. Delete only column edges after skin SOP and bool

    Any chance of you sharing the .hip file for this? I completely understand if you don't want to, I am about to start working on a tool like this myself and am new to Houdini so it would give me a good start or idea on how to build something like this.
  2. Commercial Fishing Net

    Thanks Thomas, I will download the Hip and look at how it was done. I appreciate your response and I hope to learn something from this.
  3. Commercial Fishing Net

    First off I am fairly new to Houdini and have been watching a lot of "beginner tutorials" trying to familiarize myself with the workflow and UI of Houdini. This will be one of my first project that is on my own and not a follow along tutorial. What I am trying to create is a commercial fishing net that I can simulate in Houdini to use as a prop in a render I am work on. I have been doing a lot of looking online at thread and wire tutorials to try and wrap my head around how to approach solving this project. A lot of the tutorials I have found seem to be down in older versions of Houdini and I really feel like this could be done pretty easy with Vellum in the new Houdini. I have listed below my thought process on creating this asset and my workflow how I see it being done. I would appreciate any help on working through this, since I believe this is the best way to learn new software. I would say its a 50/50 battle with any software 50% being knowledge of UI and how it works together and 50% thought process and workflow to use those tools successfully. 1. Start with a regular Grid 2. Turn to points and find number of points in grid 3. Connect points with lines (Unsure how to create knots or links between grids in mesh) 4. Attach Geometry to lines (Add subdivide here for good simulation) 5. Pin points I want to stay static to simulate for the effect I am looking for (Unsolved) Any insight into my thought process here would be great, including things maybe I have not thought about. Any tutorials or info about something like this would be great. I am not afraid to do the leg work and learn this. Sample files would also be great since I could study how someone else would tackle this problem so I can study the workflow and see the thought process behind doing something like this.
  4. Vellum Drape Curtain Simulation

    Thats kind of the point I am at also right now, however I would like to be able to get more folds closer together like the photo if possible.
  5. Vellum Drape Curtain Simulation

    I've been playing around with the Stiffness, Damping, and Rest Length Scale to get a closer drape that matches the above image. However I would still like to hear if someone has a way to improves this even more. Drape v2.hiplc
  6. Vellum Drape Curtain Simulation

    First off I am new to Houdini, but I am doing everything I can to learn what I can about it. I have bought several online classes to go through along with signing up for a few patrons to learn from also. I don't have any issue doing the research need to help me learn how to do this effect. What I am attempting to create is a cloth simulation of a Austrain Drape to use in C4D for a scene I am working on. I have been trying different whys to pin the drape for the simulation, but haven't been successful on achieving the look of the drape like the photo I have attached. If anyone could offer some insight into how I could achieve the "Swag" look in the photo I would appreciate any help or insight in how someone with more knowledge about Houdini would go about creating this. I have found the best way to teach myself new software is by struggling through real world use cases that I will be using this software for. However it helps if someone may bring something to your attention that you wasn't aware of. I have also included my .hip file which is a very basic vellum simulation with some pinned points. Drape.hiplc
  7. Cloth Simulation

    Check out this thread on ODFORCE it may help you out with this project.
  8. Color drops (flip)

    I really fell in love with this motion graphic when I first saw it on Instagram! I would love to see some pics of the final production set once it's done! I work for a company that is also into large scale production of events and have been trying to figure out some of our clients this would work for. Wish you the best and look forward to hopefully seeing some pics of this when it all comes together.