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  1. stop combine

    exactly. thanks guys
  2. stop combine

    yeah i need boxes to stay deformed. not sure ill be able to set it up with solver, too new to houdini, going with TP for now, but yeah a sample would be cool as a learning experience thanks
  3. stop combine

    Hey all. How can I make vdbcombine to stop calculating at some state? Easier to explain on an example - ive got boxes that get stamped by a sphere here, obviously in my setup the box loses its stamp when the sphere raises for the next shot. Guess its something trivial but cant get my head around it on my own foreach? timeshift?attribs? tnx
  4. Hi, first of all gotta admit im very new to houdini. Problem im facing now is - i have a solver sop generating geometry, which im displacing in redshift with rsnoise. The displacement doesnt stick to the surface, the object is "flowing" through noise instead. From what i understand i should somehow use the rest position, BUT 1) How do i get a rest position for a generated on the fly geometry? 2) How do i put it into RSNoise, i dont see any pos inputs there??